For the Love of Trust and Care

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 15, 2020

Here I am now, wholly present, and more so with each passing day. What could be more magical? But does it not matter that humanity has, for whatever reason, been duped into be(lie)ving that {fear, time, money} ought to be triple braided and paraded as a parasitical mindspell?

In deed, if this parasitical mindspell of {fear, time, money} could speak, would it not speak its truth as follows? Time is money, and if I keep wasting my time doing nothing, I’ll lose opportunities to make money, and if this keeps happening, I will surely suffer and die, sooner than later.

Sounds serious ~ and for someone caught inside this spell, it most certainly is.

Might there be a way to break this spell? What if we could all greet one another in wonder, thus: “you are sovereign, but are you in it mostly for yourself or are you in it for others more often than not? Are you in service to no one in particular or are you in service to the Creation?”

For most, these are strange questions, and yet, do they not get to the crux of the matter of stroking the braid of {fear, time, money} in a bid to release it from bondage, all the while finding the sweet spot between serving both self and other with and through {love, trust, care}?

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