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What follows are listings of the serial content on this site, starting with the most recent addition. Note: each link opens a new window so that you can return to this page and continue reading.

Here is my series on flash forward fiction (between 03.20.2022 to 05.21.2022):

* A Girl Named Simply
* A Girl Named Sunny
* A Girl Named Softly
* Flash Forward Fiction

Here is my series on the blessings of sanctuary (from 10.18.2021 to 12.07.2021):

Here is my series on knowing without believing (from 07.25.2021 to 09.21.2021):

Here is my series on living the story of my life (from 05.23.2020 to 08.09.2020):

Here is my series on the ultimate negotiation (from 02.26.2020 to 03.02.2020):

Here is my series on the topic of negotiation (from 02.01.2020 to 02.23.2020):

Here is my series on the topic of ultimate fulfillment (06.10.2018 to 06.24.2018):

Here is my series on the psychological type of INFP (04.22.2018 to 05.06.2018):

Here is my series (posted in February 2018) on being a wise author of this world:

The first post in this series approaches the game of abundance from a cosmic perspective; the second proposes a foundation on earth for meeting and greeting the mandate of global harmony from unity through diversity for peace and prosperity; the third offers a blueprint for peace and prosperity in the face of many challenges; and the fourth outlines an approach to realize this global mandate.

Here is my series on the phenomenon of Hikikomori (11.05.2017 to 11.19.2017):

Here is my series on meeting my fate with a destiny (05.28.2017 to 06.25.2017):

Here is my series on “harmonize, optimize, actualize” (03.19.2017 to 05.22.2017):

Here is my series to engage the Cosmic Field of Play (01.15.2017 to 03.12.2017):

Here is my series on being of service to the Goddess (06.12.2016 to 08.21.2016):

Here is my series on cultivating The Ultimate Outline (03.06.2016 to 05.01.2016):

Here is my series of 99 posts on ultimate fulfillment, which I began on 04.06.2014:

Here is my series on the Tao Te Ching, which ran for 84 weeks, starting 08.26.2012:

Here is my serial novel, The Paradise Series, running from 08.04.2011 to 01.22.2012:

Here are two posts I wrote from a Cosmic Perspective on the essence of heart and soul:

Here is a series that serves to clarify my interpretation of the tagline for this web site:

Here is my series that offers guidance on navigating the heart of soul and the soul of spirit:

Here is my series on the ancient shamanic tradition known as The Huna Path:

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