Joy + $$$ + Flow.

This personal equation, the brainchild of Chris Guillebeau, author of Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do, is a prescription to realize peace, prosperity, and progress.

As I milk this equation for all its worth, I am finding some nice, warm, tasty streams of honey flowing through the heart of my soul. Consider, if you will, these potentially delicious nougats:

In joy, who do I love to be? … In joy, what do I love to do?
I love this so much that I would pay to be and do this often

What does this world need from me and how will I meet it?
For $$$, what can I be paid to be with my time and energy?
For $$$, what can I be paid to do with my time and energy?
I’m getting paid to be and do what I was born to be and do

In flow, I can forget who I am so that I can be my best self
In flow, I can forget what I am so that I can do my best work

I win the career lottery when I harmonize joy, $$$, and flow

The beauty and wonder of these tasty perennial questions and affirmations is this: they can be posed and affirmed without limit for an entire lifetime of inquiry on a lifelong journey of recovery and discovery.

If these questions and affirmations seem a bit overwhelming, then why not “name it to tame it”?

What would I do if $ were no object? What could I do to bring myself joy; to keep the $ circulating; to put me in the flow? … in ways and by means that honor my talents and skills? That meet needs with solutions that work? That fulfill desires with resolutions that charm and delight?

Who would I be and what would I do right now? Make a list and make it long. For each item on this list, run it through the filter of yay or nay by using joy, $$$, and flow as your criteria of choice. Will it bring me joy? Will I get paid well to do this well? And will it keep me in the flow?

Possibility: here is something that doesn’t excite me or inspire me, but here is something that does
Possibility: here is something that doesn’t pay me well enough to do, but here is something that does
Possibility: here is something that doesn’t allow me to hone a skill, but here is something that does

Keep this in mind as you move through this powerful exercise of a lifetime: it really isn’t about finding out what you can do, or even what you should do, but what you must do … for you … and your life … the One Thing that you were born to be and do, the One Thing you must be and do.

Go for this One Thing, be willing to explore options, be willing to pivot as necessary, be willing to quit when the well runs dry. One more thing, ask yourself at the end of your day: did today matter? was today a good day? what did I do today that juiced me up with lots of mojo?

For myself, after many, many years of search and research, I have finally succeeded in bringing all of my needs and desires into focus, with three powerful statements of intent that resonate deep down into the heart of my soul and that inspire and excite the soul of my spirit.

Although these statements of intent are too personal for me to share, I can share some of their fruits.

More to come …


Updated: March 1, 2018