For a World in Transition …

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 15, 2018

for reasons that will soon become clear,
no one for whom exoneration can be an issue
can be wholly exonerated at this time …

The ideal of a pure exoneration, of a pure liberation from obligation, of a pure absolution that is free of allegation, accusation, conviction, and condemnation, can not and will not ever arise and obtain in a world conditioned to seek and find, apply and defy, all manner of justification.

Such is the nature of third density consciousness, generously construed.

The confession of failure that is exoneration cannot ever occur in a community of souls who love and support one another impeccably, who learn and grow endlessly, who live and work in harmony.

Such is the nature of fourth density consciousness, positively construed.

A tiny minority of souls alive today in this world are ready to inhabit a world of purification in fourth density consciousness, just as soon as the requisite energetic substrate is fully activated to support a social memory complex of souls whose bodies are attuned to the green frequency.

A world of justification, however, is destined by nature to seek (but never find) a pure exoneration, at least until such time that the energetic substrate that holds the yellow frequency is wholly deactivated.

The ongoing transition on Earth between a world of justification and a world of purification can not and will not end until the yellow frequency has given way to the green frequency at a time and in a place where the incessant craving for justification is simply no longer possible.

In light of these declarative positions from the Law of One, where does this leave us?

The magical answer to this compelling question is a clarion call, simple enough to relay, though not easy to apply with grace and ease, and repeated here for emphasis: harmonize, harmonize, harmonize.

In so emphasizing, I offer fair warning: beware of making purification a craving for justification.


The transition from third to fourth density is a gradual process that is dozens or hundreds of years in duration, depending on how long it takes for the human body to evolve and reproduce to a point where it can hold the green frequency for souls ready to inhabit fourth density.

A true understanding of such a transition, however, is simply not possible without understanding and appreciating the nature and meaning of what is actually happening to a planet when those who inhabit such a planet are well on their way to making this transition on the cosmic field of play.

Before I proceed, I feel it necessary to declare as follows …

Declaration of Sovereignty

I hereby assume personal responsibility for any lies that I have spoken to myself or to others at a time and in a place when and where I did not know any better, or cared not to know any better, by replacing said lies with affirmations of truth that serve to awaken, enlighten, and empower the energies of body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit to the whole truth and nothing but the truth, responsively and responsibly, with or without help. In accordance with need, I reserve a space to invoke the imagination to see and feel into and through the energies of body, soul, and spirit. In accordance with cosmic law, I reserve the right to speak or write at length on dark matters with the aim of bringing them to light without suffering any consequences that would involve subjecting my person, awake or asleep, to the uses or abuses of coercion, intrusion, interference, or undue influence, directly or indirectly through other witting or unwitting persons, spirits, entities, thought forms, and other potential influences. In the event of a violation of cosmic law, or under the threat of such a violation, I reserve the right to generate and perpetuate, as long as I feel is necessary, a space of love and light within which to solicit a true name and to question interlopers as to who they are, where they are from, and their purpose for engaging or involving the energies of my person, regardless of their appearance, whether it be angelic or demonic or any other cloak that would disguise or conceal their true nature. In the event of a soul or spirit being unwittingly used or abused to spite my face or my person, I reserve the right to bless the soul or spirit being so used or abused and to exercise the option of calling on those equipped to deal with such a matter to prosecute and convict in accordance with cosmic law. In the unlikely event where I cannot safeguard, defend, or protect myself or my person against any violation that is perpetrated with stealth, I reserve the right to call on those who are equipped and competent to deal with such a violation, and in so calling, have the perpetrator(s) make the requisite amends by default in accordance with cosmic law. I hereby respectfully release and relieve myself of any undue obligation for what I am about to share with others of my kind.

For those who are paying attention, they know and know well that a whole lot is going on right now on planet Earth. It is not an easy matter, however, for any one individual or group of individuals to capture in words, spoken or written, the essence of what is going on right now.

A true exposure and disclosure of what is actually happening on the planet right now is a finite exposure and disclosure. That is, from a certain level of understanding and appreciation, there are only so many encounters, experiences, and events that can be exposed and disclosed.

Realize, too, that exposure and disclosure go hand-in-glove. What this means is that the moment anyone makes a sincere attempt to expose, the hand itself will move, shaking or jerking itself away from the attempt to expose, making any attempt to disclose that much harder to do.

Such shaking and jerking actions include acts of misinformation and disinformation.

As exposure and disclosure are so co-dependent, a process is required to bring them to light, regardless of who is in charge of doing the exposing and disclosing. The exposure and disclosure are co-dependent for a reason, and so, yet another process is required to deal with those who have a vested interest in keeping it this way ~ and those who have this interest also have their hands on the levers of power.

Now imagine two cubes of information and instruction called Secrets and Methods, respectively. Where the cube called Methods contains all that you need to know to expose and disclose, the cube of secrets contains everything you need to know to turn Earth into a paradise.

Inside the cube called Secrets are little secrets and big secrets of two kinds: dark little secrets and big dark secrets that, if exposed, acknowledged, and accepted, would greatly facilitate, generate, and perpetuate a disclosure of many secrets large and small for the benefit of all.

Quiz time

With this cube of secrets in your hand, knowing that exposure will facilitate disclosure, which do you suppose is more effective: (a) divulging dark little secrets one or more at a time in ways that are informative and entertaining until the big dark secrets begin to loom large; or (b) divulging big dark secrets one at a time in a way that is informative and entertaining until all the dark little secrets come spilling out? If you answered “neither”, then you are correct ~ a gold star for you.

On the one hand, divulging dark little secrets is easier to do (and easier to swallow and digest) because they are far more likely to be documented and … because most human beings on Earth are already cognitively oriented towards processing facts and details before getting the big picture.

As I said, exposure is a process ~ in this case, a lengthy process.

On the other gloved hand, divulging big dark secrets one at a time carries a much bigger bang for your buck, provided you can pull it off without getting your character or your person assassinated in the process by those with a vested interest in keeping these secrets inside the cube.

If you could divulge a big secret with resounding success, you would then need to be prepared to deal with a global backlash and meltdown, the likes of which could very well bring civilization to its knees.

Now is a good time to pull this instruction out of the cube of Methods: if facing a dark little secret is troubling, then facing a big dark secret is disturbing, but not so troubling if shared with someone you like and trust, and not so disturbing if shared with a group that you like and trust.

You are sharing dark secrets with those you like and trust, yes?

I ask this question, not to be provocative, but to sound a cautionary note; that is to say, gorging on all manner of dark secrets can be quite isolating if you have no one with whom to share them.

Where dark secrets are concerned, there are three kinds of people in the world: those who conceal and disguise dark secrets, those who ignore and bypass dark secrets, and those who process and expose dark secrets. Where the first kind seeks any advantage in service to themselves, and where the second kind seeks no advantage, the third kind seeks to advantage everyone everywhere and everywhen.

Where the second kind of person poses no threat to the first kind of person, and where the first and third kinds of people pose threats to each other regardless of intent, the second and third kinds of people irritate each other to no end. If you think or feel this sounds like an impasse, you are correct.

Another gold star for you.


Is there a way to break this apparent impasse?

Yes, it’s called brute force, but in keeping with a spiritual analog to Newton’s third law of physical motion, such an application of force would likely incur a reaction whose consequences are so severe as to destroy the players and bystanders involved in this apparent impasse.

And so the game continues … if this apparent impasse cannot be broken outright, can it nevertheless be managed and massaged in one’s favor? Yes, yes it can … and if so, how? How in word and deed.

At this point in the discussion, it really helps to understand the critically important role that the second kind of person plays, the kind of person who ignores and bypasses dark secrets, seeking no advantage.

What role is this, you ask? One of two: either the role of being made susceptible to concealing and disguising dark secrets or … the role of being made sensitive to processing and exposing dark secrets.

Can you sense where I’m going with this?


Okay, just whose side am I on, anyways?

This classic metaphor of taking sides does not do justice to the current conflict on Earth between those who would conceal and disguise dark secrets and those who would process and expose dark secrets.

Now let’s pull some more instruction out of the cube of methods.

Imagine a large sturdy dome with a small opening at the center of its roof. Inside this dome are many conventional people living conventional lives who neither see nor seek any advantage in concealing and disguising dark secrets or in processing and exposing any dark secrets.

At the top of this dome, around the small opening on the roof, are those who seek any advantage in concealing and disguising dark secrets, while those who encircle the perimeter on the outside of this dome are those who seek to advantage everyone, whether inside or outside.

If the ones on top seek vertical power for themselves (and for those few who are ready, willing, and able to go through the small opening and join them on top of the dome), then the ones on the ground on the outside around the dome seek horizontal power for everyone concerned.

A polarization is at work in this metaphor of power, but there remains a hefty portion of the population who have yet to polarize one way or the other, either moving to the centre on the inside of the dome to jostle for a spot on top, or … moving to encircle the perimeter on the inside.

The power dynamic between these two opposing forces cannot be fully appreciated, however, without understanding the true nature of power that has polarized these players in one direction or another.

If those on top are oriented towards Absorbing the Love for themselves (“ATL”), then those who encircle are oriented towards Reflecting the Love for each other (“RTL”). Please understand, too, that ATL people feel no genuine love or care for those who do not do what they do.

For those who live in a world of ATL, ends justify the means; for them, the bulk of humanity have already been described as “useless eaters” and “disposable containers”. They also pretend to care if this pretense suits their purpose. Take a moment to digest what all of this means.

Those on the inside of the dome are either unpolarized; depolarized or depolarizing; or polarizing in one or another direction, either feeling susceptible to absorbing the influence of those on top or … feeling sensitive to reflecting the influence of those who encircle the dome.

Really and truly, it’s the greatest show on Earth.

The storm that you’ve been hearing about is not a storm, it’s a show, a show with countless rhythms of coming and going, rising and falling, flowing and stalling, appearing and disappearing.

Do you absorb the love (ATL) or reflect the love (RTL)? Do you tend to ATL or do you tend to RTL? Where are you now in relation to the dome? Are you on top or scrambling to get to the top with vertical intent? Or are you circling on the inside or outside with horizontal intent?

Here’s the big question: is this energetic dome transparent or opaque?


It’s translucent, and the battle continues to lighten or darken the dome.

At a point of no return in a future not so distant, this planet will either become a fourth density negatively absorbed world if the dome darkens enough for this to happen or … it will become a fourth density positively reflected world if the dome lightens up enough for this to happen.

Otherwise, this world will surely die a soft and slow death.

So, which do you favor: a world of ATL or a world of RTL?

Eventually, according to the Law of One, it can only be one or the other, not both.


The apparent impasse between the forces of ATL and RTL cannot be broken with brute force without incurring fatal consequences. Rather, it is managed and massaged in one direction or another by any and all means that are in keeping with the fundamental energies of ATL or RTL.

For those who ATL, this means wearing a Janus face of light and dark, spotting and claiming those who are naturally inclined to wear such a face, dividing and corrupting those who are not so naturally inclined.

For those who RTL, this means presenting and reflecting a face of light, finding and welcoming those who are naturally inclined to wear such a face, edifying and unifying those who are not so naturally inclined.

Obvious plays by those who ATL to divide and corrupt are called out by those who RTL, just as obvious plays by those who RTL to edify and unify are divided and corrupted by those who ATL. It’s a constant and neverending battle for the life and soul and fate of planet earth.

Recruitment to the cause of ATL or RTL is either vertical or horizontal by its nature: a play for vertical power requires calculated, calibrated subtlety from those who ATL, while a playful horizontal power serves to channel a cultivating, celebrating spontaneity from those who RTL.

Certainly both can tap both in a state of war, but which predominates?

Think and feel this for a moment: in your mind, in your heart, in your eyes, is this world more a world of subtle calculation and calibration in favor of cold, dark justification or … is it more a world of spontaneous cultivation and celebration in favor of warm, light participation?

Which of these two worlds do you prefer? Do you have your answer?

Now who are you being to bring your vision of this world into being?


Wait, no secrets? Yes yes, I know I know. This question I just asked you about bringing your vision of this world into being? You cannot really answer it until you’ve caught a glimpse inside the cube of secrets.

I will now proceed to give you a few strong hints about what this is all about, but it’ll be up to you to take them and run with them in any way and by any means that you think or feel is most aligned for you.

Inside the cube called Secrets is a horizontal partition that serves to keep the dark secrets separate from the light secrets, with the layer of light secrets being mostly hidden by the layer of dark secrets.

On the side of dark secrets are little compartments for dark little secrets and big compartments for big dark secrets, and the largest of these compartments is labelled Pandora, inside of which are two smaller albeit equally large compartments that are labelled What and Why.

Opening both What and Why would be like opening Pandora’s Box, and so what I can and will do for you now is to give you a few hints about what is inside What and a few hints about what is inside Why.

First the What.

The rate of global population growth in this world posed a threat to humanity. Please note well the use of past tense for ‘pose’; note well, too, these decreasing percentages for rates of global population growth:

2016 – 1.14 % global population growth rate

2017 – 1.12 % global population growth rate

2018 – 1.09 % global population growth rate

Source: Our World in Data

If these rates continue their downward trend, this will not bode well for the continued growth of the global economy, as such growth requires an ever increasing supply of capable people who are ready, willing, and able to produce, distribute, and consume ever more goods and services.

Recall that I said “posed a threat to humanity”; this of course would imply that global population growth was on a trajectory to … to do what? To bloom out of control? To use up all of the earth’s resources?

The most conspicuous fact about global population is that it grew very slowly for thousands of years; by comparison, in recent centuries, the global population grew dramatically: in just one hundred years, between 1900 and 2000, global population grew from 1.5 to 6.1 billion people.

Wait a minute, are you sensing a disconnect here?

(a) the rate of global population growth is decreasing; and
(b) the numbers for global population grew dramatically

What happened?

Here’s a tidbit for you: the rate of global population growth peaked in 1962 and 1963 at 2.2%.


Secrets, dear reader, secrets.

The wealth, power, and influence on this planet are very, very, very concentrated. In spite of this fact, the poverty seen in developing nations does not suppress growth in population ~ and neither does prosperity hold back a growth in population in the more developed nations.

If poor parents in developing nations need more children to look after their own as they age and lose capability, then rich parents want more children because they know that they are much stronger for it, and because … well, … because they can afford to have more children.

Also, if those who have been conspiring to orchestrate a suppressed rate of growth in global population, do you suppose they are going to be at all keen to release those technologies that will do the opposite, namely, perpetuate an increased rate of growth in global population?


Secrets, dear reader, secrets.

Now you might be wondering, how is it that hardly anyone knows about this?

Actually, a lot of people do know; they’re just not doing anything about it, either because they don’t know what to do with it, or if they do, have decided, for any number of reasons, not to do anything about it.

But yes, relatively speaking, not many people know about it. Again, … why?

Well, for one, the global media are highly concentrated and controlled; for two, this is dark and difficult stuff, even for the most emotionally resilient among us; and for three, as the unsung hero Kevin Galalae would tell you, this stuff boggles the mind with its sheer complexity.

The subject matter requires a small army of people dedicated to pulling it together with a viable solution to the specter of overpopulation and then presenting it in a way that is palatable, even entertaining, to the beloved muggles of this world who are sequestered inside the dome.

I wish I could toss you a bone here, but the outlook does appear quite bleak. Secrets, dear reader, secrets ~ many, many, many dark secrets. Disclosure? Sorry, not without a deep and prolonged exposure …


Hmmm, I cannot bear to leave my readers with this wet blanket. Okay, here, I do have a bone for you; it’s filthy dirty, so wait a moment, let me rinse off the dirt for you … alright, here it is: you have a choice.

What is this choice in this world of transition? Here are some options:

  1. forget you ever read this post and go back to what you were doing;
  2. do a deep dive into the work of Kevin Galalae (do not do this alone); or
  3. use what you learn here to live ‘n’ love your life as a mastersource

For myself, I cannot exercise option 1; I’ve already exercised option 2; and so, I am now wholly prepared to exercise option 3 the only way I know how, inspired by what arises, flowing ever forward, being for giving to being for getting, being ever for getting to being ever for giving.

breathe in love, breathe out peace;
breathe in grace, breathe out ease;
breathe in joy, breathe out blisssss

Let this world transition as it must …

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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