Onward, Forward, Upward

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 3, 2020

I see you and I hear you and I can’t help but know you and be known by you; I know you and I feel you and I can’t help but love you and be loved by you; I love you and I need you and I can’t help but bless you and be blessed by you: such is the current destiny of this world.

Me. You. Us. Them. As One.

Within the grand cosmic illusion of separation, division, and exclusion, we are all privileged to see and hear and know and feel and love and need and bless ourselves and each other within a vast web of complexity and complication that expands and extends infinitely, intimately.

If you are reading these words, and these words make perfect sense to you, give a moment to appreciate just how extraordinary this is, just how extraordinary it is to read mere words that can plumb the depths of consciousness and that can light up the depths of consciousness.

The temptation to merely dwell in the depths of absolute consciousness is real and true, but the stronger, and wiser, temptation is to have a hand and a mind to bring the very depths of absolute consciousness to life with your love and your light, through your love and your light.

The ultimate negotiation, the father and mother of all negotiations is a negotiation, ultimately, with yourself, your life, your love, your light in relation to other selves, but most especially with the soul, spirit, energy, and intelligence of that which brings us to light and life with love.

The One is both self and other and the One is neither self nor other.

Do what you will, but understand this: excluding the One brings consequences; including the One also brings consequences. In any negotiation with the One, here and now, in service to self or the other, we privilege ourselves to be ourselves to know ourselves to give of ourselves.

We can give X to Y, with respect, without regret, in exchange for Z.

Or not.

It is (almost) always up to us to be as we wish and to do as we will.



My quirky experiment in the art of negotiation is drawing to a close.

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My intention is to eventually bring it back up, but if, for whatever reason, this cannot happen, much of the content on this site will be accessible through the wayback machine at archive.org. As of this writing, the content on this website has only been archived up to July 20 September 6, 2019.

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Update (03.13.2020): as it happened, I covered much of the required amount (and then some) and payment was made on this day to cover this site for the next six months. During this time, much of my focus will be on constructing (and fleshing out) the outline of my masterwork.


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a negotiation is really just
a negotiation with security

a lack or loss of spontaneity
is the price we pay for security

security is the price we pay
for the exercise of responsibility

~ yours

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