Clandemic Perspectives

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 5, 2020

I remain the author, actor, director, and producer of my life.

In scoping the script of my life, am I prepared to take yet another role in my life? In reviewing the script of my life, must I now pursue a better role in my life? Or is it enough for me to step back and trust, to let everyone play their parts, to do their jobs, the best way they know how?

In the face of a fork, which story is coming to light, in view of the big picture? Which decision calls out to be made, here, and now? In light of difficulty, what feels true, good, and right? In the absence of an answer, must I rewrite, or even replace, the script for my very best life?

As a director in charge of my life, am I forgiving how the picture is progressing? Do I have all the right people in the right roles to make it work? Are there any forces at work that I need to address or assess? Do I need to make any cuts or changes to ensure that it all turns out well?

As a producer with the power of a nod, what motivates me to answer these questions, what inspires me to make these decisions? Ultimately, in light of the forces that push and pull me hither and thither, it is my vision that goads and guides the course of this life that I call my world.


I see, more and ever more, events in my day that feel very meaningful to me; even better, I can see, more and more, where they lead. I also have dreams that point the way, even as I act decisively and effectively by way of response, knowing that my luck increases by the day.

I awaken feeling inspired by knowing that ever more good luck is on the way.

I can now function ~ follow and pursue courses of action ~ without question.


I need not leave this space; sitting, standing, or reclining, I need only listen. I need not even listen, but simply wait with a fine anticipation that the world above and beyond offer itself freely and freshly with uncommon grace and ease, having no choice but to frolic in ecstasy at my feet.


the current cataclysm:
an antidote to complacency?
a catalyst for growth?

herd immunity or herd quarantine?

in waiting truly, patiently,
let us not set aside stillness
for the illusion of finality

~ yours

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