Eyes Behold, Eyes Become

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 29, 2020

eyes behold and eyes become;
do we not become what we behold?
or, is there more to it than this?

it’s not what we have that truly matters
so much as how we hold it, and frame it,
in consciousness, for all of its meaning

to the extent to which we do not allow the reality
of who and what we are (authentic, sincere, and true)
is the degree to which we hamper those who do

from biological contagion to emotional contagion,
from climate change storms to supermarket storms,
the challenge is real, the chaos all too apparent

in this world, at this time, nothing is as it seems;
“wait, does that mean this? or does this mean that?”
so be alert to safeguard the means and dreams

be in wonder to experience the magic,
to be in love with flow, to be in flow with bliss:
gratitude and synchronicity for the win

~ yours

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