Space Friends Forever?

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 1, 2018

She came to me in a dream and told me that two extraterrestrial races of Guardians have been guiding humanity to a better place on Earth. I immediately thought of the Pleiadians and Andromedans.

I refrained from giving voice to this thought, however, because I knew it was forbidden to speak of this aloud. The last thing humanity needed right now was to be subjected to the spell of a savior complex.

“Why are you telling me this?,” I queried respectfully.

I was already aware of a fateful change in cosmic leadership beyond the top of the power pyramid, where a triad of ancient ultradimensional social memory complexes had recently transferred their power to a pair of ET races who were to be Guardians for the benefit of planet earth.

“I am aware that you know of the recent transfer of power,” she replied, as if reading my mind, “and I am here to tell you that your service will likely be required in a future not so distant.”

“In a future not so distant?” I didn’t care much for these vague references.

“Before the year you know as 2030,” she rejoined, without missing a beat.

“In what way will I be called to serve?,” I wondered, anticipating her reply.

“You know that I cannot tell you exactly as this would run counter to the requirements of Cosmic Law. What I can say is that you will likely be called upon to inform and inspire others in ways and by means that only you, and a few others like you, are ready, willing, and able to do.”

Cosmic Law. Universal Law. They amounted to the same thing, as far as I could see: be ever protective of the capacity to choose and act freely, free of coercion, duress, interference, and undue influence.

Under the category of undue influence, one could add the black art of casting dark spells on two powerful words, “no evidence”, by conflating two proclamations: “no evidence found” and “no evidence given”.

With a global control of the media, the true meaning of “no evidence” could easily be concealed.

“Yes, I do know, but my question, never the less, was begging to be asked.”

She smiled, nodding slightly, but said nothing more.

“Thank you for the message,” I said, extending my dreamy shimmering hand.

Ignoring the hand, she bowed ceremoniously before fading slowly from view.

Her appearance gave me no clue as to who she was or where she had come from. She didn’t appear to be Pleiadian, nor did she bear any resemblance to the Andromedans, nor did she appear to be from the Inner Earth. She appeared human, but she would fail the earth test.

Her unusually striking eyes would give her away in an instant, as would her other-worldly voice. She also carried herself with a presence of grace and ease that seemed almost wholly celestial in origin.

Who was she?

Was she an ambassador of good will from one of 52 inhabited planets of intelligent life in our sector of the galaxy? Was she me in a future incarnation? Was she my ever-faithful spirit guide? Was she an ascended mistress? Was she a soul projecting from a much higher dimension? My twin flame, perhaps?

Or was she just a muse of the mind?

I could only guess.

More to the point, what was the point of her appearance in my dream? Was it to awaken and enlighten me to a grand purpose? Was it to prompt me to help others awaken and enlighten to a grand purpose?

Speaking of awakenings, maybe Zlad! had something to teach us about waking up.

Was I a fool to believe that anything could come of this dreamy meet ‘n’ greet? Was I fool to believe that cosmic help was on the way? What would you do, dear reader, if you were walking in my earth shoes?

Here’s to off blasting at the close of the downcount on the first of April in that year known as 2018.

And … here’s to the Law of Confusion for the blessing of keeping everyone guessing.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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