The One CragFast Illusion

by Christopher Lovejoy on September 20, 2020

love, trust, care is the heart of who we are
let’s embody, explore, express accordingly

There’s a lot going on these days, and if there’s any truth to the numbers, a lot of folks are feeling stuck ~ so no worries if you yourself are stuck, or feeling stuck, on the side of a mountain, so to speak. You might even be okay with this, and that’s cool, but if not, I have words of wisdom.

Now it’s one thing to know that you’re caught in a web of your own making, quite another to feel caught between a rock and a hard place. In my experience, the knowing and the feeling can all too easily get confused, and so I recommend that you guide your focus to the feeling itself.

First, simply note the feeling, as follows: I feel stuck.

Pause ……………

Inhale …. deeply

Exhale …. slowly

I feel ……………..*

Rinse and repeat

* play with the timing: imbibe the feeling as you exhale, or after you exhale; express it in writing or by speaking, as required or desired: being concise or precise is not the point here; as you give voice to the feeling, welcome it as best you can, then allow it to be just as it is, then let it go just for now

This most basic of algorithms for the human experience is not unlike a prayer, or, if you prefer, a meditation, a contemplation. Try it. You might like it. Or, if it sounds funny, try it on for size and see how it fits. Again, you just might like it if you give it half a chance, but be consistent.

If you’re persistent, you’ll get it; if you’re consistent, you’ll keep it

In being consistent in the use of this algorithm, there’s a risk, a very real risk of falling deeply into a profound state of peace, of falling headlong into a peace that passeth all innerstanding. Think of it this way: you know for a fact that you’re stuck on a crag and you surrender to peace.

Take a moment to consider the implications of this surrender.

You see, there are two kinds of peace: the one that keeps you stuck in time and place, and the one that moves you forward, onward and upward, through time and space. Now I do admit that being stuck in peace is not a bad place to be, necessarily, depending on where you are in life.

But if you’re looking to move on, with and from and through the blessing of peace, here’s something to think about: when you’re feeling at all stuck, realize that you have more to embody, more to explore and express, more to consider and contemplate, more to learn and grow.

In those moments of feeling stuck, of feeling unwilling or unable to move forward, onward and upward, think of reality ~ your reality ~ as a passive aggressive partner who seems bent on keeping you stuck, but also intent on helping you move forward, onward and upward.

Think of this partner as your creation from the days before you were born, and so, before you say or do anything, allow this reality, this creation, to be your friend who also happens to like being passive aggressive on occasion. Yes, I know, it sounds weird, but stay with me on this one.

On the surface, your friend seems ready and willing to cooperate with you when you do certain things without thinking, but then, just below the surface, the overall vibe of your friend can seem oddly distant or defiant, as if it were trying to tell you something about yourself or your life.

Not to worry, though, because once you come to an innerstanding of the nature of this relationship with your reality, your creation ~ your new friend ~ you’ll be able to pivot in ways that move you in constructive or productive directions that improve or enhance this relationship.

In keeping with the holographic nature of reality, think of your reality as a possibility space, one that is alive, awake, aware, and alert to your every thought, feeling, urge, impulse, desire, intention, expectation, and inspiration, one that contains a variety of icons on a 3D desktop.

Know, too, that the holographic contents in this container are more or less fluid. At any given moment, the focus of your flow, freedom, and fulfillment can either be on speaking your truth or boosting your overall fitness in relation to the container that is also a possibility space.

Any linkage between your focus and the object of your focus is a kind of bridge; the object itself is a mirror of where you have put your focus, where you are putting your focus, and (believe it or not) where you’re about to put your focus, in view of the fact that everything is here and now.

In the words of Aesop, best known for his collection of morality tales in the form of fables, circa 260 BC: be careful what you wish for, lest it come true!. There are many curious reasons why so many lottery winners end up as cautionary tales ~ as depressed, broke, or worse.

I invite you to give yourself a moment of pause. Look around and listen intently. Feel into your surroundings. Allow the core of who you are in love, trust, and care to come forward into awareness. Be here now. Realize that, without exception, your world is what you think it is.

Do this now, but also, consider making it a daily practice.

A wise man was once fond of saying: be careful how you interpret the world ~ it is like that. Your version of this world is your creation. Over time, your many interpretations add up to a creation that is yours and yours alone. Sit with this, and let it sink into the heart of your soul.

Realize, too, that there are no limits to what you can have, to who you can be, to what you can do, beyond the ones that you yourself impose. In light of this principle, I invite you to purify your possibility space, to open yourself up purely to a quantum field of infinite possibilities.

Do this now, and realize that anything is possible, and the best part about all of this is that you don’t even have to figure out how to make it so, unless this is something you wish to do as part of your process of learning and growing, exploring and expressing, evolving and ascending.

Countless tales have been told of people just like you who have encountered and experienced magical manifestations on their 3D desktops, and there’s no reason in the world why you too can’t be likewise enchanted by the manifestations of your own magical manifesting powers.

Knowing this, realize that energy flows where attention goes: your energy flows where your attention goes; realize that there is simply no greater discipline in this entire universe than the one that would have you activate and cultivate your attention with love, trust, and care.

You attract what you attend: the more focused your attention (by way of frequency, intensity, duration), the stronger the attraction, and because the attraction occurs whether your attention is positive or negative, the call is clear: see and feel into your life with intentions firm and pure.

I invite you to address and apply any one or more of the affirmations that follow . . .

1) I allow myself to envision the life of my dreams: to what do I really truly aspire?
2) I focus on a particular outcome that excites intense desire and brings my vision alive
3) I accept that my desire is possible, that I am worthy and deserving of receiving

4) I intend to manifest my deepest heartfelt desire without hesitation or reservation
5) I act while assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, conducting myself accordingly
6) I release my desire with no expectation of how and when or whether it manifests

In view of these magical steps to manifestation, realize that now is the moment of power. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not a few seconds ago or a few second from now. Now. Now is the moment of power. Be here now, just for now. Digest any regret or worry, and be here now.

Pause ……………

Inhale …. deeply

Exhale …. slowly

I feel ……………..*

Rinse and repeat

* play with the timing: imbibe the feeling as you exhale, or after you exhale; express it in writing or by speaking, as required or desired: being concise or precise is not the point here; as you give voice to the feeling, welcome it as best you can, then allow it to be just as it is, then let it go just for now

In clearing regret and worry from your possibility space, in arriving at a time and place where regret and worry no longer interfere with what is possible for you, you open yourself up to the magic of Aloha: the more at peace you are with what you have, the easier it will be to change.

To love is to be happy with: the more you embrace the dream, the more the aspiration yields the inspiration, the easier it will be to manifest. And please, for your own sake, do not make peace because you fear conflict; likewise, do not seek prosperity because you fear poverty.

Be at peace with here and now; be inspired by then and there.

If you’re persistent, you’ll get it; if you’re consistent, you’ll keep it

Be at ease and do as bliss does: at the speed of bliss, choices are choiceless, for all power comes from within. Just for fun, make believe that some one or some thing has more power to effect the course of your life and then realize that the power to do so also comes from within.

if I have a dream, I also have the power to make it come true;
I have the power to make it as difficult, or as easy, as I please;
this is forever and always my choice – and my choicelessness!

Earlier on in this post, I spoke of the choice to either speak my truth or boost my overall fitness with practical reality, but in reality, in my reality, effectiveness is the measure of truth. Ultimately, in terms that speak to the practicality of reality, what matters is what works.

I know this to be true: the ends clarify the means. If I desire enjoyable outcomes, I inspire employable methods. If one technique fails to work, I try another; if one plan fails to pan out, I change plans. Ultimately, it’s the result that counts, not the result of any one technique or plan.


I innerstand, that in matters of life or death, no one likes to be stuck.

In my experience, I’ve learned that I can move forward, onward and upward, if as when I’ve come to terms with feeling stuck. If as when being, knowing, and feeling come together as one, I am, I know, and I feel that I am ready, willing, and able to move forward, onward and upward.

I know, it sounds easy, and it can be when you claim ownership of your possibility space with principles and narratives that open you up to the blessings of presence, promise, purpose, power, and patience with and through a personal and personable matrix of control and release.

When I speak of narratives, I speak of healthy narratives that are integrated and integrative ~ narratives that convey the ways in which I bring meaning, purpose, and direction to my life, that make sense of any situation or interaction that I care to talk about and wax poetic upon.

I might not have all the answers, but I do know many of the questions, starting with this one: which question is begging me now for a response? What am I lacking, if anything? What am I missing, if anything? Which of my needs and desires are calling out for me to satisfy and fulfill?

I am now making my move from aspiration to inspiration, claiming ownership of my possibility space with principles and narratives that open me up to presence, promise, purpose, power, and patience, bringing to fruition a personal and personable matrix of control and release.

I now find myself poised to rise above and beyond the one cragfast illusion.


I trust those feelings that speak to the wisdom of my inner guidance
trust those feelings that speak to the wisdom of your inner guidance
in speaking to the wisdom of inner guidance, let’s trust our feelings!

~ yours

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