Easy Come, Easy Flow?

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 8, 2020

If the issues are in the tissues, then the motion is in the lotion, but which lotion?

During this time of shutdowns and lockdowns, when it all seems so static, the risks of calcification and petrification run high. No one I know welcomes a calcified soul or a petrified spirit, and so, who is one to be and what is one to do to keep the soul supple and the spirit nimble?

The prescription for finding flow with focus is simple enough to relate: immerse yourself in the moment with activity that summons just enough challenge to spark a desire ~ mindfully, skillfully, artfully ~ without sedation or distraction. Question is … which activity, and which desire?

As I write this post ~ the activity ~ I write it simply to fulfill a desire to share what I mean by “easy come, easy flow?” Certainly, flow is always already apparent in a life lived well; what is not so apparent is why interfere with flow at all if, when one is serious about allowing what is?

As in … loving what is, and letting everything be … okay.

And here, I pause … not knowing what to write next … and then I see that … sedation and distraction are pulling at my attention; there’s a part of me that wants to stop, to … go elsewhere ~ anywhere but here. And so I stop, but I do not go elsewhere … I merely stop and listen …

I listen to the stillness, become the stillness, noting from afar a gentle jumble, a tepid tumble of words, images, memories, urges, impulses. Coming and going, resting and flowing, rising and falling and fading into a growing, glowing silence infused with a blessed … stillness …

Into a growing, glowing realization of … calm, and clear … warm, and soft … into a stark, sound realization that everything in this world can be met with a … friendly curiosity … everything … which includes the good, the bad, and the … here, I stop and I listen … stopping, pausing.

Stopping, pausing. Stopping, pausing. What’s the difference? Here, a distraction.

And so I … and listen, and listen some more … need I say another word? Wait, is that it? Here, another distraction. And so I … and listen … pausing, breathing, noting; allowing, accepting, forgiving; knowing, feeling, flowing … finding my flow with focus, I find my focus in flow.

no flow? no focus
no focus? no flow

Goosebumps erupting under a moonlit overcast sky in stillness before dawn; red, orange, and yellow lights flashing at a tired strip plaza; two lonely vehicles remaining parked in view of a barren six-lane avenue; evoking quiet contemplation, with tender feeling, of a world in stasis.

Of a world in crisis. Of a world in need of lotion.

Easy come, easy flow?

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