A Most Unusual Blueprint

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 18, 2018

If you can’t beat ’em, … join ’em …

Before this common English idiom reached the status of international popularity, it circulated in America in two formats ~ if you can’t whip ’em, jine ’em and if you can’t lick ’em, jine ’em ~ before the latter version was called out in a 1932 edition of the Atlantic Monthly by Frank R. Kent in response to its repetitive use by a certain Indiana Senator by the name of James Eli Watson, who helped to popularize the phrase, after which the journalist and war correspondent Quentin Reynolds made use of it as if you can’t lick ’em, join ’em in his book The Wounded Don’t Cry, published in 1941.

As the idiom garnered international recognition, it morphed into if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and it was understood to mean that “if you cannot be as successful as them without doing what they do, then you might as well do what they do, even if you do not approve of what they do.”

In business, this means: copy a competitor’s modus operandi; in politics, it means: join them to subsume them. In other words, you gain your dignity at the expense of your integrity.

Or, more benignly, you risk your integrity for the sake of your dignity.


Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that a small group rules this world in secret.

Pause and take a few moments to imagine the very best intentions of this global rulership … and I say “the very best intentions” because this rulership has a secret so big that if it were exposed to the public eye, it would likely cause chaos in the streets all around the world.

Know this too: this dark secret is doing a whole lot of good for everyone everywhere.

Now switch your focus to your very own unique perception of the state of this world and ask yourself: do I like what I see? Be honest: do you really and truly like what you see as the world continues to spin and burn fast and true inside the flames of a global transformation?

Truth be told, a rulership is an authorship, and if we do not care for its fruits, we are well advised to ask: what recourse do we have? That is, even if we do not like what we see, perhaps we still have a choice, but then, what choice, beyond the choice of beating or joining?

I know that many of my readers are advanced in their thinking, relative to most other people, and so I will not insult them by telling them that “beat ’em or join ’em” are the only alternatives that can be given in response to a global rulership that is more than a little questionable.

I raise this false dilemma of “beat ’em or join ’em” for three reasons: (1) to set a context of inquiry and discovery; (2) to highlight a way of thinking that is fast disappearing from this world; (3) to lay the ground for the rise of a third alternative that could prove most beneficial.

I present this third alternative for your thoughtful consideration:

if you can’t beat ’em, and if you can’t join ’em, hedge your bets
by sharing, by giving them your understanding and appreciation

I conceived this alternative in a flash of inspiration with two understandings of ’em: (1) a global rulership with a dark secret; and (2) a global population of busy people who have forsaken their responsibility to make this world a safer, sounder place for everyone on this planet.

To be fair, it is not an easy matter to assume even a little responsibility to make this world a better place for everyone, given how difficult or challenging it can be to merely assume responsibility for one’s self, one’s kin, and one’s relatively small circle of influence in the world.

The expression, “be the change you wish to see”, is a lovely sentiment to be sure, a comfortable little nugget of wisdom that keeps one small and safe if all one wants to do is enact small changes that affect only “me, myself, and I” and a few loved ones beyond this egoic core.

So what on earth do I mean when I say “hedge your bets by sharing”?


In case you haven’t noticed, there are some very troubled people walking around on this planet. Sit with this observation for a moment … now, take a moment to appreciate the people in your life who are near and dear to you, who bless you daily with the warmth of their presence.

I used to have a good chuckle when I saw ridiculously ambitious people going out of their way to create financial firewalls for themselves and their loved ones, acting as if their bubbles of reality had anything to do with me and the greater mass of people who inhabit this planet.

This joke got old real fast though when I began to realize their sheer numbers.

By contrast, I think of the many abandoned or apoplectic souls in this world who have lost their battles with adversity, tragedy, toxicity, misery, criminality, obesity, impulsivity, reclusivity, immobility, inactivity, anxiety, distractability, depravity, morbidity, insanity, … and the list goes on.

Make this world a better place for everyone? Yes, everyone.

Not right away obviously, but as an ideal worthy of realization.


What if I told you that this deep dark secret is producing a very large basket of rotting and rotten fruit? Now remember what I told you: this secret is doing a whole lot of good for everyone everywhere.

Do you …

(a) expose the secret;
(b) toss the basket; or
(c) eat the rotting fruit

Here’s the thing: if you expose the secret, you incur the risk of global chaos; if you toss the basket, you’ll need another basket for more rotting fruit; and if you are content to eat the rotting fruit, here’s what’s going to happen: you’re going to get even more rotting fruit to eat.

This is what I call a conundrum.

The solution is simple enough to articulate, though by no means easy to implement: grow your own fruit, make your own baskets, and find a place to eat your ripened fruit in peace while simultaneously dealing with the many baskets of rotting fruit showing up in your orchard.


At the risk of looking, sounding, and feeling stupid under the gaze of others, I still think there is hope, despite the fact that this world is getting buried under an avalanche of baskets of rotting and rotten fruit, and I say this even as I resist the allure of a narcissistic entitlement.

In my most recent post, Earth: A Dream Come True, I struggled to come to terms with the feasibility of enacting this global mandate: global harmony from unity through diversity for peace and prosperity. Peace and prosperity are very good fruits to eat, so let us start there.

As I stand at the top of this world without so much as a drop of lust for conquest, I see a species in crisis as it struggles to make good on its promise even as it struggles by the day to absorb and digest the fallout of enacting a global policy to stabilize its population.

I would very much like you to join me up here in the stratosphere, where the space is vast and the time is plenty. Here, you are surrounded by resplendent orchards and gardens, the likes of which you have never seen before. The people here are peaceful, loving, and happy.

With a lust for life, I might add.

But you’re not here with me to admire the fruits and flowers, you’re here with me now to address a matter whose gravity might cause you to squirm in protest, but be rest assured, I will not force you or even compel you to stay if that is not your wish. I am easy-going that way.

As you survey this world with me, take some time to rest the serenity of your gaze on the people, places, and things that inspire you, and … if you’re feeling it, take some time to rest the gravity of your gaze on the people, places, and things that do not and cannot inspire you.

Do this now.

I truly hope, in doing this exercise, that you were able to find evidence of peace and prosperity on this planet, where people have respect for each other’s persons and properties, and just as important, where people live within their means to keep hunger and conflict at bay.

Of course, ample evidence abounds for the absence of peace and prosperity, even as ample evidence abounds for the presence of discord and despair. While it is prudent to note this absence and this presence, it is also prudent to keep a steady eye on the ultimate prize.

The ultimate prize = global harmony.

In viewing conflict between spirit and spirit as an opportunity to stand and rest in peace, viewing conflict between spirit and nature is an opportunity to seek and find the promise of prosperity.

Do we wish to control conduct?

Or would we rather build structures that make desirable conduct and behavior a breeze?

Do we wish to control numbers?

Or would we rather build structures that strike a balance between desires and resources?

If structure determines behavior, then purpose unifies destiny; if structure determines human behavior, then the purpose of humanity and the humanity of its purpose unifies the destiny of humanity.

Are you still with me?


Here is the crux of the problem: the old masters of control are stuck with a secret. They did what they could with what they had, stepping outside the law with their mastery of law to enact global policies in secret for the good of humanity with devastating consequences.

And now here we are, at the top of the world, looking down at a world in crisis. What to do? Simple: we bring what we have up here to what is required and desired down there, but the question remains.


The old masters have much to offer. Let us not expose their deep dark secret, at least not until they have passed from this world; let us not blame them or shame them for any transgressions construed as crimes against humanity, even after they have passed from this world. Deal with the transgressions, neutralize them or nullify them, but do so with maximal efficiency, without the blaming and the shaming.

I offer these concessions simply because humanity has little time to waste.

I propose a blueprint of peace, prosperity, and progress for the good of humanity, in keeping with unity through diversity, to build a safe and sound structure that absorbs and subsumes the resources of old with the blessings of the old masters, for the sake of global harmony.

The golden key for humanity is a mastery of this magic trick: coming to terms with its structural limits on a global scale, even as it comes to terms with the prospect of limitlessness beyond the limits of structure.

More to come, my fellow givers, seekers, finders, keepers …

And please, do not take me for a king, for I am not of this world, even if I care enough to watch this world rise from the ashes to the heights of peace, prosperity, and progress, … as it unifies and diversifies.

Stay calm, stay warm, stay clear ~ be true, be wise, be free …

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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