Remote Influence, Anyone?

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 10, 2019

Do you ever feel you’re being influenced remotely?

Before you click away from this page, I invite you to pause and ponder: “if I don’t even ask the question, how will I ever be able to answer it, let alone answer it seriously and thoughtfully?”

Have you ever had the feeling that you were being influenced remotely, say, from the depths of Hell? Or from the heights of Heaven? Or from the purview of a higher (wiser) Self or Oversoul? Or, dare I say it, from a remote (beyond black) location on Earth (or slightly beyond)?

Wait, don’t go yet. I’m just getting warmed up.

They say that ignorance is bliss, that what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but what if I told you that what you don’t know can hurt you?, or better yet, what you do know might not hurt you at all?

Wouldn’t you be interested in learning more?


Remote influencing implies some sort of remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring requires a form of remote viewing, which involves projecting mind and heart to a person, place, or thing that is separate or distant in time or space. Remote influencing only comes into play when the mind and heart are used to influence someone from a distance.

Such a distance could be remote, but it need not be. This article from Aloha International offers many examples of how someone could use remote monitoring and influencing to perform organic white magical workings on themselves for their benefit or on others for their benefit.

In keeping with cosmic law, it is almost always prudent to secure permission from others before attempting to influence them (their bodies, their minds, their lives) positively from a distance, either in time or space, for healing purposes or for other purposes such as moral support.

Organic magical workings, white or black, are in contrast to synthetic magical workings, which involve the use of advanced technology to view and influence targeted individuals to refrain from pursuing courses of action at odds with various agendas in support of an overall agenda.

This sort of technology would be highly classified, obviously, for reasons of global security, with clear and unequivocal evidence of its use available only to those with a need to know, and according to certain rules, its applications could only target existing mental distortions.

So for example, if someone (or some group) on Earth had a tendency to be angry or upset about something, this particular distortion could be targeted and remotely influenced by being exacerbated or ameliorated, depending on the desired outcome of those doing the influencing.

In other words, in accordance with karmic (universal natural) law, this technology could not be used to remotely influence a target willy-nilly in violation of free will without incurring undesirable cosmic consequences for those doing the random targeting, monitoring, and influencing.

Now let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that you enjoy “poking your nose in places where it doesn’t belong,” so much so that you alert certain hidden agents and actors to your existence. You might be viewed as a nuisance and be monitored and influenced on that basis.

Or, you might be viewed as an unwitting asset to higher causes you know nothing about and be tested on that basis, being encouraged (or discouraged) to (or from) following certain trains of thought or paths of purpose ~ and not only you, but those close to you or around you.

So let’s say you’re doing some heavy research on Google (a very impressive military application if there ever was one) about, say, being remotely influenced. In so doing, you’re pretty much saying to these occult agents and actors “monitor me remotely until further notice.”

In learning about how emotions can be remotely influenced, you begin to wonder: “What kind of world is this? Maybe I should just go back to minding my own business. This stuff is too scary for me.”

Please understand that any topic that you investigate in depth through Google (and that has serious ramifications for global security) is fair game for at least a bit of monitoring, at least until it can be determined that your research is innocent (not a threat to the existing order).

Now suppose you take this research and do something with it.

You write a post about it. Or you start a group about it on Facebook (another very impressive military application). Or you write an ebook and decide to share it on Amazon (yet another impressive online application under the influence). Or you upload a video to YouTube (which is allied with Google, which belongs to Alphabet, which is overseen by …) that quickly goes viral in its influence.

All of these actions have consequences.

Here, in going beyond the research, you’re pretty much saying “influence me remotely in a way that best serves the existing order.” Don’t be too surprised if you suddenly (a) feel at odds with yourself; (b) feel yourself tested beyond endurance; and/or (c) feel oddly inspired.

The quality of your sleep and the content of your dreams would be ideal targets (black ops military influencers seem particularly fond of imposing various boot camp scenarios on sleeping, dreaming subjects; satanic individuals can and will inject brutal satanic rituals into the minds of sleeping, dreaming subjects; dark extra-dimensional entities seem fond of stimulating sexually compromising scenarios to overwhelm and undermine the moral fiber of sleeping, dreaming subjects).

On a more prosaic level related to attempts at “spreading the word,” your computer might start slowing down. Messages posted to Facebook might disappear. Videos on YouTube might be de-monetized or even banned and your account suspended pending further investigation.

Also, don’t be too surprised if those close to you or around you begin acting strangely in ways that annoy, irritate, challenge, or interfere with your person or with the general course of your life. If you call them out on it, they might wonder if you need a visit to the psych ward.

Could you share these impressions with others? Of course. Just be careful with whom you share, because they might not understand where you’re coming from. Or worse, they might think you’re losing your mind and becoming one of those people they call “conspiracy theorist.”

Never forget that plausible deniability is a powerful tool of remote influence.

If you’re not inclined to believe any of this, I respect that, but before you politely excuse yourself from this post, do yourself this favor: do some serious research on any topic that has a bearing on global security (like 5G; artificial intelligence; global population control; human trafficking; geoengineering; or any one of many related topics) and run with it and see where that takes you (it might surprise you).

Or, start a group, online or off, and begin organizing in ways that tip the balance of power in your favor. Trust me, you’ll attract attention if you do. Just be sure you remain on the right side of the existing order ~ not too influential or influential in ways that don’t rock the big boat.


At this point, if you’re still with me (are you still with me?), you might be asking: “what if I become too influential in my activities beyond the research that I’m doing?” I’ve never been aware of being so, and so I can only surmise or speculate about what might happen to you.

First, I would suppose that any response to your growing influence would be graduated, with this question being uppermost in the minds of the remote influencers: “are you for us or against us? If you’re for us, we have little if anything to worry about. If you’re against us, well …”.

A third option, however, might be exercised with little or no risk to would-be influencers in consultation with a higher power, and by a higher power, I mean a power with whom you feel deeply attuned and aligned. It might be your higher Self or it just might be a spirit guide.

You may not feel comfortable believing in a higher power, let alone consulting one, and so I would just suggest that you use your imagination. Make believe that you have a higher Self or a spirit guide that you can consult, while aiming to never fail at doing this with the best of intentions.

The third option, then, in consultation with a higher power, is what I call “having a neutral respect for the material.” Whatever you decide to research, do so with a neutral respect for the material, which implies keeping an open mind to always learning more about the material.

This includes connecting dots in ways you might least expect. It also includes not allowing yourself to be unduly swayed or bent out of shape by the authoritative say-so or I-told-you-so of the many popular conspiracy researchers, analysts, and activists on offer. For all you know, one of them might be a disinformation artist of the highest caliber, even in a community that vets incoming whistleblowers.

In other words, never presume to know exactly what the material is telling you, especially if the material is complex or complicated. Stay open and flexible in your thinking, while always doing your best to prevent your feelings from becoming fused or confused with your thinking.

Remember that feeling and knowing are two completely different creatures of the mind. I like to think of it this way: the first (feeling) is human; the second (knowing) is divine. This is not to say that one ought to be favored over the other, only that they be witnessed separately.

In bringing your understanding of the material to the next level, from exploration to expression, stay true to your word, wherever, whenever possible, as the intelligence and wisdom inside the implicate order seems to favor sincerity and honesty of expression above all else.

When you bring dark material to light, you benefit greatly from having the universe on your side. I can imagine that this benefit is especially helpful as and when your influence grows, but unfortunately, it is not a fail-safe measure against being remotely (and darkly) influenced.

As your influence grows, you will, in all likelihood, be tested, with the testing becoming more subtle or severe the greater your influence. Whatever cognitive distortions presently exist in your mind or heart will likely be manipulated and exploited to see what you’re made of.

Here it is best not to take any of it personally, as hard as this might sound, given that these remote manipulations play on existing insecurities, especially in relation to matters of vital importance to your person. Take it as an opportunity to learn and grow, evolve and ascend, through processing difficult-to-manage feelings as and when you feel tested from within or from without (through others).

Here’s a snapshot of the recommendations:

always do your best
make no assumptions
stay true to your word
take nothing personally

Always do your best to keep your feelings from being fused or confused with your thinking. Make no assumptions about what the material is telling you, keeping an open active mind about learning more. If or when you feel the time has come to express and share, do your best to stay true to your word, sincerely and honestly, while taking nothing personally in the backwash of bringing the dark to light.

Take these guidelines (well known in the spiritual literature as the four agreements), in light of what I shared above, as your gold standard for bringing dark material to light for the benefit of others, disclosing the material, where possible, with a sense of play or a friendly curiosity.

In the ultimate sense, you yourself are the remote influencer, in keeping with “what you put out is what you get back,” transmitting messages into the universe and having them return lighter or stronger than before, in a feedback loop that circulates from birth to so-called death.

Peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, ease not only pay dividends, they are the dividends.

Finally, please understand, there’s no need to challenge, oppose, threaten, or rebel against the existing order. That’s old school. Your saving grace is found in bringing dark to light by following your bliss, expanding awareness of the light with a neutral respect for the material.

An incoming message from a remote influencer:

Good luck, you’re gonna need it ~ and lots of it.

Counterpoint: fortune favors the forgiving heart.

Without compromising truth, justice, and mercy.


Bonus: the following global conspiracy theory is for your thoughtful consideration. Please don’t take any of it as supposition unless or until you’ve done the research for yourself, and even then, keep an open active mind to learning more about how the dots might connect …

A global conspiracy? Or … business as usual?

Someone in the know, someone who was part of the established order as a top advisor in the intelligence community before he passed, once pronounced at an elite private venue that “it is now easier to kill a million people than it is to control a million people.” Now why would someone say something like that? What would possess someone to be so calculating? And what made him think he could make such a statement? I invite you to keep these questions in mind as we proceed to uncover some dark secrets.

As the magnetic field of the Earth continues to weaken as part of a natural cycle, cloud cover the world over is receding, causing a natural warming of the planet, resulting in melting ice caps and widespread flooding. By way of compensation, geoengineering programs are currently in place to counter the effects of this natural weakening and warming, causing collateral damage to the biosphere.

The warming of the planet caused by human activity is comparatively slight, but is used to justify a global taxation scheme that is likely helping to finance geoengineering operations to keep selected areas of the planet from overheating. What is alarming about these operations is that phytoplankton are disappearing in the wake of particulates from “chemtrails”, threatening the food supply higher up in the food chain.

In the words of one researcher, “no phytoplankton, no people.”

Droughts in formerly fertile areas around the globe (like in central Africa or across the United States midwest) caused by global warming or by geoengineering operations are also shrinking the food supply, threatening starvation or leading to less food and ever higher food prices.

Both of which spell disaster for an ever growing global population.

Such a state of affairs was likely anticipated decades ago, reinforcing a concerted push to reduce global population growth rates by any and all means possible, without alerting the public and causing widespread panic, even if this meant harming human health and reducing lifespans.

Curable cancers, mandatory vaccines, fluoride in the water, BPA in consumer goods, and EDCs are all part of a plan to reduce fertility and increase morbidity. In the wake of this push, huge profits from Big Pharma are likely being channelled into supporting the depop agenda.

A quick aside about fluoride: it is alleged that fluoride is being used to reduce fertility in large populations. With deeper investigation, a more sinister application is evident: calcifying the pineal gland to compromise/eliminate capabilities of remote viewing and remote influencing.

The so-called war on terror that was manufactured in the wake of the cold war was a calculated gambit to keep the economies of the West humming, even as their birth replacement rates continued to drop and immigration was kicked into high gear to sustain economic growth.

Could it be that a truth embargo has been placed on many tech patents, including “food materializer” and “free energy” patents, to keep rapid exponential growth rates of global population from outstripping the earth’s resources and the careful management of said resources?

And what about activities both alleged and reported that have been ongoing in the solar system (such as a continuity of species program)? Is it true that any disclosure in the mainstream of high-level space programs is presently verboten to keep a lid on what is happening on Earth?

The 5G wireless mobile network has demonstrably serious ill effects on human health. Investigators are telling us that 5G is a military grade system. Is it being pushed forward at an accelerated pace around the world to target, monitor, and remotely influence hungry, unruly crowds?

A plausible cover story for implementing 5G is a FoT (a Filternet of Things); the real reasons are not quite so pleasant. As mentioned, it is now easier to kill a million people than it is to control a million people.

Is the world being run by wealthy families and elite groups of sociopathic persons? Only a relatively few at the top of the pyramid really know what’s going on (a high-level financial insider estimate put the number at around 8,000), owing to the compartmentalized, only-if-you-need-to-know nature of the agenda’s implementation, involving a complex network of paymasters, order givers, and order followers.

Have psychopathic persons been used to assemble wet teams to “horizontalize” recalcitrants who resist any vital aspect of the agenda and to keep matters under wraps with human compromise operations being applied to high-level politicians and celebrities? Unfortunately, yes to both.

Are ordinary people being silenced to keep the agenda moving forward? Again, unfortunately, yes, and being “silenced” in more ways than one. Sadly, all things considered, for those who oversee and control the global agenda, it seems that there’s too much at stake to do otherwise.

What follows are some puzzle pieces to the big picture offered above. In your research, see if you have both the gumption and the fortitude to piece them together with the big picture, while keeping in mind that the big picture is an ever shifting mosaic, at least for now, circa 2019.

New York 911 was an inside job for more reasons than you can possibly imagine. Google algorithms have slanted the news on this topic in favor of treating it as a conspiracy theory, but scroll further down the results pages and you’ll get more of the actual truth. The day prior to 911, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion in transactions could not be tracked in the Pentagon’s budget. It turned out that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the US Patriot Act was waiting to be signed into law. Skeptics have failed to account for a slew of oddities in the official account.

Fukushima 311 was an inside job, a black ops planned at the highest level designed to do many things, including extort massive funds from Japan. The details of what happened have been obscured ever since by misinformation and disinformation both during and after the event. More than a few commentators with credible credentials have disclosed the likely course of events leading up to this watershed.

The Q phenomenon in the United States speaks to a global power struggle behind the scenes, as the fate of USA Incorporated heralds what happens in much of the remaining free world and even the entire world at large. The most unusual feature of this phenomenon is that over 100,000 sealed indictments have been collected in an unusually short period of time and are only now beginning to be processed.

GMO seeds hold up well in droughts. The seed bank in Svalbard, Norway, in an underground vault, is a most curious addition to the world’s resources, in all likelihood a gift to posterity in the event of a solar flash leading to a pole shift (or some other major disaster, whether natural or human-caused).

The continent of Africa is a testing ground for weaponized vaccines and bioweapons. Throughout much of the 20th century, because of its relative lack of social and economic development, the so-called Dark Continent has been subject to unorthodox depopulation methods.

In the meantime, an alleged, undisclosed, benevolent ET presence, one you won’t hear about in the mainstream media, continues to surveil the planet in the background, offering backup to a loosely organized political alliance on Earth that is presently seeking to liberate the planet.

These puzzle pieces are by no means exhaustive. In fact, there many thousands more just like them. From another point of view, they all tie together like a tapestry waiting to be weaved and unveiled to the world, a disclosure that will likely take many decades to bring to fruition.

That is, if this world as we know it survives its current trajectory.

For much of the 20th century until now, this poor troubled world has labored under massive secrets causing untold damage and misfortune. For your sake, do not bear these realizations alone. If you’ve ever wondered why this world is by turns stagnant and volatile, now you know.

I leave it up to you whether you wish to digest this dark perspective. It should be enough to connect dots in other ways to arrive at a bigger picture, but until you do the connecting, I would advise taking it with a healthy grain of pink Himalayan salt until you’ve explored and investigated it for yourself.

Just know that if you do, certain consequences will ensue.

If you can manage to work your way past feeling helpless and hopeless in the wake of coming to terms with these consequences, wondering whether this life is worth living, whether humanity is even worth saving, or whether this world is worth having or sharing, you’re golden.

In the final analysis, I like to think and feel, perhaps naively, that it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s much to love and enjoy about this world, even if you’re dirt poor, struggling to make ends meet, or filthy rich beyond belief, feeling, or beginning to feel, bored to death by it all.


Postscript: if I’m taken out for posting this, just know that I didn’t do it (or didn’t do it willingly).

If this particular post turns out to be my last post, and my entire site goes offline, consider going to to access most if not all of my work to date, unless that, too, has been removed, in which case, all I can say is “good luck and Godspeed; you’re probably going need it.”

Okay, that was written with tongue in cheek. I’m (almost) sure I’ll be fine. Tired but fine.

“See” you next week.

Remember, fortune will favor the forgiving heart in any concerted push to conduct conciliating trials of truth, justice, and mercy in view of the series of massive disclosures that await us all.


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