Learn Grow Evolve Ascend

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 16, 2018

be at peace, allow for grace; be as bliss, do as bliss does

Varied landscapes with freshwater springs, lush trees that grow large and small, and bodies of clean fresh water under clear blue skies: the Organic Creation is the natural choice of those who seek delight in the presence of others with peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, and ease.

The Organic Creation in its most pristine condition is also a most capable measure by which to gauge the quality and vitality of the Synthetic Illusion that has arisen from the discordant energies of separation, division, and exclusion between and among those who generate them.

With the ongoing meltdown of the illusion back into the creation that is fast becoming all the more apparent with those with eyes to see and ears to hear, a question keeps coming up for me that is simple to ask, yet not so easy for me to answer: what really and truly matters now?

What really and truly matters, as the 3D illusion gives way to the 4D creation? Is this illusion destined for dissolution or might there ever be a chance for the illusion to redeem itself in the eyes of creation?

If so, what might this look and sound like?


I cannot presume to change you, or anyone else for that matter, to have you be the way I wish you to be. Really and truly, I can only suggest, I can only invite, I can only offer, by way of experience, by way of example. I also trust that you know that you cannot change anyone either.

At least not directly.

From within the depths of illusion, what could I possibly suggest? What invitation could I possibly make? Which compelling offer? Life on Earth, as human and divine, is very much a personal affair. Joseph Campbell, in cutting through the illusion to the very creation itself, said as much:

What is it we are questing for? It is the fulfillment of that which is potential in each of us. Questing for it is not an ego trip; it is an adventure to bring into fulfillment your gift to the world, which is yourself. There’s nothing you can do that’s more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way, you will find, live, and become a realization of your own personal myth

For me, two questions are begged: what is a myth?

And … how is the impersonal myth made personal?

Let me ask you this: if you are now in the midst of living out your personal myth, would you know it to be real? Would you know it to be true? Would you know it to be good? Would you know it to be right? Would you know it to be pure, truly and purely yours, and yours alone?

Would you?

I’ll be the first to admit: these are not easy questions to answer. Why? Because a myth is a story, and every such story has two fundamental, intertwining lines of inquiry and discovery running through all of them: a line informed by separation and … a line inspired by integration.

Separation. Integration.

Separation. Integration.

Separation. Integration.

Can you feel into the division? Can you see through the opposition?

Separation. Integration.

With so many intersecting stories in the world, with as many stories as there are souls, can you see how creation might give way to illusion? And can you now see how the illusion might go back to the creation?

More to the point, can you see how the illusion of separation serves, by way of contrast, to stimulate and facilitate the creation of integration?And can you now see how the creation of integration serves, by way of contrast, to generate and perpetuate the illusion of separation?

It is what it is; this is the world to which we, human and divine, are subject(s).

The moment we subject ourselves, wittingly or unwittingly, to any of the archetypes ~ innocent, orphan, martyr, magician, warrior, wanderer, among many others ~ is the moment we subject ourselves to a myth.

What is the story of your life?

What story are you telling yourself? What story are you writing? What story are you living? What story are you loving? And, dare I ask, what story are you presently fearing and hating, which, incidentally, or perhaps not so incidentally, are the dark flipsides of loving and trusting?

Sound and stable, satisfied and fulfilled, relevant and significant, I hereby allow myself to have all that I require and desire to live and love the personal myth that I was fated and destined to live and love from the heart of my soul with an attitude of gratitude in a spirit of generosity …

A mouthful, yes, but there it is, and here I am.

But wait, who said anyone had to live out a personal myth?

Think about this for a moment.

The answer, of course, is this: no one did.

A myth is not just any story made up for someone’s convenience. A myth is a story whose meaning arose in spite of the storytellers. A myth runs deep, deep, deep ~ it is the lush, ripened fruit of many stories told over long periods of time by many souls in relation to other souls.

Every myth has more than a few relationships in common ~ a relationship to separation, for one ~ and like any good story, it has its theme, its plot, its plot points, its characters, its climax, and its denouement.

The hero’s journey is one such myth that informs and inspires human consciousness through time and space. A complex, well-defined structure underlies the hero’s journey and any good story that features a hero will include many if not most of the elements that make up this structure.

Note, too, the circularity of the structure.

This is not a matter of convenience, where the elements of the myth can be arranged in a compact, orderly way. The circularity indicates in no uncertain terms that once the hero claims the treasure at the end of the journey, the prospect of yet another wasteland beckons or awaits.

The gap in the circle, of course, indicates a period of rest, relaxation, and recovery, and to rest, relax, and then re-cover is to put the mask back on in preparation of embarking on yet another journey.

The story of your life, the story of my life, takes on mythical proportions as and when it is meaningful, and meaningful when it is mythical. The myth offers a metaphor for a life well lived, or not so well, as the case may be. This is how the impersonal myth becomes a personal story.

Now, you might be wondering, as I am, how do we get off this merry-go-round?

How do we make a graceful exit from this wheel of samsara?

Is it possible to have a meaningful life once the exit has been taken?

Good questions all, if I do say so myself.

Let’s explore …


The gap in the circle offers a way out.

Do we have a choice about taking it?

Yes, … and no.

No, if you do not or cannot bless the journey, and no, if you are not ready, willing, and able to digest any outstanding karma. Yes, … if you are ready to face the existential wasteland in a new way, and yes, if you are ready, willing, and able to refresh your relationship with innocence.

Is this a tall order?


Can I say for sure whether this is possible for you, or me, in this lifetime?


Is a return to innocence nevertheless worth the time and trouble?

Here, we can only speak for ourselves.


It is most appropriate for the gap to be at the bottom of the circle.

It is also appropriate that we get over any fear of falling, metaphorically speaking. Why? Because a return to innocence requires taking a fall, and not just any fall. Is it a fall from grace? No, it’s not that kind of fall.

You’ve likely heard it said: take a leap of faith.

Here I would add: and take a fall through faith.

Why is this fall a fall through faith? Well, for one thing, in taking a fall through the gap into the void beyond the wheel of samsara, there are no destinations like there are on a journey. Remember, we’re making an exit from the journey, even as we bless the validity of the journey itself.

The story of our lives that is a return to innocence is ours and ours alone; there are no markers, no guidelines, no milestones, like there are on the journey. A return to innocence is purposeless, and no, innocence is not the point or the purpose, as there is no end to innocence.

Trust is key, and here, we speak of a profound trust in the eternal now.

The fall through faith is a fall through illusion into the blessings of creation. Creation itself arises and appears spontaneously, timelessly, and effortlessly, in one glorious, eternal, perpetual moment of foreverness.

On the hero’s journey, a precious treasure is waiting to be claimed after the return.

For those caring to fall through the gap, the treasure is what awaits after the fall.


If innocence could speak, it might offer up its truth as follows:

Be at peace, allow for grace; be as bliss, do as bliss does

A pure innocence is simply not possible to those intent on a return to innocence as a return to innocence implies a loss of innocence. Any fall taken through the gap into the void beyond the journey and beyond the myth must nevertheless address and resolve outstanding karma.

What is karma?

Karma is so much more than mere cause and effect. If only it were that simple.

Soul. Reason. Conscience. Vice. Virtue. Choice. Intent. Cause. Effect. Karma.

In a moment of anger, I throw the equivalent of a boomerang, and (eventually) it comes back and hits me in the face. What I do to others, I do (eventually) to myself, in some way, shape, or form, and … what I do to myself, I do (eventually) to others, in some way, shape, or form.


Or not ~ maybe sooner rather than later … almost immediately perhaps?

We all reap what we sow, no exceptions, and so, if we are at all wise about living from the heart of soul according to reason and conscience, then we wilI absolutely do unto others as we would have them do unto us, for if the wages of vice is death, then the wages of virtue is life.

And here, we are not only talking of death in the material, but death in the spiritual.

If my attention is hooked in any way, shape, or form by The Wasteland on the other side of the gap in the circle, this is my first clue that I have outstanding karma. The Wasteland is a potent metaphor, appearing in many varieties: emotional, spiritual, occupational, environmental.

True, karma is collective as well as subjective, but perhaps we would do well to ask ourselves: is my subjectivity plugged into the collectivity, and if it is, how is this working out for me? Am I healthy? Am I happy?

We should all know this by now: it is in The Wasteland that the call is heard. Do we heed the call and move forward as reluctant heroes? Or … do we find it within ourselves to immerse ourselves in the shadowlands so as to accept and forgive, so as to find a return to innocence?

Do not be fooled, the choice to be innocent is always ours to make.


You are now ready to face The Wasteland in a new way; you are now willing to refresh your relationship with innocence; and you are now able to bless the journey for what it did for you and what it does for others.

But are you now ready and willing to digest any outstanding karma?

This isn’t about feeling better; this is about feeling better about feeling.

I trust you know the difference.


There are things we need to know before going into freefall, but first, some context.

A pure innocence is still possible in this world, serving as it does as a timeless reminder of what is possible for those who would return to a state of innocence. In a return to innocence, it is wise to remember that a pure innocence can only ever be a memory or an impression.

Paradoxical as this might sound, innocence is not the point or the aim of the return.

Think of it this way: a return to innocence is not unlike a return to a state of consciousness that radiates light while emitting the fragrance of a flower in full bloom at a time in a place where such a fragrance can be appreciated, or at least acknowledged, by anyone in its vicinity.

The process of the return itself is organic in nature, subject to horticultural time; the light and the fragrance remain ever elusive. Ultimately, a return to innocence is a return to the Garden of Eden with a deeper respect for the tree that contains the knowledge of good and evil.


Truly, it would be nice if the entire planet could transform overnight, or be transformed overnight, into a paradise, but alas, karma is presently a beach for beachcombers only. That is, the only recourse for the individual is to “be and know the innocence you wish to see and know.”

The sexes are divided, the races are divided, and the classes are divided. Without a sense of unity, without a sense of diversity through unity, without the power of love to keep the love of power in check, and without peace and prosperity, humanity simply does not stand a chance.

Of course, I’m not saying anything anyone doesn’t already know and feel.

Spiritually and environmentally speaking, the planet is fast becoming a barren wasteland; even worse, humanity has grown so accustomed to the growing waste that it stands to lose everything in the process.

By way of contrast, a return to innocence offers up a process for redemption.

Curiously, The Wasteland in its many guises on the other side of the gap on the wheel of samsara serves a purpose for those who would return to innocence, the usefulness of which can be captured in a question: am I or am I not taking the bait and getting hooked by The Wasteland?

If I am, this is my first clue that I have outstanding karma.

How best to address and resolve?


The key to clearing outstanding karma at an accelerated pace is to bring attention to that which will allow or enable the clearing of outstanding karma at an accelerated pace. In other words, don’t make the mistake of getting caught up with clearing outstanding karma at any pace.

Moving beyond praise and blame is not an easy matter ~ not without a map ~ for the more you dare to care to move beyond praise and blame, the more it seems that others are intent on praise and blame.

The following map of consciousness is one that I have found to be useful as a stimulus for evolving spiritually as a conscious being. I cannot vouch for its accuracy, but I can attest to its power to effect change that moves being, doing, and having in positive, creative directions.

There is so much to say about this map that it is hard to know just where to begin.

Where to begin?

In running the eyes over the map, one might be tempted to hold to the impression that the top half of the map is full of good things and that the bottom half of the map is full of bad things. This would be a mistake, for at the heart of karmic resolution are acceptance and forgiveness.

Even more fundamental than acceptance and forgiveness is forbearance at the heart of self, for without a capacity to forbear the emotional and spiritual consequences of one’s own misdeeds and misfortunes, one simply cannot bear to accept and forgive the self and/or other.

In view of the other (i.e., others), a vital distinction can be made where perceived misdeeds and misfortunes are concerned: there are no indifferent, vengeful, denying, punitive, disdainful, condemning, vindictive, despising persons ~ only indifferent, vengeful, denying, punitive, disdainful, condemning, vindictive, despising acts of will in the moment. In other words, as necessary, attend to the sin, not the sinner.

Resist yet forgive the temptation to slap pejorative labels (like “sinner”) on yourself or others. Doing so will serve to amplify and intensify the forbearance required to accept and forgive the self and/or other.

With this preamble in mind, I will comment briefly on the use of the term “God.”

For the ensuing discussion, I propose that the term God be stripped of its pejorative connotations and instead be used as a term of reference that underpins such terms as Source or Spirit or Zero, Divinity or Universe, the Creator or the Absolute, if only to minimize confusion.

I myself prefer “one infinite Creator” in keeping with the Law of One.

I would also refine the use of “View on Life”, as follows: in the top half of the map, I would add “View on Life in the Creation” and in the bottom half of the map, I would add “View on Life in the Illusion.”

Let us now plumb the depths of karmic resolution.


As mentioned above, the capacity to forbear underlies the process of being ready, willing, and able to accept and forgive. This process in turn is made easier to ingest and digest in real terms, in real life, with able reference to the rudimentary levels of consciousness on the map.

These levels of consciousness are vibrational in nature, with ever higher and lower frequencies of truth, integrity, and support for life. For our purposes here, it is best to start in the middle, in the yellow zone (the zone of third density consciousness), on either side of the dividing line.

I have heard it said from various reputable sources that the bulk of humanity is presently living at or below the yellow zone. Based on my own observations, I would have to agree with this assessment, but this agreement comes with a glimmer of hope for the liberation of humanity.

In light of this glimmer of hope, my give is that most human beings are capable of accessing higher levels of consciousness through the arts and in moments of inspiration. It’s just that this access is sporadic and fleeting for the most part ~ not stable, not sustaining, not enduring.

Be this as it may, perhaps this questionable state of affairs is as it needs to be for muggles and magicals alike for their learning and growing, exploring and creating, loving and trusting, sharing and caring, accepting and forgiving, expanding and expressing, evolving and ascending.



Any approach to karmic resolution starts in the yellow zone, in the zone of third density consciousness. Here, the ground of being, doing, and having is established for the soul and spirit with awareness of self to continue the journey of learning and growing up through the densities.

In the beginning, the soul is innocent, and therefore naive, but under the Veil of Forgetting, such a soul is eventually worn down by conditions and expectations imposed by those who presume to know better, or else, the soul of innocence is wounded and the Wasteland perceived.

Eventually, the call is heard. Reluctantly, the would-be hero proceeds.

In the yellow zone, creative and destructive are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. One cannot be perceived without the other, one cannot be understood without the other, and one cannot be evaluated and appreciated without the other.

In other words, one cannot be blessed without the other.

On the one hand, does God not seem permitting when life is viewed as feasible? On the other hand, does God not seem indifferent when life is viewed as demanding? But then, if what I do is taken as feasible, is life itself not feasible? Likewise, if what I say is demanding, is life itself not demanding? With courage, how can I not affirm the power of love? With pride, how can I not inflate when I scorn the lack or loss of power?

The yellow zone is a container of sorts, an incubator if you will, for souls in need of claiming a robust sense of self. Without a robust sense of self, how would it ever be possible for a soul with a spirit to rise and shine, or, as the case may be, absorb and ascend with a love of self?

Answer: not.

Service to other or service to self? The power of love or the love of power?

These are key choices for soul and spirit with awareness of self in relation to others.

Without ample opportunity to choose, how could one ever radiate with the power of love, or, as the case may be, get drunk on the love of power? Kudos to those who can move beyond such drunkenness.


For the spirit whose soul can expand beyond concern for empowerment, a bigger container of consciousness awaits, one that puts the trusting soul and spirit in the green zone of genuine mental rest and relaxation.

From this higher perspective, karmic resolution gets a whole lot easier, but also more difficult to negotiate and navigate. To see why, you need only realize that the level of Neutrality is paired with the level of Anger and its vengeful, antagonistic views on God and Life, respectively.

What’s going on here? In a word? Lots.

For one, scorn is giving way to anger; the inflated soul and spirit is too certain about matters best viewed with uncertainty. A karmic correction is necessary to bring this soul and spirit back into balance. Unfortunately, such a correction might involve explosions of hot intense anger.

It is at level of Neutrality that such anger need not ever be taken personally. In other words, there are no karmic consequences for those who can maintain a neutral face in the face of antagonism and vengefulness, i.e., in the face of those for whom inflation becomes aggression.

With a growing mastery of neutrality, karma becomes less and less of an issue.

The enabled soul and spirit has reached a place in its evolution where it can be satisfied with life to a point where it can trust God to give it what it needs; from a place of neutrality, it might still take offense, but the offense is not indulged, i.e., no fuel is added to the fire of anger.

The Creation is what it is; the second law of creation must be honored: what you put out is what you get back. If you persist in scorning with pride what you do not understand, a deeper, darker anger will ensue so as to give you an opportunity to make the correction on your own.

Such anger is also an opportunity for those who would rise and shine at the level of Neutrality. If they fail to make good on the opportunity, not only do they bring themselves down to the level of Anger, they also incur karmic consequences in need of correction and eventual resolution.

A method of emotional release from a witnessing perspective at the level of Neutrality can be most helpful, as can the cultivation of Beginner’s Mind through meditation and contemplation at the level of Courage.


For the spirit whose soul has expanded in consciousness beyond the hard lessons of inflation and aggression, an even bigger container of consciousness awaits, one that puts the optimistic spirit with soul into an ever deeper green zone of genuine hopefulness and willingness.

The courageous spirit with trusting soul is well placed to consciously manifest intention. However, and this is a big however, willingness is not at all an easy level to maintain when the spiritual soul fails to form and firm the boundaries between subjective karma and collective karma.

No matter the apparent mastery at the levels of courage and neutrality, residues of karma will always come up for processing at the level of Willingness. Not only that, but these residues will also seem unusually amplified as and when they are conflated with the collective karma.

One obvious example is honesty and dishonesty. If a soul is at all inclined to tell white lies or lies of omission, this tendency will become all the more amplified at the level of Willingness as and when it rubs up against the collective tendencies to tell lies of commission and omission.

On a more positive note, opportunities to address and resolve cravings and controlling desires that enslave soul and spirit are provided at the level of Willingness in contrast to the level of Desire (or Lust).

Cravings and controlling desires come in a variety of flavors …

* survival
* safety
* security
* satisfaction
* comfort
* convenience
* food
* money
* sex
* drugs
* alcohol
* nicotine
* entertainment
* likes
* shares
* comments
* subscribes
* image
* acceptance
* status
* ideals
* love
* attention
* validation
* vindication
* approval
* recognition
* respect
* success
* appreciation
* wealth
* admiration
* knowledge
* power
* closure
* control
* influence
* wisdom
* freedom
* fulfillment

The cravings on this list are obvious, the controlling desires not so obvious.

A craving for chocolate is obvious in a way that a controlling desire for recognition is not. It is also interesting to note that many of the items on this list serve the causes of agency, meaning, and connection above and beyond creaturely needs for pleasure and personal significance.

At the level of Lust, too many of us have been arrested in our development and evolvement, having taken legitimate desires and turning them, wittingly or unwittingly, into our worst nightmares through our subjective and collective tendencies towards scornfulness and hatefulness.

Why is this?

Here’s my quick and dirty take on it: one, a proud, angry soul is forever at risk of descending into Lust; two, a courageous, trusting soul cannot help but ascend into the light of hopefulness and willingness, where the process of clearing the way for inspiration is treated with respect.

It is here that one would do well to understand that we are all co-creators in a creation exquisitely designed to permit, enable, and inspire co-creators who are more or less at home with affirming, trusting, and willing to do whatever it takes to live and love in peace and harmony.

At the level of Lust, the karmic fruit is more or less rotten to the core, putting the craving, controlling, lusting soul at risk of further descent and withdrawal into a deeper, darker, seemingly punitive world full of fear.

At the level of Willingness, the karmic fruit is ripe and juicy and sweeter to the taste, and very much worth the patience, the persistence, and even the perseverance required to hold light and space for optimism.

At the level of Willingness, it might seem that God is inspiring, until you realize that you yourself are inspiring; it might seem that life is hopeful, that is, until you realize that you yourself are full of hope for life.

The question is begged, however: how does one address and resolve a craving?

Quick answer: (a) by starving it to death; and/or (b) by transforming it into willingness. Here, it helps to distinguish between need and want by remembering that wanting is not needing. In light of this distinction, it also helps to give priority to satisfying your needs before your wants.

Hint: wanting implies lacking.

If none of this works, it helps to know that one can pay a visit to a professional who can function at the next level up, where some subjective karma can at least be addressed and perhaps even resolved.


Moving deeper into the green zone, one comes to realize that harmony is the way ~ harmony within and without, harmony with self and other, harmony with creator and creation, and harmony with harmony itself.

This is not a level of acceptance where one blithely accepts, forgives, and forgets karmic consequences without question; it is a level at which one accepts, forgives, and forgets such consequences with a keen and fine discernment in lieu of judgment ~ the keener and finer the better.

Also, as much as one might wish to jump up to the level of Acceptance, it is prudent to remember that one cannot be genuinely accepting and forgiving of oneself or others without doing the work at lower levels, especially with respect to the often neglected virtue of forbearance.

In having done the work, one grows in realization through understanding that the great illusion overlays the Creation, such that no one and no thing are ever as they seem, and so it is always prudent to keep in mind the folly of making snap judgments or making any judgments at all.

Those who reside mostly at the level of Acceptance appreciate the following:

even if the world for those around you remains subject to discord and difficulty,
if your mind is stayed upon the unity of Creation, your  own world will be harmonious,
and this will be your doing to the extent to which you are one with the Creation

aside: consider, too, that the Creation itself is the Creator, the Creator Creation …

The promise at this level is that your world cannot help but grow more and more magical in relation to condition or circumstance as and when your soul keeps finding its peace in and through the unity of Creation.

How does a soul keep finding its peace in and through the unity of Creation?

First, it helps to know that we have an exalted level (Acceptance) from which to transcend much if not most subjective karma. Second, it helps to know that we can access and apply these four laws of Creation:

1) I am, and in some form, I always will be
2) invariably, what I put out is what I get back
3) the One is in the All and the All is in the One
4) change is the only constant ~ no exceptions

These laws are entwined, but here, I’ve highlighted laws two and three for a reason.

Speaking from the level of Reason for a moment, the Creation is as intricate in consequence as it is interweaving in its nature, serving as it does, miraculously it seems, to provide containers, bridges, and mirrors for all embodiments of consciousness to evolve and ascend.

So sensitive and finely tuned is this web of intricacy, a mere falsehood can destroy a life. What I say and do, and what I don’t say and do, can all too easily have lasting, harming repercussions through long stretches of space and time. I need not even intend such consequences.

Knowing this, understanding this, appreciating this, and blessing this at the level of Acceptance, lends new meaning to the word responsibility. Freedom, too, as in karmic freedom, also takes on new meaning.

Is it even possible to be wholly free of karmic consequence? Yes, but it takes a very, very long time evolving through the densities in tandem with others who are bound telepathically in their ascension, and no, not if you mix with souls embedded in third density consciousness.

But I digress for students of the Law of One.

Consider: is the appearance in your life of any person, event, or object whatsoever really ever random? Or do all of these (and more) reflect karmic rebounds in your life through various degrees of separation?

Might this stranger appearing in your life be a victim of your wrongdoing or a benefactor of your good works, if only indirectly, from this life or another? Might this favorable event be a consequence of one of your many noble acts of good will? Might the appearance of this large sum of money in your life with no hint of ownership whatsoever be your reward for hardship endured on behalf of someone you cared for deeply?

The Creation is as miraculous as it is mysterious, but it does require eternal vigilance.

At the level of Acceptance, we would do well to remember the beauty of this miraculous mystery called the Creation, while also recalling on occasion that everyone just might be striving to be and do the best they can with what they have, even though it might appear otherwise.

One can only imagine the number of incarnations it took for a soul to reach the level of Acceptance ~ dozens, hundreds, thousands of lives lived? How many lifetimes endured at the level of pride and scorn? At the level of anger and hate? At the level of desire and craving?

Do you really think a mere lifetime is enough for a soul to ripen at the level of Acceptance?

Many if not most human beings on this planet Earth at this time are going through a trial by fire. For those in the know, it’s Harvest Crunch time, which means that all cravings and controlling desires indulged in the dark are now coming to light. This is both good news and bad news.

Good news because it means a clearing of the old to make way for the new.

Bad news because it means more volatility in human behavior and conduct.

With all of this in mind, the level of Acceptance can be all the more appreciated in contrast to the level of Fear where souls have descended into a space of withdrawal where the world is viewed as a deeply frightening place, having come to the conclusion that they are being punished for all manner of perceived wrongs, for deeds omitted or committed in this lifetime or for deeds omitted or committed from previous lifetimes.

At another level, it can easily be said that God does not give us more than we can handle, but try telling this to those who are caught at the level of Fear, where seemingly unaccountable feelings of anxiety keep the soul arrested in a seemingly perpetual state of withdrawal.

If we flip back to the level of Acceptance, we can find some vital clues as to how to proceed through the process of withdrawal vis à vis the process of transcendence that summons forbearance, acceptance, and forgiveness of self and/or other in view of mercy and harmony.

With respect to the Hikikomori phenomenon in Japan, much can be learned about coming to terms with the process of withdrawal. Hikikomori means “pulling inward, being confined,” and this withdrawal can occur emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, as well as physically and socially.

Anyone anywhere can go Hikikomori at any time for any reason at any one or more of these levels, and is far more prevalent than we think, especially now that the Earth is getting bathed in higher frequency energies. The process of dealing with karma can get quite intense.

Keep in mind, too: “how others treat you is their karma … how you react is yours.”

Key word here: react. If at all possible, it is best to respond rather than react. Be responsive, not reactive. Easier said than done, however, especially in the face of perceived unfairness and injustice arising at or through the levels of pride, anger, and lust into fear and anxiety.

Coming to terms with pride, anger, and lust can go a long way towards resolving feelings of anxiety at the level of fear. Here, coming to terms means tapping, testing, and tuning ever growing capacities to forbear, accept, and forgive in view of mercy for the sake of harmony.

The more harmony we can bring into our lives, the more mercy we can show others.


Moving beyond the green zones into the blue zone is a monumental achievement.

At the level of Reason, in fifth density consciousness, the articulate and expressive soul has acquired a much keener, finer appreciation of karma, good and bad. At the level of Reason, the soul is still fine-tuning an objective response to subjectively felt karmic consequence.

At the level of Reason, much if not most subjective karma has been addressed and resolved, and any such karma yet to be addressed and resolved depends on being willing and able to break through beyond the final objective level of Reason into the subjective level of Love.

At the level of Reason, the soul perceives life as being saturated with meaning, regardless of purpose. If even a little outstanding karma is perceived to arise and appear in the course of living, the reasoning soul views it as meaningful, and as coming from a wise source.

The soul of Reason has a bird’s eye view of the map of consciousness. Said soul knows that it is only a map, which means it is not always clearcut. For example, there are negative versions of pride, anger, lust, and fear and there are positive and useful versions of same.

At the level of Courage, one can take pride in achievement, just as one can, as an example, express angry discernment in response to a false accusation. At the level of Neutrality, one can still enjoy a lust for life, just as one can take heed of fear to go one way and not another.

Even at the level of Reason, one knows that grief has its place in a life lived well.

So what has the reasoning soul learned about the meaning of life, love, and lust?

As I mentioned, one might be tempted to hold to the impression that the top half of the map is full of good things and that the bottom half of the map is full of bad things. This would be a mistake, and not just because acceptance and forgiveness are at the heart of karmic resolution.

At the basic levels of third density consciousness, on both sides of the divide between creative and destructive, we see a play of duality between evolving strongly and devolving weakly, between ascending through the power of love and descending through a lust for power.

At the heart of this play is a choice with three options: (1) in this play of duality, I choose to love and serve neither myself nor any other (STN); (2) in this play of duality, I choose to love and serve myself most of the time; to love and serve self is to love and serve all (STS); or (3) in this play of duality, I choose to love and serve others more than half the time; in loving and serving the other, I love and serve myself (STO).

Choosing option #1, either consciously or by default, keeps the soul in the play of duality at the levels of Pride and Courage. Choosing option #2, either wittingly or unwittingly, positions the soul to access and apply weak, destructive forces in service to self for the love of self; this does not mean that such souls become weak and destructive, only that they have chosen to absorb the light of love so as to evolve and ascend.

Choosing option #3, either knowingly or innocently, positions the soul to access and apply strong, creative forces in service to others, but in doing so, attracts weak, destructive forces for its learning and growth.

The soul in service to others must contend with three kinds of souls in any transition between third and fourth densities of consciousness: (1) souls on a downward descent into the depths of darkness; (2) souls who manipulate and exploit those on a downward descent into the depths of darkness; and (3) souls who struggle and strive to find their way through empowerment towards enlightenment in service to love and light.

The soul of Reason has ready access to many levels of consciousness, all the better if this soul can join and stay joined with others to be of service in the love/light of the one infinite Creator/Creation. How might a soul of Reason evolve through and beyond the level of Reason?

First, a soul of Reason at the level of Reason must know that every creative level of consciousness is paired with a destructive level of consciousness. If I empower myself at the level of Courage with feelings of affirmation, I will soon learn that my life is at least feasible, but in doing so, I put myself at risk of inflating myself at the level of Pride with feelings of scorn, and soon learn that life can be quite demanding.

Being a spark of God, I soon realize that God and I can be as indifferent to life and love as permitting. Imagine the One being so loving that the One is willing to conspire to be as proudly indifferent to living and loving as I am just so we can experience the true meaning of permitting.

Does a permissive self not walk hand in hand with a permissive God? At the level of Courage, in contrast to the level of Pride, what are you willing to welcome, permit, allow, and release into your life?

And why is this such a good question? Because the alternative is frightfully dark and dangerous. As the process of inflation gives way to the process of aggression, as feelings of scorn give way to feelings of hate, the descent into darkness begins; the soul is gravely weakened.

This might seem counterintuitive. The forces of vengefulness and antagonism at the level of Anger can seem quite strong, yes? Yes, but no. Yes, they certainly do have the appearance of being quite strong, and righteous, and justified, but … the soul of life is being consumed.

Read this again: the soul of life is being consumed.

Here the fires of Hell is more than an apt metaphor.

Even worse, the soul is setting itself up with its consumption to burn away itself even more at the level of Desire through any one or more of the cravings indicated above just so that it can feel alive to itself. Not a good place to be and not a good way to go, as craving gives way to fearing.

Thankfully, the transitional level of Neutrality can stop this descent in its tracks, but it requires a sense of distance and detachment from that which would drag the soul down into the depths of Hell, and I don’t mean this literally. Hint: in times of risk and stress, cultivate stillness.

Through a process of release (the Sedona Method comes immediately to mind as one exemplar), the ensuing feelings of trust reinforce a view of life that is satisfactory to the soul, enabling the soul to evolve further.

If the soul is fortunate, it will evolve and ascend into a level of hopefulness and willingness that inspires the soul to reflect, project, generate,  manifest, or inspire a life worthy of God, but again, such optimism and enthusiasm attract their counterparts from the depths of darkness.

Inspiration is met with denial (“how dare you be so inspired when I am feeling so uninspired”), hopeful is met with disappointing (“how can you be so full of hope when so many are without hope?”), willingness is met with desire (“how on Earth can you be so patient in your willingness?”), optimism is met with the pessimism that comes with constant craving (“how can you be so open to life and love when I feel so closed?”).

These parenthetical questions are often unspoken, making them harder to detect.

The soul of Reason understands and appreciates how difficult the process of intention can be for souls caught at the level of enslavement, but if these enslaved souls can grow to forgo craving or transform craving into affirming, trusting, and willing, then optimism is not far away.

At the level of Acceptance, it almost goes without saying that it is easier to forgive and forget mild to moderate transgressions when one is feeling optimistic about life and when one is feeling enthusiastic about living and loving a harmonious life, thereby avoiding bad karma.

Imagine how much good karma is generated through mercy by forgiving serious transgressions, but such forgiveness is simply not possible to those who abide at the levels of Courage, Neutrality, and Willingness. This process of transcendence is the domain of the merciful ones.

At the level of Reason, the missionary soul, even after penetrating the Veil of Forgetting, is often confounded by the sheer number of problems facing the people of Earth on all levels above Apathy, namely, those of Pride (scorn), Anger (hate), Desire (craving), Fear (anxiety), and Grief (regret). Is it really a simple matter of moving the receptive souls from Courage to Neutrality to Willingness to Acceptance to Reason?

The level of Reason itself has it counterpart in Grief, where souls are weakened to the point of despondency through feelings of regret and disdain, leading such souls to a tragic sense of life. Where does a soul of Reason even begin to help such souls find meaning in their misery? Add to this conundrum the presence of invisible forces who feed on the misery of suffering souls and you get a potential recipe for disaster.

From an objective point of view, the tragic soul needs a fresh start, a new lease on life, either by finding its way back to the level of Courage (for those souls who are native to third density) or by a return to innocence (for those missionary souls who lost their way in third density).

In either case, karma can be usefully transformed through dharma or stillness, that is, through serving and working with a purpose that burns away the karma or through regular breathing and meditating in stillness.

Preferably both.

For the missionary soul, understanding and compassion can be revisited by those native to fourth density, understanding and compassion in the light of wisdom can be revisited by those at fifth density, and the unity of compassionate wisdom can be revisited by those at sixth.

For the soul of Reason at the level of Reason, the next level up in fifth density is an invitation to break through the separations of objectivity toward the integrations of subjectivity with Subjectivity by growing and flowing ever more harmoniously with love in the light of wisdom.

Let us now see what life at the level of Love can teach us.


If moving beyond the green zones of willingness and acceptance into the blue zone of Reason is a monumental achievement, then moving beyond Reason into Love is beyond the status of being merely monumental, with a jump in 100 points on the scale of power and force.

At the level of Reason, the articulate, expressive soul has acquired a fine appreciation of the karmic weight, fine-tuning objective responses to subjectively felt karmic consequences. At the level of Love, the soul holds space and light for universal loving and trusting with blessings.

Love is not my usual frequency, at least not of this writing, but I nevertheless do think and sense that Love and Reverence through Revelation are next in line for the evolutionary growth of my soul and spirit.

How does one even begin to love without condition or expectation, especially in a realm of third density, on a planet like Earth? And how does one begin to bring the light of wisdom to love and compassion when displays of love and compassion are mostly absent in a world of illusion?

The level of Love (where reverence yields to revelation, and vice versa) offers vital clues.

First, the process of revelation is tantamount to a process of surrender, but surrender to what? Love? Light? God? Life? Soul? Self? One can easily surrender to the Creation by way of nature’s bounties and blessings, but could one ever surrender to a life loved within the illusion?

Isn’t the illusion such that one must remain ever vigilant of one’s interests within it? Might this ultimate surrender to a life loved within the illusion not mean dying to the illusion and being reborn to the Creation?

row row row your boat gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream

the illusion is the dream; the creation? a stream

If the illusion is a dream of consciousness, how does one even begin to die to the dream? And if the Creation is a stream of consciousness, how does one keep being born again to the stream?



I trust … that my evolvement at the level of Reason is such that I can discern stream from dream. I have faith … that my entry into the level of Love is such that I can keep being born again to the stream.

In dying to the illusion, one does not die; in dying to the illusion, the illusion itself does not die. In dying to the illusion, one comes alive to the Creation; in dying to the illusion, the Creation itself comes alive.

Where illusions are objects of dreaming consciousness ~ perceived to be “out there” ~ creations are subjects of streaming consciousness ~ perceived to be “in here” ~ and the difference between the two are such that one can surrender to the transition from Reason to Love.

In surrendering to the transition, does this mean that one can never relate to anyone in the illusion? No, it just means one has expanded one’s space of choice from dealing exclusively with illusions of dreaming consciousness to including creations of streaming consciousness.

A rather dramatic example to illustrate this expansion involved Dr. Hew Len, a clinical psychologist who served at the Hawaii State hospital in a ward for the criminally insane from 1984 to 1987 and employed a Hawaiian healing modality called ho’oponopono. He started his process with a rather potent question: “what is going on in me that is causing me to have this experience?” Over three years, he took full responsibility for his experience in the ward by treating his emotional reactions as manifestations of karmic data, using ho’oponopono to clear the data. In doing this consistently and persistently, he transformed his experience from one of reactivity and negativity to one of clarity and positivity.

Reports from those who have experimented with this and other similar modalities have shown that when one resolves a matter internally and subjectively first, for example by journalling or dialoguing through the self, a corresponding resolution occurs externally and objectively.

Again, it’s a matter of trust and faith, trusting that one has the wherewithal to discern stream from dream while having the faith that one’s own experience can and will remain everfresh and alive to promise and possibility from within a subjective space of infinite possibilities.

A reverence for life, for the Creation, and for the Creator reveal these possibilities, both positive and negative, which are best met with a keen, fine sense of balance, with a pure, firm intent for the good of all.

Each creative level on the scale has its corresponding karmic complement that holds a destructive intent and Love is no exception. A readiness to function wholly at the level of Love is a readiness to face a condemning, despairing, abdicating hopelessness at the level of Apathy.

This seems a lot to take on, except when you realize that this is not for anyone to take on, not if one is clear of karmic debt at this level of consciousness. The hallmark of someone operating at the level of Love is a fearless humility: one who remains ever fearless yet humble.

Fearless humility seems like an odd combination to those operating at lower levels, but this is only because fearless humility is a subjective posture with an ever discerning trust and an ever renewing faith.

In Love, one moves ever further away from getting and taking towards giving and trusting with this stunning realization: we are not really and truly here in this world to gain and to keep but to care and to share.

In Love, one is ready, willing, and able to move into Joy when one realizes the identity of self and other as complete, when compassion for the other is realized as compassion for the self, and vice versa.


Serenity, received as a relatively stable, sustainable state of subtle joy, marks a soul’s entry into sixth density consciousness, one where life feels complete, one where the intelligent infinity of God is perceived and received as intelligent energy or as diversity in the midst of Unity.

The process of transfiguration (which is more like an event) at the level of Joy cannot be truly understood without giving an account of the process that comes before it (revelation at the level of Love) and the process that follows it (illumination at the exalted level of Peace).

A curious paradox characterizes transfiguration at the level of Joy. On the one hand, the event of transfiguration marks the end of a long journey; on the other hand, it signifies a return to innocence. That is, can anyone truly co-exist with third density at the level of Joy?

In the religious literature, many exemplars of transfiguration have been documented in Tibet through a phenonemon known as rainbow body, where holy people have been known to transform their dense bodies into light bodies prior to passing from this life. They attained this state through an unwavering commitment at the level of Love to having every thought be a loving thought. Here, one can well imagine that they did this by replacing any consciousness of getting, gaining, and taking with an enlightened consciousness of giving, caring, and sharing.

The Christ is also known to have transfigured after the crucifixion.

There is yet another piece to the puzzle that is Joy, as there is reason to assume that our higher Selves at mid-sixth density (according to material in the Law of One) exists above the dividing line between Joy and Peace (at the level where spontaneous healings occur).

Accounts of indescribable bliss have been given by those who merged with their higher Selves during a near-death experience (NDE) and accounts of spontaneous healings have also been given by those who were terminally ill prior to merging with their higher Selves during an NDE. The account of Anita Moorjani is one such, where a healing during an NDE restored her body to health from a late stage-4 cancer.

Tapping the peace of the higher Self also illumines “a peace that passeth all understanding.”

In light of these examples, some interesting implications become apparent: one, higher Selves are still in a process of being illuminated and we as human beings are contributing to this process; two, unlike the level of Love, the level of Joy is a not a stable, sustainable level as it involves a spontaneous event of transfiguration; and three, the exalted level of Peace is beyond the capacity to sustain with a dense human body.

This is perhaps as it should be for learning and growth to occur.

A finer point is also worthy of mention: higher Selves are gifts given and left behind by those who entered the gateway to infinity at seventh density. If this is so, one might wonder whether higher Selves can still be in a process of illumination if they’ve have already been illuminated. But then, one might be given to ask: why are these higher Selves finding their place at mid-sixth density and not late-stage sixth density?

It’s almost as if our seventh density Selves are giving our sixth density Selves another go at spiritual refinement through yet another process of evolving and ascending through the lower densities. Indeed, in the eternal Now, our earthly selves have access to all of these densities.

Certainly, in practical terms, the human being can access feelings of serenity (in Joy) and bliss (in Peace), but such access must always be relatively temporaneous compared to those souls who co-mingle as social memory complexes far beyond third density consciousness.


At the level of Peace, the soul has crossed the line into spontaneous healing on all levels ~ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ~ having entered a process of illumination following transfiguration. Here, the soul finds and follows its bliss, where life is perfect and God is Being.

It is here that we step through the illusion into the Creation to find and follow our bliss. It is also here that we have opportunity to address and resolve any outstanding subjective karma once and for all from any involvement in the illusion before reaching a state of pure consciousness.

Truly, peace is the penultimate prize, but it is not without its moments of resistance.

At the heights of power, peace finds its dark counterpart in the miserable, despising depths of shame and humiliation. These depths are easily negotiated and navigated by a soul of peace, not so easily if the soul has not done the work of rising to the heights of power in peace.

At the height of Peace, one has a vantage point from which to survey all the levels below ~ I imagine standing at peace with a preternatural calm on the edge of a mountain cliff overlooking a city at night. At least for a time, such power feels stationary, permanent, invincible.

At the height of Peace, one catches a glimpse of a realization that is a blasphemy to most souls on Earth: I am God. With this bold realization, the levels leading up to Peace take on an entirely different character.

At the base level of Pride, the soul projects: God is indifferent, Life is demanding. At the level of Neutrality, such a soul comes to a different realization: I was indifferent; I was demanding. And so it is with all the levels leading up to and including Peace: I am wholly responsible.

Apophatically speaking, God is not responsible for the subjective karmic consequences of my own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Nor is God responsible for the collective karmic consequences generated and perpetuated by all incarnated souls who have ever walked the Earth.

In moving beyond the level of Peace, any remaining remnants of the ego give way to a Self realized as God, as an absolute realization that transcends any and all relative phenomena. It is as it is … a pure redemption, a pure exoneration, a pure absolution, a pure realization.

All … karma … resolved.

The return to innocence is beyond complete; it is even beyond perfect.

At the level of Enlightenment, innocence is no longer an issue.


As souls, we inhabit human bodies that do all sorts of things best left unsaid. And yet, and yet, … these bodies serve us admirably as vessels and vehicles for the divine celestial sparks that drive us onwards and upwards towards a realization of that state known as Enlightenment.

Can the being in the human body really ever be wholly enlightened? Or is catching glimpses of enlightenment the best we can do? Could it be that there are no enlightened persons, only enlightened moments? If so, what does this say about our reasons for being here on Earth?

And what about this notion of God? Those who are qualified to speak on the matter keep telling us the same thing: good things keep coming to those who adhere to a unifying consciousness full of wonder and mystery, which include miracles in a universe conceived in secular terms.

Enlightenment with this unifying, harmonizing consciousness throughout the Omniverse is just another way of saying attunement and alignment ~ attunement to the heart and soul of God, alignment with the mind and spirit of God. How could it hurt to be so attuned and aligned?

The moment I sidestep or step out of Enlightenment ~ the moment I resist or refuse the Push or Pull of God under the Law of One ~ is the moment I put myself at risk of generating negative karma with thoughtless, heartless choices and acts of commission and omission.

Interestingly, God does not want as God does not lack. God does not want to know itself. Please. God is knowing itself. Can you see and sense the difference here? Is. Isness. It is what it is. It is as it is.

Is being at the level of Enlightenment necessarily better than being at the level of Peace, or even necessarily better than being at the level of Joy or Love or Reason or Acceptance or Willingness or Neutrality or Courage? Not if God is intent on knowing itself wholly and fully.

If no level is better than any other, then which level is best for each of us? Certainly, potentially, we all have access to all levels, but which is best for me, myself, and I in relation to others, in relation to the illusion, in relation to the Creation, in relation to the one infinite Creator?

The answer has the character of being wholly inclusive: whichever level feels best and … whichever level best serves myself and others in relation to each other. In other words, at the level where I feel most comfortable and … at the level where I feel most challenged. That is, comfort, up to a point where I can face and meet a challenge and … challenge, up to a point where I can move and grow beyond comfort.

In doing a quick survey of the map of consciousness, which level best resonates for you at this time, knowing that you have access to each and every level, if only for a time? Your resonance offers a stable and secure place from which to learn and grow, evolve and ascend.

Here are two more vital clues to help you find your place of resonance along the scale: in going up, energy is depleted through resistance or refusal to what is offered; in going down, energy is depleted through attempts to seduce, deceive, obligate, manipulate, or exploit others.

When I say “to what is offered”, I mean this in the most comprehensive way possible, moment to moment to moment, from day to day to day, with and through one event or person after another. With whom and with what can you hold the space and light to accept what is offered?

If you’re still intuitively unsure which level is best for you, try these on for size: (1) just pick a level and see how long you last at this level; or (2) just start at the bottom of the scale and work your way up until you feel good and you feel a comfortable level of challenge for you.

Recall, at the level of Joy, one is transfigured and can no longer be of this world. Which is not to say we cannot en-joy much if not most of our time on Earth, only that this dense manifest realm was and is condensed for a reason, one designed for the evolution of soul and spirit.

Also, as the Zen masters have demonstrated, Enlightenment is nothing special. In other words, eudaimonic adaptation occurs even at the exalted level of Enlightenment, which lends deeper meaning to the justification that all levels, light and dark, must continue to co-exist.

But then, paradoxically, from another point of view, Enlightenment is special.

How so?

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is a timeless tale that speaks to the immense power of art, poetry, and song as being more formidable than mere physical strength and agility in plumbing the depths of Hell.

Unlike the heroic Hercules, the artistic Orpheus, with the aim of bringing his beloved back to life through his inspired poetry and song, was able to navigate the depths of pain, suffering, misery, depravity, insanity, and evil so as to be granted an audience with the Dark Lord himself.

Upon hearing the song of Orpheus, the Dark Lord of the Underworld could not help but shed a tear of black tar, compelling him to grant Orpheus his wish on the condition that he resist the temptation to doubt the Dark Lord’s intention. Such is the power of art to reach Enlightenment, if only for a time ~ for the dark temptation to doubt and lose sight of the light of Enlightenment, if only for a moment in time, remains ever present.

Speaking personally, I was blessed to be inspired to craft a song of my own devising, which I sing with heart and soul anytime I find myself in a place where I am navigating the breadths and depths of the Wasteland. Perhaps one day I will be inspired to share it with the world.

For you, in lieu of a song, it might be a method, a poem, a process, a mantra, a prayer.

So here are my conclusions, if you can resonate to receive them …

A realization of the ultimate in fulfillment on Earth, as human, means coming to terms with oneself at the level of Love in a stable and secure manner while having meaningful access to all levels above and below.

A realization of the ultimate in fulfillment on Earth, as human, means coming to terms with oneself at the level of Love in a return to innocence that honors the journey, heroic or artistic, onwards and upwards.

A realization of the ultimate in fulfillment on Earth, as human, means coming to terms with oneself at the level of Love through a resolution of all negative karma that can be generated/perpetuated at this level.

How does one know when such karma has been wholly resolved? In the absence of emotional charge. Can all negative karma be resolved once and for all? At the level of Love? No. At the blessed level of Peace prior to entry into the highest levels of Enlightenment? Yes.

A stable, sustainable process of spiritual evolution and ascension eventually yields to an exalted state of consciousness beyond innocence, where innocence is no longer self-conscious. Until such time, which is always already forever in the moment, let us do well to remember that the map is not the territory, at least until such time that we can traverse the territory safely without a map as entities of infinite worth.

My final piece of advice?

Keep finding your sweet spot between feeling better and feeling better about feeling.


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