Earth: A Dream Come True

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 11, 2018

We know each other by our innate capacities to pull back and go wide. In this post, I feel called to pull back and go wide to such an extent that it exceeds anything I’ve ever attempted before. In reading this post, please bear in mind that “life on Earth is but a dream” is but a partial truth.

I have more than an inkling that this attempt is but one of many to come.



Imagine … a formal institution with a global mandate to fulfill this grand objective:

In reading this global mandate, I am called to ask, and I invite you to ask it of yourself: what would it take for me to persuade every soul alive on this planet, now or in the future, to fully realize this objective?

Pause … breathe … smile.

Contemplate and evaluate.

Let this global mandate be a challenge to your skepticism, to your cynicism, to your pessimism, to your nihilism; let your objections surface, give a voice to the fears that drive them up by writing the first three that come to mind, and choose the one that carries the most charge.

Do this now.

Here is mine, in the form of a doubt: unity through diversity by way of uniformity?

Now imagine a world where everyone is pleased.


A formal institution with a global mandate is a foundation for Earth, and so, an appropriate name for this foundation is Foundation Earth, which properly has more wealth and more power and more influence than all earthly governments, institutions, corporations, monarchies, and individuals combined.

You did face your fears, yes? Of course you did. Let’s move on, shall we?

Humanity is poised to enter a Golden Age, one where humanity has all the knowledge and wisdom it needs to move forward on earth and … upwards towards fulfilling a unique identity among the stars. On this threshold, humanity on earth is a wheel of life and a wheel for life.

Foundation Earth is the hub of this wheel and I am one of many in support of Foundation Earth.

Central to its global mandate, central to the mandate of global harmony from unity through diversity for peace and prosperity is, quite literally, unity through diversity, and the only real obstacle that I can see to its realization at this time is astonishingly clear: power with prejudice.

Take a moment: power with prejudice.

When I roll these three words around in my heart, this question comes to mind: are aggression and violence acceptable means to enforce a prejudicial power for the sake of unity through diversity by way of uniformity? If you were a member of a council or a committee mandated to take the reigns of Foundation Earth, how would you counsel your fellow members on this question of enforcement and compliance?

These questions beg a more personal question: what if the legal presumption of innocence could be safely taken for granted by everyone on the assumption that a finely honed due process could be appropriately applied to any case where said presumption fell out of favor?

But … might the gravity of these questions become moot with a tweak to my ongoing assumptions here? That is to say, what if Foundation Earth is set up to give everyone everything they need in order to learn to grow to expand to explore to evolve to ascend to flourish?

On an optimal timeline, Foundation Earth gives everyone everywhere everything they need to flourish. Wow, all questions answered ~ who, what, when, where, why ~ except one: how?

How indeed?

The purveyors of the Law of Attraction would counsel us not to worry about the how of it, urging us to focus on the endgame and let the how take care of itself, which on its face seems reasonable given how abundant and beneficient the universe, but the question of how, where global harmony is concerned, remains an interesting one, one that is as humbling as it is potentially growth-enhancing.

Consider: “I am the expert and you need to consult me first before we proceed.”

With all due respect to the role of expertise, this proclamation is so old school. Granted, facts are important and expertise plays a vital role in bringing facts to bear on establishing or resolving matters of importance but, by themselves, facts and stats are lifeless entities of the mind.

Consider: “I am one of many who are inspired to bring Foundation Earth to life.”

This sounds better to me, but I say this while being ever mindful of any potential difference (or division) that might arise between “one of many who are inspired” and “those who are yet to be inspired.”

By way of illustration, who would you pick to lead the inspirational charge: a rich black conservative polyamorous lesbian or a poor albeit very intelligent white liberal monogamous single mother of two? Without a doubt, some would back the first and some would back the second.

In today’s world, social, economic, political, and cultural differences are highly charged. A consensus, even a robust consensus with a view toward getting a full consensus, would require an inspirational, inclusive vision supported by facts and stats relayed credibly with expertise.

Global harmony, measured by peace and prosperity, that is, measured by a global populace moved forward by peace with the hope to move forward with both calm and confidence, truly is the ultimate prize, but what about unity through diversity? How does this fit into the picture?

In bringing unity through diversity forward front and center, my mind is compelled to find its way back to these three rather scary words: power with prejudice. Perhaps we can bypass or transform the harsh and grinding realities to which these three words point? What do you think?

Bypass or transform?

Which of these intentions lead to the path of least resistance on the way to meeting the mandate? My gut instinct tells me that this is not a simple matter of this or that, but more a matter of this and that. In other words, … “bypass where possible, transform where necessary.”

Which again begs the question: how?

Here is my preliminary answer: by enjoining the minds and hearts of those who are inspired to believe in unity through diversity for everyone on this planet, by intending this inspired outcome with expectancy, and by gaining the consent of those who are yet to be inspired by it.

Now keep asking the questions … who on earth will bear the responsibility for meeting the outcome of enjoining, which is … intending with expectancy, and who on earth will bear the responsibility for meeting the outcome of intending, which is … gaining the consent of those who are yet to be inspired by the outcome, and who on earth will bear the responsibility for meeting the outcome of consenting, which is … unity through diversity on the way to global harmony in peace and prosperity?

Are you qualified to bear full responsibility for any of these commitments? Are you and the people with whom you associate qualified to bear full responsibility for any one or more or all of these commitments?

If so, please step forward now and declare yourself as such.

Honestly, I do not expect anyone to bear full responsibility for any of these commitments. Such a person would have to be a model citizen of earth (and not merely be presented and perceived as such), capable of (a) processing a torrent of questions about the nature of the mandate, and (b) processing a torrent of questionable associations, past, present, and future, which challenge any candidate to be wholly inclusive.

Such a person could only represent those who are inspired to believe, at least at first, and those inspired to believe would have to be transparent about their ends and means to meet the mandate lest they be accused of demonstrating their power with prejudice. Even so, and even with the best of intentions, such a group who identifies as wholly inclusive would still be prone to public perceptions of prejudice.

The paradigm of one central authority that leads a world towards a desired, inspired outcome is as old as the hills, invariably burdened with a prejudicial power. A new paradigm of power would bypass one central authority by distributing the intelligence and wisdom of authority itself.

However, …

A synthetic source of distributed intelligence could only be as effective in its intelligence as its designers and programmers could make it, and an organic source of crowd wisdom could only be as effective in its wisdom as the means by which it is processed and delivered and only as effective as the collective wisdom gathered, which at first glance sounds a little scary given the ferocities of the mob mentality.

A source of integrated, distributed intelligence and wisdom could make and take the best of both worlds by creating a robust feedback loop between this source of intelligent wisdom and a growing global consensus on whether said source is wholly viable and suitable for the purpose.

The awesome journey of a million miles begins with a single step, but which step? I have a few ideas: the first one is a hedge against reckless abandon, which is known as a proof of concept (a PoC).

What is a PoC? In the context of building a global foundation that is capable of meeting a global mandate, a PoC is evidence gathered from building and operating a small version of this foundation so as to test its feasibility for building and operating a much larger version.

A model version supports the capabilities of a highly diverse group of people (socially, economically, politically, and culturally) to flourish in a self-contained space for a predetermined amount of time by meeting their most basic needs for comfort, safety, security, and belonging.

Think of The Truman Show (1998), but without the coercive counterfeit corporate media influence.

The experiment I propose is strictly voluntary: no one is compelled to join, no one is compelled to leave, and no one is compelled to stay. The experiment is declared complete when its endgame is fulfilled, but the experiment is (perhaps) suspended the moment someone decides to leave.

I’ll leave it to you to imagine what this suspension might look like.

If the experiment is put on hold, participants are debriefed to determine the reason why someone felt compelled to leave and consulted on how best to proceed with the experiment before adding another participant and resuming it with a renewed set of parameters and assumptions.

All conditions are present for participants to flourish. Contact with those inside or outside the space is strictly prohibited, both online and off, with the one exception already noted. A period of at least two years seems ideal to monitor all aspects of daily life for a thriving society.

For extra spice, two groups could be monitored: a control group of socially, economically, politically, culturally conditioned children and adults and a large group of infants with no such conditioning, whose care and safety is placed in the hands of highly competent caregivers.

Technically speaking, a key aspect of this PoC is to not only estimate the carrying capacity (CC) of the space, but to monitor the CC once the experiment begins to see how well it holds up. In my view, such a space is best situated on earth rather than in space or on another planet.


One strong (and valid, in my view) objection to this experiment can be anticipated: there are people starving on this planet. In answer to this objection, I propose a parallel development: begin funding a global foundation with a strict mandate to meet the basic needs of everyone on the planet, starting with those most in need, with these priorities in mind: comfort, safety, security, and a sense of belonging.

As a test case (TC), aim big and go small: strictly apply it to one area on earth; monitor, assess, and when successful, reiterate it elsewhere. Publicize successful cases as models for others to follow in their own areas while creating a supportive network to duplicate the success.

Such TCs have already been successfully implemented with some very creative resolutions; the difference here is that the impetus of a global foundation with a mandate of global harmony serves to monitor and maintain sustainable and successful iterations over time.

As with the PoC so with the TC: room must be made for growth beyond the mere satisfaction of need.

For these proposals ~ TC and PoC ~ to get off the ground, however, a fresh perspective is required.


I can think of two reasons why these proposals have not already been successfully implemented and they have little or nothing to do with humanity being stupid, immature, lazy, or irresponsible as a species.

The first is a concern on the part of those who are in the know with a global population growing exponentially out of control to a point where it overwhelms the carrying capacity of the earth; the second is the fallout from attempts being made to curb this growth on a global scale.

Such attempts have been successful in many areas of the world; the nation of Japan is one notable example. If more people knew how these attempts were being implemented with biological interventions and social engineering, there might be riots in the streets all over the world.

Which might account for why these measures are being quietly and covertly implemented en masse.

The fallout in question is biological, psychological, social, economic, political, and cultural, adversely affecting nearly everyone, directly or indirectly, on the planet. In the wake of this mostly invisible fallout, global wealth has been concentrated in the hands of a relative few while most everyone else struggles to make ends meet. In light of this, a sustainable PoC or a blossom of TCs don’t seem possible at this time.

Much has been made in some circles of sequestered patents of technologies that would improve living standards in the world, but again, the population question remains top of mind for those in charge of those in charge of the sequestering (no, that was not a hiccup of words).

So does this mean that you, the reader, can blithely drop this post into a file folder labeled Polyanna?

No. No it doesn’t.

Let us not give up so easily. I would counsel you to remember that en route to meeting any mandate is an attitude that says, “the obstacle is the way”. In other words, any and all obstacles en route to meeting an objective are energy snacks to be consumed and digested.

If “the obstacle is the way” is the reminder, then “what needs to be done now?” is the rejoinder.


A feasibility study seeks to determine, not whether a course of action can be executed (the assumption here is that it can be and will be), but rather, the degree to which a course of action can be easily and conveniently brought to fruition. Alright, so, which course of action?

Good question.

In light of everything I’ve shared in this post, here is how I presently interpret this mandate: unity (not uniformity) through diversity (in keeping with a clear, workable definition and application of the zero aggression principle) will yield harmony, as gauged by peace and prosperity.

I highlighted unity through diversity in red for two reasons: first, because I view the lack of unity through diversity in this world at this time as humanity’s Achilles’ heel, one that is holding humanity back from moving forward and upward; second, because my intuition tells me that unity through diversity, held as a co-operative, co-creative intent, is humanity’s ticket to global harmony by way of peace and prosperity.

In my post, Inside a True World Order, I wrote and I quote:

There is much to accept in this world – everything from gender differences, differences in sexual orientation, racial differences, differences in status, religious differences, differences in age, ideological differences, differences in class, philosophical differences, differences in sexual preference, ethnic differences, differences in ability, political differences, differences in appearance …

Any charged difference between two people or two groups carries the potential to ignite disagreement and short-circuit interaction. With so much evidence in this world of diversity without unity, we’d be forgiven if we decided to dismiss unity through diversity as a pipedream.

With women in the West duking it out between #MeToo (on the Left) and #NotMe (on the Right), and with the #MeToo movement threatening to shred the social moral fabric between men and women by giving the heave-ho to due process and treating all allegations as proofs of guilt, and with classical, moderate, radical, white, and non-white feminists on the Left and Right eating each other alive with conflicting ideologies and intersectionalities, and with the sexes and the races jockeying for position and preeminence in the workplace, and … (well, I could go on for a very long time with this line of reasoning), it is no wonder that humanity in the West is on a path of social devolution towards stagnation.

Here, I will assume, at the risk of making an ass of u and me, that there is a way to … (a) meet the challenge of global population growth, openly and transparently; and to (b) meet the challenge of unity through diversity, with honesty and integrity (i.e., without manipulation).

These two challenges are not mutually exclusive. If, in doing the feasibility study, it was discovered that 500,000,000 is the ideal cap for a global population to establish and maintain a high quality of life on Earth for all species, while ensuring the means by which to shuttle the surplus off-planet onto worlds that maintain an equally high quality of life, then this discovery could galvanize public opinion towards finding unity through diversity for one and all, regardless of the many differences that keep them apart.

Having said this, for all I know, a feasibility study has already been conducted (covertly), an agreement has already been made to cap global population (covertly), the means and ends necessary to move people off-world is already being established (covertly), an agenda has already been set to realize global unity through diversity, and said plan is already being played out in keeping with these ongoing arrangements.

Can you feel the tension here? In meeting circumscribed goals to propagate and perpetuate the human species, mass hysteria and societal breakdown are prevented while simultaneously grappling with a potentially dangerous lack of unity because of too much conflicting diversity.


With enough study and research, this conspiratorial view can be readily adopted as a fair and solid explanation of the ongoing stagnation of large numbers of people on this planet, but this global conspiracy, even if true, need not be a hindrance to a dispassionate investigation.

Again, I will assume that there is a way to meet the challenge of global population growth, openly and transparently, and to meet the challenge of unity through diversity, with honesty and integrity, and without manipulation, and the way to do this is to establish an open source alternative, one that draws on existing (and available) research and … pay close attention to this … one that acknowledges existing realities, such as the generational drop in testosterone levels over the past 30 years (that seem consistent with covert measures of population reduction but are not generally recognized publicly and scientifically as such), moving said realities into the public eye for feedback as serious considerations.

For example, to the public, say, “here is research on generational drops in testosterone ~ should we continue to maintain the drop, amplify it beyond what it is now, or stop it from occurring altogether?”, while placing this question within a sound context of inquiry and discovery.

The same with the agenda to establish unity through diversity: take what already exists, frame it in the most inclusive way possible, and question those measures that are biased towards diversity without unity or biased towards uniformity through diversity (such as feminizing boys and men and masculinizing girls and women, undermining their natural polarity, while increasing LGBTQQIP2SAAA cohorts).

For example, to the public, say: “here is the research on feminizing boys and men ~ shall we continue to turn boys into girls and men into women (with or without a wand between the legs) through hormonal interventions and with covertly socially engineered methods, or find another way to curb population growth?”, while again placing this question within a sound context of inquiry and discovery.

This double-braided course of action would likely require a public agency to monitor and report without prejudice changes in the well-being of the researchers as well as the quality and vitality of their activities to prevent unseen influences from suppressing or spoiling their fruits.

As for who is best suited to lead and who is best suited to follow in these endeavors, I refer you to a post I wrote on the nature of effective leadership under the heading Strong, Smart, Savvy Followers, which I published on this site in April 2011 called In Lak’ech, Ala K’in.


In closing, I would encourage readers to pay attention to what they’re doing in their daily lives, alone and with others, to bring about a global harmony from unity through diversity for peace and prosperity.

A focus on framing a positive, inclusive vision of unity through diversity in tandem with meeting the challenges of global population growth and reconciling human differences with the forementioned courses of action is likely the best way to go towards bringing about a full disclosure of existing realities and technologies in this world that would, if exposed, released, and implemented too soon, might pose a grave risk of “too many, too fast” on a global scale that results in civilizational breakdown.

Global harmony from unity through diversity for peace and prosperity is a mandate to galvanize co-operative, co-creative intent on a global scale, one whose means of realization remains open and transparent, bringing a sustained and sustainable focus to the One Thing that would inspire and uplift everyone everywhere. The key? Cultivating and celebrating power without prejudice worldwide.

I applaud you for reading this far, given the gravity of what faces us, and so I ask you, with respect …

What are you doing to cultivate and celebrate power without prejudice in the face of myriad pressures not to get married, have children, and generate loving, lasting families that serve your community?

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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