Eros Divine: Satana or Sophia?

by Christopher Lovejoy on October 6, 2018

Woman: art thou satanic or art thou sophianic?

The answer, of course, is both. Woman is both satanic and sophianic, both deceptively seductive and suggestively seductive, potentially or actually, both on the Left and the Right, both on the left-hand path and the right-hand path, both for her own sake and for the sake of others.

If Satana is ever subtle in her use of seduction with deception, then Sophia is ever subtle in her use of seduction with suggestion. Both would invite us, Man and Woman, and everyone in between, to know them, and to know them well, lest they destroy us all from the inside out.

Question is … can Man live with both? That is, can Man survive both?

The wise women among us will know exactly what I am talking about.

Do you?


But wait, what does Eros have to do with Satana and Sophia?

First, this understanding: Eros is not a kind of love per se and Eros is not a kind of desire per se. Love can be suffused with the energy of Eros and desire can be infused with the energy of Eros, but the impulse that is Eros is so very much more primal than love and desire.

Second, the impulse that is Eros arises unbidden even before love and desire have a chance to bloom and bathe, through the subtle impulse to reach out and connect with presence and promise in a sensual and/or sexual way through sensuous and/or romantic means and methods.

Third, Eros is central to both love and desire, serving as it does to bridge the gap between love and desire with either sophianic or satanic intent. It is not the job of Eros to set this intention for us; it is up to us, through our free will, to navigate the gap between love and desire.

With Eros, we can either side with sophianic love or we can side with satanic desire.

Where Satana would have us love and desire the self more than or as much as the other, leading us along a path of mostly serving the self, Sophia would have us love and desire each other as much as or more than ourselves, leading us along a path of mostly serving each other.

I invite you to take a moment to feel into this vital pivotal tension.


When you see, hear, meet, and/or greet a girl, a woman, or a lady, get a sense of her path in the moment: satanic or sophianic? One or the other, or neither? You can do the same with boys, men, or gentlemen, and of course, you can do the same with anyone in your presence …

And by anyone, I mean anyone ~ organic, synthetic, or virtual ~ who presents as some mix of feminine and masculine (if any). Ask yourself: is this person presenting as more or less receptive or assertive, expressive or reflective, responsive or protective, submissive or transmissive?

First, in the presence of Eros, are you being a witness to satanic desire or sophianic love? Deceptive seduction or suggestive seduction? Second, are you sensing a service to self or a service to other? Third, what mix (if any) of feminine and masculine energy is presenting?

There’s no rocket science here. In fact, with practice, it all comes rather easily …

You just need to know who you really are and how you wish to present yourself.


I wrote Conversations with Sophia: Erotic Explorations of the Divine Feminine in 1999. Nineteen years later, I published it on Amazon. In reviewing this work many years later with an eye for improvement, I was a bit surprised to realize that I had little desire to improve it.

Conversations is virtual. That is to say, the base setting is virtual, presenting a series of simulated realities that serve to lend credence to pushing the limits of possibility in all matters ekotic and erotic. Both archetypes ~ Satana and Sophia ~ are given a voice in this work.

Aside: ekotic is a word that I coined to complement erotic; where Ekos points to the sanctity of place in space, Eros points to the divinity of flow in time; in space and time, Ekos and Eros meet, bringing both sanctity and divinity towards a divine sense of flow in a sacred place.

In writing Conversations with Sophia, I do favor Sophia, but not at the expense of Satana.

Much of the wisdom that I share above would not have been possible had I not written Conversations. In writing this unusual yet uncommonly satisfying dialogue, I was able to grow and flow myself with and through this wisdom as I tapped the promise and power of Ekos and Eros.

I am happy to say that my relationship with this wisdom has stood the test of time.


A preview of my published work can be found here.

An outline of my masterwork in progress can be found here.

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