The Ultimate Negotiation: 5

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 1, 2020

What if everyone in this world suddenly, without apparent reason, began giving and forgiving without condition or expectation? What sort of world do you suppose would arise and transpire as a result?

If you’ve ever attempted to give and forgive without condition or expectation for any appreciable length of time, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to sustain it for any appreciable length of time. Try it and see. Such positivity invariably invites and attracts the rush of negativity.

One that has been waiting and begging for a most welcome release.

And yet, we all know deep down that if we kept giving and forgiving without condition and compromise, this world would (eventually, under the relentless influence of an unwavering commitment to peace) come to a place where much if not most negativity has been resolved.

In the midst of such resolution, in the wake of such resolution, almost everyone would have more room to breathe, more space to move; the energies of humanity, in many if not most of its forms, but most especially money, would begin to circulate a lot more freely and easily.

But why wait for anyone to give and forgive without condition? Well, for one, such waiting is comfortable, such waiting is convenient; there’s not much controversy in such waiting ~ lots of conformity, but little if any controversy, which is why such waiting holds such great appeal.

Standard wisdom? Start with yourself; be the change you wish to see; pull the log out of your own eye before you point an accusing finger at the splinter in the eye of another. Why? Because the game is rigged and because the underlying matrix is designed to keep the game going.

What game is that? Why the Game of Judgment, of course. One judgment here, another judgment there, and before you know it, someone or other is feeling unworthy and undeserving to a point where such a feeling creates a sinkhole of indifference, perpetuating more judgment.

The Game of Judgment is an old one and, for the most part, was played without anyone really thinking about it ~ it was just the way life was played ~ but today, the Game of Judgment is coming under intense scrutiny: “wait, do we really have to keep playing this awful game?

I mean, would negotiation even be a thing if it weren’t for the Game of Judgment?

I view effective negotiation as a stopgap measure on the way to living in a world that is relatively free of judgment. Admittedly, it keeps the game going, but it also exposes the nature of the game. To be sure, it’s a curious paradox, one that I find interesting, even fascinating.

Could the ultimate negotiation, the mother of all negotiations, not be a hostage negotiation, one that eventually releases the potential of humanity from a perpetual bondage to the Game of Judgment?

Think about it.

And think about this: what, if anything, would supplant the Game of Judgment? What, if anything, would render it irrelevant? And what, if anything, would turn negotiation into a practice from the past?


A Most Curious Addendum (Updated)

My experiment in the art of negotiation began with this post on the ultimate negotiation. I’ve never done anything like this before ~ actually, I don’t know anyone who has (which is not to say that no one has) ~ and so I have no idea how this tiny experiment is going to play out.

In my experience, a big part of negotiating effectively (and efficiently) is having a brain that can juggle many facts and details while applying many tactics and techniques to an exchange of value that brings mutual benefit. The following facts and details will surely test this ability.

My site hosting is coming up for renewal on Wednesday, March 4th, in the amount of $32.85 USD. Between now and then, I’ve decided I’m going to rely on donations to make this payment. If the payment is missed, this site will go down and stay down for an indefinite period.

This is my response cost for not negotiating to the best of my ability with virtual strangers (I say “virtual” because on some level, no one is really a stranger ~ just an angel masquerading as a clown). For avid readers of this site, this is their response cost for not stepping up.

The web stats indicate that this site consistently receives thousands of unique visitors per month, but even so, I understand that many of us lead busy lives and don’t have time for trivial pursuits. Still, it feels worth my while to explore the nature of negotiation with my readers.

As of Sunday, March 1, 2020

Current reality = $5.35 USD (this is how much is currently in my PayPal account)

Desired result = $32.85 USD (this is how much is required to make the payment)

Payment deadline: 03.04.2020 (after this date, this site may go down indefinitely)

Am I concerned about this site going down for a while? For myself, no; I will just keep doing what I love to do. I am concerned, however, about the experience of my readers. I feel I would be remiss if I did not give them a chance to donate and keep the site going past the deadline.

I’ll be posting, and keeping readers posted, day by day, until the desired result is met or until the payment deadline passes. In the meantime, if or when the amounts donated exceed the desired result, this will be announced, and the excess, if any, will be applied to the next payment.

Even if the current target of $32.85 USD for three months of hosting is not reached in time, any funds received will be received and used with appreciation to eventually make the current payment ~ so no worries at all that your funds will not be used for the intended purpose here.

If the content on this site compels you or tickles your fancy, consider blessing it with a modest donation of $1 USD, but no more than this, as I would like others to have the opportunity to donate. If you can’t resist giving more than $1, I will set it aside until the day of the deadline.

Update, as of 02.28.2020: I’m sensing a reluctance to donate a mere dollar. I’m also sensing a wait-and-see attitude from readers. Just so you know: I’m not relying on that old persuasive standby of getting friends and family to kick start the process with an abundance of social proof.

Again, any excess on this date will be applied with appreciation to future payments (update, as of 02.27.2020: I sense I need to qualify here: any reasonable excess on this date will be applied with appreciation to future payments, in the event that some joker sends me a rather large donation, just for fun, compelling me to be accountable to my readers for this larger amount).

So if now seems like a good time to donate, would now be a bad time to donate?

You can be sure that every donation will be acknowledged personally. As always, feedback is welcome through my Contact Me page on this site. Much appreciation to those who care to {donate}.


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be true, be wise, be free

be yourself in relation to others to know yourself

know yourself in relation to others to accept yourself
accept yourself in relation to others to forgive yourself
forgive yourself in relation to others to give of yourself

give of yourself in relation to others to free yourself

be true, be wise, be free

~ yours

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