Be as Bliss, Do as Bliss Does

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 28, 2018

a divine feeling of harmony, informed by certainty, inspired through clarity;
clear as clear can be, a blissful choice is felt as one that is choicelessly blissful

Bliss is a chameleon, by turns feeling and knowing, fleeting and flowing.

At the speed of bliss, choices and decisions are made with astonishing ease. Such choices and decisions can arise and appear so fast, and with such clarity and certainty, that they cease to be felt as choices and decisions made, but rather as choices and decisions revealed.

This is your first clue that bliss is worthy of consideration.


The spiritually inclined among us have heard it said: follow your bliss. This pithy expression is the heartchild of Joseph Campbell, father of The Heroic Journey, author of The Power of Myth. In reference to this expression, he was later quoted as saying this instead: follow your grunt.

Follow your grunt?

Prima D was at the height of her success, blissfully moving from one gig to the next, with an entourage that would make any queen blush. She had almost everything she needed, even before asking. When one of her sycophants tried to anticipate and satisfy a need, she averred with a blissful smile; otherwise, not. In her uncommon bliss, she was the very picture of grace and ease. That is, until the day she met Prince C.

Prince C was an unusual prince in that he was not at all accustomed to having everything he needed or wanted at the drop of a royal hat. As a child, he was raised to experience as much grunt as bliss. He was taught in no uncertain terms that the true definition of success in life is crafted over time, not by apparent wins granted as favors from the gods, but by words and actions spoken in tune with time and place.

In talking to Prince C, Prima D was most taken by his royal presence, but she wondered to no end about his preternatural poise. What she didn’t know was that Prince C had been tutored and mentored from a young age in the unusual art of following your bliss with grunts through all manner of battle, and here, we are well advised to take a broad view of battle, one that includes moving through dark nights of the soul.

Was he battle-hardened? Au contraire. He was battle-softened, battle-humbled.

So much so that Prima D began following her grunt to keep up.

This is your second clue that bliss is worthy of consideration.


Rest in peace.

Upon reading or hearing these words, a witness can think of only one thing.

Let us open up the meaning of these words to include the influence of bliss.

First, allow me to pass these words your way, here and now: may your soul find its rest in peace with unity after you pass, but may your spirit find its flow in bliss with harmony beyond the passing.

But then, why wait for the passing?

may your soul find its rest in peace with unity before it passes, and
may your spirit find its flow in bliss with harmony before the passing

If I rest in peace in view of unity, then I flow in bliss in view of harmony. Bliss can never feel complete without the presence of peace, just as peace can never feel complete without the influence of bliss.

This is your third clue that bliss is worthy of consideration.


I have shared several clues about the nature of bliss. Bliss is not only spontaneous in its influence, bliss is also practical, as well as spiritual, but let us now highlight what bliss is not: bliss is not equanimity (in contrast to buoyancy) and bliss is not serenity (in contrast to ecstasy). Where equanimity meets adversity with a deep sense of unity, buoyancy meets adversity with a deep sense of harmony, and where serenity meets prosperity with a deep sense of unity, ecstasy meets prosperity with a deep sense of harmony. Where equanimity and serenity have ongoing relations with peace (with resting in peace), buoyancy and ecstasy have ongoing relations with bliss (with flowing through bliss).

where equanimity meets adversity at rest, in peace, serenity meets prosperity at rest, in peace
where buoyancy meets adversity in flow, with bliss, ecstasy meets prosperity in flow, with bliss

Where buoyancy is ever supportive of bliss, ecstasy is forever the peak expression of bliss.

I trust you are now beginning to get a taste of the web of complexity in support of bliss.


The time seems right to share the meaning of bliss: What does it mean to sow the seeds of bliss? What does it mean to find and follow your bliss? What does it mean to be as bliss, to do as bliss does?

In addressing such questions of meaning, it really helps to know that bliss is the ultimate gauge of harmony: of harmony within and of harmony without; of harmony with the self and of harmony with the other; of harmony with your conditions and of harmony with your circumstances.

Also, such questions ring true in the face of time, money, and effort, in the face of walking a fine line between time and timelessness, between money and moneylessness, between effort and effortlessness.

Change is the only constant, and so, for bliss to be a relative constant, one must be attuned to the rise and fall of discordant notes, whenever and wherever they originate, within or without. Ultimately, perceptions of discord, painful or otherwise, are invitations to learn to grow to love.

Before the seeds of bliss can be sowed, however, a garden intent on love that is open to the light of wisdom in the space of a heart requires some measure of fertility in the soil, as well as adequate growing conditions, as you can only ever do what you can with what you have.

Ultimately, with any such garden, one can only trust. One can only trust … that all difficulty and adversity is perceived difficulty and adversity that conceals a treasure with your name on it in preparation for a bigger and better deal. One can only trust … that all knock-down strikes are opportunities for calling out “needs work” while getting back up intent on feeling more resilient than ever. One can only trust … that a balance can be struck between doing too little and doing too much, while bearing in mind that periodic rest is a necessity ~ not a luxury. One can only trust … that all of the sufficiencies of time, money, and energy are there for the tapping, tuning, and tasting, and that as one continues to tap, tune, and taste, one can tap, tune, and taste evermore. One can only trust that the Universe has your back; just be careful what you wish for. In short, bear the pain to ease the pain; it’s the most paradoxical teaching in the Cosmos.


A spirit intent on bliss starts with attention paid and kept, for “energy flows where attention goes.” Attentively, bliss is a state of clarity, one whose certainty fluctuates in and out of time. Energetically, bliss is a feeling of harmony, one whose intensity undulates in and out of time.

Where perceptions of unity and harmony arise in the wake of giving more than adequate care to the fundamentals of living ~ eating, moving, resting, sleeping ~ perceptions of clarity and certainty, on the other hand, arise in the wake of dedication to meditation and contemplation.

A fork in the path can now be observed in two divergent pathways to bliss: on the left, the one empowered by grace and ease (empowerment by way of egoic entitlement), and on the right, the one enlightened by grace and ease (enlightenment by way of egoic abandonment).

If the path on the left is the soulfish path to conditional bliss with the aligning of destiny in relation to fate, then the path on the right is the soulful path to unconditional bliss with the tuning of fate in relation to destiny. I invite you to take a moment to contemplate this vital difference.

Taking the path on the right is very likely a path of no return. The further along you go on this path, the less likely it is that you can ever go back and take the other path. On the other hand, the choice to take either path is always already available to those who follow the left-hand path.

In other words, choose wisely.

Which path is best? Empowerment or enlightenment? Egoic entitlement or egoic abandonment? A soulfish path or a soulful path? Conditional bliss or unconditional bliss? Alignment with destiny or attunement to fate? Theology in tune with technology or technology in tune with theology?

Purpose or purposelessness? Wherein lies your resonance?


Be a Christ, not a Christian.

In speaking these provocative words, Osho favored a path of purposelessness.

For Osho, the West impoverished itself spiritually with and through a purpose-driven frenzy. For the West, the burdens of time, money, and effort weigh deep and heavy on the souls of those so burdened.

It might even be argued that the West, in its frenzy, has reached a point of no return. That is to say, the once mighty West is draining itself of soul and spirit, exhausting what little heartfelt energy remains.

In the spirit of Osho, allow me to suggest a modest means of rescue for those caught inside this enervating matrix of control, inside the ever fading, faltering illusion generated and perpetuated by the West (and, if truth be told well, by the increasingly invested and infected East).

Living soulfishly and blissfully within the illusion of third density (knowing that it is an illusion designed to activate and facilitate growth) is a pathway of bliss that stands in stark contrast to the pathway of living egolessly and blissfully within the creation (knowing that it is a creation).

Here, one could attempt to have the cake and eat it too, but I would no longer advise this course of action. Not here, not now. Better to choose your playing field from the outset ~ illusion or creation? ~ before finding and following your pathway to bliss ~ purpose or purposelessness?

For myself, here and now, I can only find and follow my bliss from within the creation.

The illusion is relatively safe and secure with all manner of ready-made purpose under a surveillance apparatus that would make an old tyrant blush with envy. The creation, however, is not so safe, not so secure, but it is one that offers the spontaneity of life, love, light, and lust.

Be a Christ, not a Christian; be a Christ with an ever fresh capacity for love and lust.

You’re not much good to me if all you can do is bang; I need bops as well as bangs.


Be as bliss, do as bliss does.

This could be the perfect antidote to the all-consuming frenzies of purpose-driven life, but what if bliss is not always possible? What if a situation in life gets so bad that bliss no longer seems feasible?

A crowd-sourced choir of voices of reason will always respond to a very bad situation in one of three ways, depending on the voice voicing its perception: (a) this situation is not as bad as you think; (b) this situation is as bad as you think; or (c) this situation is worse than you think.

Truly, … good, bad … right, wrong … poor, rich … it’s all relative where bliss is concerned.

Ultimately, the only perception of a situation in life that really matters is your own: your perception of how bad you know it is can always be countered or complemented by a perception of how good you know it is, down to and including “I can still breathe” and … “I can still move.”

I invite you to stretch yourself, by entertaining as follows …

Circumstances don’t matter; only state of being matters

~ Bashar

Truly, it is one thing to taste the truth of these bon mots, quite another to know them to be true with a clarity and a buoyancy that would make understanding, accepting, forgiving, releasing, and bypassing discordant thoughts and feelings very much beside the point of a life well lived.

Which is not to say that such acts are superfluous.

There are those among us with presence; there are those among us with promise; there are those among us with power; but who among us embody two or more of these? Who among us can be with presence, promise, and power, on earth, as human, and be so with heart and with a lasting intent?

Perhaps the ultimate aimlessness on Earth at this time, as human, given to peace and bliss in unity and harmony, is to rise to the very heights of presence, promise, and power at the heart of intent. With this ultimate aimlessness, I can begin to see a rising vision of ultimate fulfillment coming into view.

Be as bliss, do as bliss does: in 7 words, we have a guideline to embody said vision in the transition from third to fourth density. Here’s to allowing the thought that feels best to rise and shine in the moment …


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