I find my balance in contentment and fulfillment
to welcome a world
of peace, promise, and prosperity,
where souls can live, love, and learn in harmony

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Ultimate Fulfillment: My Masterwork

I’ve been blogging almost weekly on the nature, meaning, and purpose of personal fulfillment since June 2010. In that time, I have come to understand and appreciate many things about personal fulfillment in particular and fulfillment in general. Somewhere along the way, I became enamored with the question of approaching a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment. Here is my outline devoted to this quest.

Some form of ultimate fulfillment can easily be defined and realized, but could one ever realize the ultimate in fulfillment? To fulfill the true self ultimately or not to fulfill the true self ultimately, is this not the question to end all questions? What is ultimate fulfillment? In asking this question, I have come to realize that an answer to this question can only come from within a context of inquiry and discovery.

From within such a context of inquiry, I find myself drawn incessantly to teasing out the roots of the various types of fulfillment ~ personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, and impersonal; indeed, the image of a tree offers a most useful metaphor to articulate and elaborate on the growth and bloom of ultimate fulfillment. In the roots of ultimate fulfillment, we might find its basis; in the trunk and branches of ultimate fulfillment, we might find its essence; and in the bloom of ultimate fulfillment, we find its ideal.

From within such an organic metaphor, I am drawn to seeking and finding congruence between theoretical integration and practical application. In my aim to find my attunement and my alignment with this congruence, I have been drawn to explore and examine many seemingly disparate areas of study that include philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and historical elements, while reaching ever deeper and farther into the interdimensional, extraterrestrial, conspiratorial, and eschatological elements.

Weaving a terrestrial narrative that lines up with a cosmic perspective and that includes these elements is an exhaustive process. Such a terrestrial narrative would have us explore and expose the causes and consequences of two widespread (and related) social phenomena: egocentric entitlement and egocentric abandonment, along with their most unfortunate societal byproduct that is cynical detachment.

As of this writing, I am attempting to get a handle on the nature and meaning of ultimate fulfillment. In other words, I am attempting to find my bearings with the end product, from which to resolve the means by which to approach it, and, if possible, realize it once and for all.

Updated: October 8, 2018

Beyond Hikikomori: A Matter of Choice?

I have written extensively on this subject over many, many months.

Hikikomori is a Japanese term that is literally translated into English as “pulling inward, being confined.” It is, first and foremost, a condition of existence where people, young and old, withdraw socially from the rigors of everyday life into a space where they feel safe and secure.

Hikikomori has many meanings: it is at once a condition, a phenomenon in Japan (and perhaps elsewhere), a person, a group of people, and a diagnosis. This subject matter has been studied from many angles: scientifically, socially, economically, philosophically, and psychologically.

Interest in the subject of Hikikomori extends far and wide, beyond those who identify as Hikikomori, including those who would identify as Hikikomori if they could, those who find sympathy with those who identify as Hikikomori, and those who seek to advocate on their behalf.

My interest in Hikikomori dovetails with my interest in ultimate fulfillment and revolves primarily around these two movements: the spiritual movement of “pulling inward” (in contrast to “pushing outward”) and the physical movement of “being confined” (in contrast to “being refined”).

In November 2017, I wrote three back-to-back posts on the subject of Hikikomori:

This series of posts eventually led me to begin creating a site on Patreon in early 2018 called Beyond Hikikomori, where I offer nuggets of practical wisdom on daily living, placing the emphasis of my writing on “moving from confinement to contentment by way of fulfillment.”

In early September 2018, I published yet another post on the subject called Moving Beyond Hikikomori, where I gave public notice that I was accepting 250 subscribers to my site on Patreon, while going into depth about my reasons for writing about this sensitive subject matter.

Presently, a subscription to this site is no longer required, giving readers access to all 42 posts, which includes a special report on a phenomenon in Japan known as Lonely Death.

Updated: February 5, 2019


Published September 9, 2018

In love, this is who I enjoy being. In joy, this is what I love doing. The world needs this more than ever and is more than willing to pay for it. This is what I am being paid to do for my time and energy. In flow, I recall who I am to be at my best and I recall what I am to do my best work.

I do what I love and I love what I do. My daily activities, because they satisfy and fulfill me to no end, are the very activities with which I share my time and energy. My work is not work; because I feel so alive, so happy and fulfilled, I will never have to work another day in my life …