No Worries, No Wobbles

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 23, 2020

Hello how are you? Here I am again.

Hey, do you have something for me?

Oh yes. Something good and something great.

Please, do share. I am all ears . . .

Are you worried?

Give me a moment while I look this word up . . .

worried (adj.): (1) anxious about, or troubled by, actual or potential problems; (2) afflicted with, or marked by, anxious unease; (3) mentally upset over, or distressed by, actual or possible inadequacy, trouble, difficulty, misfortune, adversity, or danger; e.g., the worried well

Interesting . . .

In answer to your question, I presently feel alive and alert to this dialogue, eager to follow it to its most capable, sensible, reasonable conclusion and completion. My focus is total and my stream of consciousness is beginning to flow in ways and by means that enliven and energize me.

Excellent. Now listen up . . . in your world, the wobble is typically thought to come before the worry. What I propose is that the worry not only comes before the wobble, it also brings about the wobble.

So, what I hear you saying is . . . no worries, no wobbles.

More or less, yes, which reminds me . . .

Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted,
and become as little children,
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven

Matthew 18:3 (KJV)

Wait, be converted? Become as little children? Enter into the kingdom of heaven?

I appreciate you for taking a skeptical, adversarial approach for the benefit of your readers. Let us rejoice, here and now, with praise and thanksgiving, in the absence of worry and wobble, to give ourselves all the time in the world to respond to these pithy queries of yours.

That works for me. Let’s start here: “be converted, and become as little children?”

First, note the subtlety: not “become little children” but “become as little children.”

What do little children have that grown adults don’t have?


Which begs the question: how do grown adults convert?

The term convert is complex, subject to many interpretations; here I offer what is most relevant: adopt a new belief; cause to adopt a new or different faith; realize the truth or validity of one or more statements; be in favor of that which was previously opposed or disliked.

Sounds straightforward ~ perhaps too straightforward.

Granted, and so let us simplify and clarify the matter down to the bones without stripping the bones of its flesh and blood; let us also remind ourselves of the unfortunate ones among you who attempt to starve themselves in a bid to unwittingly reclaim the innocence of childhood.

Well said. I appreciate your colorful language. Tell us about the innocence of childhood.

The innocence of childhood is the innocence of felicity ~ a state of being with feelings that rest or flow between love and joy, contentment and enchantment. The innocence of childhood is a harmonic synchrony of soul and spirit, love and joy, grace and ease, mystery and mastery.

Innocents know what they know, and they know when to care and when not to care.

In a nutshell, yes.

What I hear you saying is that the innocence of childhood is a synchronic resonance between being and becoming, one that remains whole until the magical Self is subjected to, and inflicted by, the Wound of Separation, where the ego is born into separation from the magical Self.

Essentially yes, which brings us to the entrance of heaven on Earth.

Which, if I may add, also brings us to the entrance of hell on Earth.

I appreciate you for not mincing words. Well said. Please say more.

Only that no one who is incarnated on this planet can ignore, dismiss, avoid, suppress, evade, or bypass duality ~ most notably polarities of consciousness that we know as light and dark, warm and cool, kind and mean, soft and hard, gentle and harsh, pleasant and malignant.

All is One. This is the Law. Resist and persist. As above, so below. As within, so without. For every action, a re-action. Serve yourself most of the time or serve others more often than not, or . . . serve neither yourself nor others at the risk of losing your soul in a sinkhole of indifference.

All is One. Everything is here and now. The Prime Mover, the Sum and Source of All, the Great Spirit, is One. The One Infinite Creator is the Creation. The Creation is the One Infinite Creator. All changes have causes; any change that appears random is only ever apparent.

And this is so owing to the depthless depths of Creation with its complex web of causes.

And this is so owing to the depthless depths of Creation with its complex web of choices.

Consider: any one of us could die at any moment, but if you had 30 days to live, who would you be? What would you do? Would you persist in being who you are now? Would you persist in doing what you do now? Or . . . would you choose to reclaim or refresh the story of your life?

In other words, would I surrender to my fate or would I step up and shape my destiny?

You can only ever work or play with what you have, making the most of what you have.

To put what you say in more personal terms . . .

I can only ever take what I have,
to make the best of what I have and
to make the most of what I have

In essence, as a submissive transmissive, you are always already engaging fate and destiny through submission and transmission, through the play of submission and through the work of transmission.

For many, submission is a dirty word on Earth at this time.

That is most unfortunate. For your readers, I say this: think of submission as a sub mission and think of transmission as a trans mission. The mission is the thing. You serve your mission through encounter with a soul in gratitude or through experience in a spirit of generosity.

As I respond soulfully in awe and wonder with praise and thanksgiving, with “let it be” or “let go, let be, let God,” I serve my mission with a sub mission; as I respond spiritually in awe and wonder with generosity, in the wake of “make it so,” I serve my mission with a trans mission.

Essentially correct. Just remember that you can only polarize in one of two directions.

Either in service to myself most of the time, or in service to other more often than not.

In serving yourself most of the time, the light of your love and wisdom will be absorbed and grow ever more compact in time; in serving others more often than not, this light will in time grow to radiate outward and be apparent at the moment of your passing from your incarnation.

I am reminded in no uncertain terms that like attracts like, that birds of a feather flock together. In any event, any encounter or experience in my reality can be construed as being for my own good.

So very true, even when it seems that this is not so. As you may recall . . .

anything and everything can be framed
and reframed
in accordance with the guidance of love, trust, care

Just as any encounter in my reality can be a sub mission, any experience in my reality can be a trans mission.

In service to your overall mission, yes.

Or, to put it another way, in service to a purpose that fulfills my destiny.

Purpose unifies destiny.

Which reminds me: structure determines behavior.

Framed and re-framed.


Except that your life is not a game of chance.

Unless I choose to make it so.


Let us say, then, as a rule, that little children are unusually adept at submission and transmission, at being submissive and transmissive, in service to their overall missions, of knowing when to “let it be” and when to “make it so,” of knowing when not to care and when to care.

Innocently, yes, and with a wisdom that is rarely if ever their own.

At least not until they grow past their programming to reclaim their innocence as their own.

In the light of wisdom, in view of freedom, the innocence of heaven is very much an inside job.

The question is begged: do I rule the kingdom of heaven in service to myself most of the time?

Or . . . do you rule your inner kingdom of heaven in service to others, more often than not?

Either way it is prudent to recall: “know thyself, accept thyself, become the Creator.”

The Law of One has taught you well; the practical pinnacle of fulfillment is clear . . .

No worries, no wobbles.


be patient, be playful, be perceptive ~ you’ll get a read soon enough;
your dearest allies? a clear mind, a buoyant mood, a serene outlook

~ yours

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