I Just Couldn’t Believe My Ears

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 3, 2018

hearing is believing, believing is hearing
believing is hearing, hearing is believing

I know that infinity is to opportunity as opportunity is to infinity, but I would never have believed just how infinite and how opportune until that moment when I realized them both as wholly real and true.

In this moment of realization, everything in my life and everything about my life found its resolution and absolution in this realization. Call it an epiphany, but what I heard with my very own ears was a euphony.

Epiphany or euphony, it mattered not, for I now had a fresh lease on life and love with a lust for life and love. A realization of the ultimate in fulfillment found me living, loving, and lusting in a moment of light.

From that moment on, there was no “from that moment on.”

Rather, there is but one moment, here and now, realizing itself eternally at the intersection of infinity and opportunity as a perpetual realization of the ultimate in clarity and serenity, freedom and fulfillment.


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