Some Quick Updates

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 9, 2011

Inspired by The Bare Essentials, I’ve been posting a serial of fiction over the past six weeks, and I’ve concluded I’m going to have enough content to turn it into a polished, fully integrated eBook at some future date. I’ve settled on a title for this series in eBook form, but for now, I’m keeping it a secret.

The Paradise Series, as I’m calling it now, is an ongoing fictional vehicle for exploring and expressing the ultimate in personal fulfillment, and I’m happy to say that it’s ahead of schedule by about three months. That is to say, I already have at least three months of posts ready to be published online.

Readers have a few options to access a draft of The Paradise Series in blog post format:

1. Categories. Under Categories in the sidebar, click on the category of Paradise.

2. The Archive. Under Resources in the navigation menu, scroll down to the Posts Archive. This series started on August 4th and will continue on a weekly basis until further notice.

3. Publication. Wait for news of the release of this series as an eBook in the future.

Incidentally, the final portions of this series will not be released as blog posts.


With the welcome development of more competitive pricing coming from the digital publication of electronic books on electronic readers, I’ve decided to reduce the price of my primer on personal fulfillment, Your Life Your Dream, … [update: this publication is no longer available for sale]

I’m also looking into making this available in other formats.


By the way, I’ve gone back to my discipline of posting weekly ~ on Sunday mornings ~ with the occasional announcement or newsletter on Fridays.

Until next time, be true, be wise, be free.

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