Warm, Kind, Soft, Gentle

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 4, 2019

Love includes and integrates only what is true for all perspectives;
Love is as warm, kind, soft, and gentle as a deeper truth embraced

Love is who we are without de-fense, non-sense, and/or pre-tense;
Love is the heart at rest in pure being, in the flow as pure becoming

Recently, as I was about to begin my day at my laptop with a cup of tea, a common house spider dropped by a thread from the ceiling and stopped inches from my face. Surprised yet delighted, I blew softly.

That is to say, I blew warmly, kindly, softly, and gently.

By way of response, my new arthropod friend of the Arachnida class dropped a few more inches and scratched its head more than a few times, as if to ponder the who, the what, and the why of it all. I truly sensed its intent and I had to wonder: how could this be possible?

Was the Grand Simulator sending me a message?


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