On the Way to Serendipity

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 17, 2017

I have a window to the world where I can rest my gaze on trees and skies. Presently, I am a witness to a fall, one where flurries of snow are dancing lightly and gently through a cold steel-blue-gray sky.

As I rest in contentment, feeling calm and comfortable, how can I not be carefree?

I warmly invite you to lose your soul in contemplation of this mother of all questions …

As I rest in contentment, feeling calm and comfortable, how can I not be carefree?

I warmly invite you to contemplate the nuances nestled inside this motherly question:

As I rest in contentment, feeling calm and comfortable, how can I not be carefree?

This mother of all questions deserves an extensive hearing because it extends a constant invitation for the truly submissive among us to pause, submit, receive, relate, reflect, and respond: as I rest in contentment, feeling calm and comfortable, how can I not be carefree?

Such a maternal question is pregnant with implication: how much longer can I rest in contentment? How much longer can I feel calm and comfortable? How much longer can I remain carefree?

These questions are impossibly easy to answer with a mere tweak to the question:

As I rest in contentment, feeling calm and comfortable, how can I not be carefree?

As I flow in contentment, feeling calm and comfortable, how can I not be carefree?

One tweak splits one question into two: a religious question and a spiritual question.

Either question can be tapped by the imagination as a central pivot to elaborate the possibilities of parallel pathways so as to articulate and consolidate the energies of possible pathways.

* * *

I now give you this equation: a rest in dignity + a flow of integrity = a worldly serenity

A rest in dignity: I am worthy and I am deserving; I am enough and I am good enough
A flow of integrity: I am competent and I am confident; I am content and I am carefree
A worldly serenity: I remain carefree in my contentment, feeling calm and comfortable

I would strongly urge you to allow as much time as you need or desire to feel, and then to feel some more, and then to feel some more, truly and deeply and fully, into the context and content of what is actually being presented here for your consideration and contemplation.

I will now give you ten daily habits that lend support to these worldly affirmations.

* * *

I present the following ten daily habits in two groups. The first group serves as a foundation. The second group serves as a step ladder of mastery on the way to serendipity. Bear in mind that each habit chain is only as strong and robust as the weakest link in each chain.

Herewith, a snapshot of five daily habits to sharpen your saw, where the cultivation of serenity is concerned; read these as suggestive in nature rather than as comprehensive in scope.

your body is your temple: be very mindful of what you ingest

owing to ignorance and confusion around the topic of nutrition
the ideal diet is one of the most controversial subjects on earth

two sticking points with respect to following the ideal diet are:
animal protein (yes?); proteins, carbs, fats (quality? balance?)

be mindful of the cautions around eating soy, wheat, and dairy

pay attention to the consequences of what you eat and drink;
take an abiding interest in what you eat, when, and how much

in particular, monitor the effects of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol;
adjust accordingly: minimize or eliminate as desired or required

be sure to get enough B vitamins to bear unusual stress loads

daily exercise and quality sleep go together like hand in glove

daily exercise clears the mind, sharpens focus, elevates mood,
which empower you to transform hints of distress into eustress

eustress (happy stress) is a really good friend to quality sleep

make it a habit of falling asleep and waking up at regular times;
frame your sleep time in a way that maximizes your productivity

keep this ideal of quality sleep in mind when monitoring stress:
fall sleep quickly, sleep soundly, and wake up feeling refreshed

a clean, tidy space can be a refuge for the mind and senses

maintain a clean living space and working space free of clutter

neat, tidy spaces invite clarity, buoyancy, serenity, and vitality
neat, tidy spaces contribute to a sense of beauty and harmony

consume media with care; consider a digital fast on occasion

monitor how you feel while you watch a movie, a video, or TV
monitor how you feel when you read, peruse, or listen to words

ask yourself: am I being programmed to think in a certain way?
ask yourself: am I being stirred up without respect for serenity?

take some time out of your day and spend it in blessed silence

turn off the TV or laptop; put away the smart pad or smart phone

enjoy your solitude in the midst of nature or in the vicinity of nature
give yourself the gift of timelessness in meditation or contemplation

The forementioned five daily habits serve to restore or reclaim your serenity, serving in turn as a firm foundation to cultivate and consolidate the following five daily habits on a path to serendipity:

give thanks daily; confer blessings where possible

find every opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude
find every opportunity to express your appreciation

read this for reasons why gratitude is so important

play the equanimity game: “let be, let go, let god”

meet often with those who exude a love of harmony,
either in the digital realm or, even better, in the flesh

make it a game of bringing your soul back to balance;
defuse sticky thoughts and transmute errant impulses


walk among trees or talk to a friend (preferably both)
slip into a hot bath or take a cold shower; make it last

contemplate a landscape, a seascape, or a skyscape
seek inspirational words, bond with inspirational music

practice acceptance to forgive yourself and others

learn what it means to accept, forbear, forgive, forget
important hint: acceptance does not mean agreement

realize the difference between asserting and affirming
realize the difference between reacting and responding

embody acceptance, accepting yourself for who you are
without resigning yourself to never having or doing better

accept others for who they are or who they claim to be;
take care not to pay your respects too soon or too easily

know when and how to respond with heartfelt assurance
know when and how to respond mindfully with confidence

be kind to others; exercise the discipline of kindness

ugly words that you speak against another will haunt you;
ugly words that you have others speak will also haunt you

ugly deeds that you commit against another will poison you;
ugly deeds that you have others commit will also poison you

be mean to others and they will likely remember it forever
whether they care to acknowledge it or not, verbally or not

walls have ears and people are unusually sensitive to slight,
especially among those who seem to be the most insensitive

be mindful of how others might perceive and interpret you;
cultivate a persona that is pleasing to as many as possible

kindness is not weakness; being mean has no lasting benefit
be consistent in your kindness; wherever possible, be helpful

try not to personalize the evil deeds or wrongdoing of others
simply because there’s no telling what they’ve had to endure

exercise discernment: your karma need not be your dharma

make a point of spending time with those who share your values

know there are those who cannot help but be a problem for others
everywhere they go, they generate drama or bring about suffering
identify them and, where possible, limit or avoid contact with them

build immunity by spending time with those who share your values

Although these ten daily habits might not require the work of a lifetime (and here, I am addressing star seeds, wanderers, and star blooms), they do require some horticultural time for seeds to be planted and for plants to be cultivated and harvested. Be patient ~ and persist.

Planting a seed is inspiring, and cultivating a plant can also be inspiring during quick spurts of growth, but cultivating a plant when its growth reaches a plateau is not so inspiring, and yet, just as necessary.

Sensible Advice for Seekers of Serendipity

As I was writing this post, a serendipitous idea fell into my lap (this happens to me all the time), which I gratefully took as an extension of the understanding that “opportunity favors the prepared mind”.

A serendipitous course through life involves course corrections. As I get better at course correcting in ways big and small, at speeds fast and slow, my course in life seems more and more serendipitous.

A serendipitous course in life is more a series of revelations than a series of destinations arising unbidden from a pure heart intent on living wisely through the ways and means of virtuous conduct.

Ask yourself: what am I doing when others aren’t looking?

Am I bumming around, forgetting the difference between getting some rest and wasting my time, or am I following a steady course in keeping with one or more of the ten habits discussed above?

Am I eating more than I need, neglecting my nutritional need, or am I buying, storing, preparing, and ingesting nutritious, delicious foods and drinks that bring my body alive to song and dance?

Am I being greedy and controlling, allowing a controlling desire for material gain and social status to consume my energy, or am I realizing a desire for significance with a healthy sense of proportion?

Am I letting my gonads lead me around by the nose, having me poke my nose in places where it doesn’t belong, or am I sublimating my lust and cultivating my lust for life through the heart of my soul?

Am I unwittingly projecting blame and shame aggressively or passive-aggressively on others or am I taking pains to give others the benefit of the doubt even when said benefit doesn’t seem justified?

Am I secretly depriving others of their due because I cannot stand the thought of them having more than me or am I in the habit of secretly planning good things for them even as they succeed?

Am I submitting myself daily to the master of all vices, subverting confidence with arrogance and ignorance, or am I bringing a healthy pride to building habits that move me closer to serendipity?

These are age-old questions; answer them well and the promise of serendipity awaits you.

Do play with the childhood fantasy of always wanting to move directly and perfectly from A to B to C, but realize too that harmonizing dreamer and doer towards going and growing with the flow in your life will have you, sooner rather than later, basking in the warmth of serendipity.

Remember also that complete and utter perfection is never the goal here. Keep course correcting: if it be your authentic need or your genuine desire, then harmonize, optimize, and actualize for as long as it takes to have serendipity be your constant companion with serenity.

Note: the following viewpoint assumes a familiarity with the Law of One material and adds little of significance to the perspective on personal serendipity offered above.

A Cosmic Perspective on Finding a Way to Global Serendipity

Is humanity ready for serendipity? Collective serendipity, anyone?

Serendipitously, I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about how humanity has failed here and fallen there, and yet, I’ve also been reading and hearing a lot about how humanity is finally lifting itself out of the muck and mire of degradation and corruption in high places.

It truly is a fascinating time to be alive on this planet; there could not be a better time to explore and examine the role of collective serendipity, but first, let us begin with a definition of serendipity.

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

This definition captures the flavor and essence of serendipity but it neglects to take account of those who would carefully and conscientiously, creatively and constructively, consciously and consensually stack the deck in favor of serendipity with a bias towards outcomes that are happy and beneficial for themselves and others, in which case, the qualification “by chance” is better described as “by apparent chance”.

With respect for freedom of the will, such happy and beneficial outcomes cannot be predicted and controlled, but they can be influenced into being with peaceful, positive, persistent, playful intent. A true understanding and appreciation of this collective movement of free will on a global scale, however, requires a distinction of cosmic proportions, involving a fundamental choice of orientation.

Many souls on earth, being primarily concerned with their own comfort by way of safety, security, satisfaction, and significance, serve neither themselves nor others on any consistent basis, all the while being very aware of what it means to serve themselves without regard or respect for the free will of others and what it means to serve others at no real expense to themselves with the insight that self and other are one.

Moving beyond the comfort zone, stretching for the sake of growth, living on the edge, going through dark nights of the soul ~ every one of these movements of soul and spirit arise naturally from an inherent push to polarize in one direction or the other: it is acknowledged among those at high levels of consciousness that souls, for the most part, do not realize their choice of polarity until they become aware of it.

Apparently, it is easier for a soul to flip from a self-serving, negatively polarized orientation (inside 3D or 4D) to an other-serving, positively polarized orientation if the soul has succeeded at polarizing as STS. At higher octaves (5D and 6D), polarization is destiny until mid-sixth density, at which point all self-serving, negatively polarized souls are compelled to abandon the absorption of light in favor of radiation.

This Universe, this Creation, truly has our backs in the grand cosmic scheme of things, but only insofar as we are willing to co-create and co-operate with its fundamental nature: a pan consciousness with octaves of density and quanta of destiny that give every soul a backdrop with which to progress and ascend in its evolution back to Source in preparation for yet another iteration of the Universe with a refined polarity.

Reference: a nuanced Law of One treatment of the Two Paths

If, in reading this perspective, you resonate, you are likely someone who incarnated on earth with the aim of bringing love and wisdom to the planetary vibration so as to ameliorate the effects of disharmony (“make them better”) and palliate the results of this disharmony (“lessen their influence or impact”) in spite of feeling compromised (bodily), repulsed (emotionally), and/or alienated (spiritually).

Specific intentions such as aiding in a situation not yet manifest are not the aim of Wanderers. Light and love go where they are sought and needed, and their direction is not planned aforetimes
(Law of One, 65.11); note the implication, which is confirmed further along in the Law of One material: physical presence alone can uplift the planetary vibration (Braco’s Gaze is one popular example)

The reasons for why you are here now “in the thick of things” are not merely and purely transpersonal. You do have personal reasons for being here now, mainly to do with refining your polarization in service to the other, both for your own sake and/or for the sake of your native social memory complex at a higher density of consciousness (4D, 5D, or 6D). In other words, by all means, enjoy being human.

Seek out the 4D shepherds, the 5D beacons, and the 6D masters: find them, support them, touch base with them, find your resonance with them, and by every means, enjoy their enlightened company.

I am a 5D lover of wisdom with a gift for sharing this wisdom fluently and flexibly with anyone open to receiving it, and so, I do appreciate the presence, the promise, and the power of those who are here to share the love as broadcasters or radiators, actively or passively (from 4D), and those who are here to rock this world with their immense talents (from 6D). For serendipity’s sake, let us recognize each other.

Reference: a nuanced Law of One discussion on the Wanderers

And then there are those on a path of serving themselves at the expense of others, and here, I speak of the crusaders and genetic farmers from Orion intent on exploiting the genetic stock of humanity (and other similar species in our local star cluster) for their own purposes.

Alright, let me stop right there.

Genetic farmers? From Orion? Intent on exploiting the genetic stock of humanity? As far as most people on this planet are concerned, I might as well have said “enslaved tricksters from Zeta Reticuli intent on creating human-alien hybrids to save their own kind from extinction.”

How about this: and then there are those on a path of serving themselves at the expense of others, and here, I speak of Draco Reptilians who are guiding and commanding a secretive, wealthy STS global elite with Luciferian beliefs intent on establishing a New World Order with a One World Government by reducing human population to 500 million so as to make room on Earth for all manner of aliens, human-alien hybrids, and synthetic humans and to make a 4D- Earth more habitable for the Reptilians.

Hmm, no, still too controversial.

How about this: and then there are those on a path of serving themselves at the expense of others, and here, I speak of a secretive, wealthy global elite of oligarchical families pulling strings in the shadows behind the scenes in governments, corporations, and institutions acting with common cause to (a) follow a doctrine of scarcity to place thumbscrews on those who would reproduce to polarize as many as possible in favor of STS, reduce global population, and improve the genetic fitness of humanity (b) advance a strict politically correct doctrine of racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, and gender diversity to condition humans to accept being in the presence of aliens, hybrids, and synthetics, and (c) retain global political, economic, social, and cultural hegemony through a policy of warning, thwarting, harming, and/or killing anyone who would expose their carefully crafted agendas of global control.

Those with the most to lose have the most to gain from planning for the future of a 4D- humanity ~ and planning it with their own interests in mind. Serving as overseers in the shadows at the expense of others, they get their proxies to do the dirty work with bribes or enticements or, failing that, through a frightful array of human compromise operations, to advance a pyramidal control structure to serve their negatively oriented and polarized social memory complex, for as they have made clear in the world of entertainment “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few ~ or the one.”

With a fervent desire to have humanity polarize in favor of absorbing the love and light for themselves in a self-serving, solipsistic, satanic, negatively polarized STS world, a secretive, wealthy global elite of families, in consultation with the overseers above them in conjunction with the brilliant albeit blinkered minds below them (susceptible to naivety, bribery, or snobbery), enact a global policy of “pulling back” so as to prevent a suffering humanity from healing and flourishing in service to other, rather than a policy of pushing the cause of humanity forward into space, into a new Golden Age, with advanced technologies that are now being sequestered or slowly released in the name of global security (to secure a 4D- world).

After reading this, you might be thinking: collective serendipity that favors STO is a lost cause.

Please don’t think that, and here’s why: there is still plenty of room to move and breathe in the light of STO. Visionaries in positively polarized service to beauty and harmony can still produce inspiring works of art; activists in service to the light of truth can still expose plans and policies that favor the few at the expense of the many; adepts in service to other can still share perspectives of wisdom in a world that is, by design, caring less and less about the presence of wisdom; those in service to healing the inner wound can still be conduits of holistic healing outside of the U.S. of A., even if this means exposing the inadequacies of allopathy; and lovers in service to wholesome ecstasy can still radiate a lust for life.

This awakened, enlightened, empowered groundswell in service to humanity is global in scope and provides a welcome counterpoint to social tyranny and 4D- oppression, which grow daily by stealth, while offering fertile soil from which to foster a new humanity for a new world.

As for the future of humanity on Earth, the Law of One material prognosticates a 4D STO world prevailing over a 4D STS world, hinting at one of two existential emphases (either a psychological or technological emphasis, in a vein similar to Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series).

The battle for supremacy is ongoing, however.

4D+ or 4D-? Which will prevail: an egalitarian social memory complex that favors a positive radiation of service to other in love and light for the other? Or a hierarchical social memory complex that favors a negative absorption of service to self in love and light for the self? If we’re being honest, we won’t fall into the trap of answering these questions definitively with some such notion as an ascension event. Rather, let us instead retain a beginner’s mind, attending one task at a time, open to new understandings at every turn, tapping common sense in unusual ways, approaching certain situations without expectation and viewing them as if they have never been seen before, even if this means walking (or stumbling) through fogs of misinformation and disinformation to catch glimpses of the truth.

Can you now see where serendipity and serenity might be the best of allies?

Serendipity: act as if you have it and you will have it; act as if you have it in abundance and you will have it in abundance; act as if your life is destined to be wholly serendipitous and … well, … perhaps it will be, if not in this lifetime, then in a future lifetime, here or elsewhere.

I close this post with a poetic clarion call, one that I composed to address a subtle ancient cosmic dynamic, not between good and evil, but between service to other and service to self:

my true name could very well be Ecstasy,
for I am a Lover of Serendipity with Serenity

the more I act as if I am, the more that I be,
for don’t you see, I remain symbolic of Unity

as whole and wholesome beyond all duality,
we declare ourselves wholly, with regularity

In my next post, it’ll be my pleasure and desire to elaborate.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective

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