Securitas Eros Arete Gratia

by Christopher Lovejoy on November 26, 2017

Security, desire, excellence, gratitude.

Root chakra, sacral chakra, solar chakra, heart chakra.

Sustainable, pleasurable, respectable, enjoyable.

First density, second density, third density, fourth density.

Stability, satiety, significance, surrender.

However we care to reference these core indicators of having a spiritual experience in human form, they all point to progressive sequences that serve to inform and inspire our most essential needs to learn and grow, explore and create, involve and engage, expand and express, evolve and ascend.

At the taproot of being wholly human is the warm, sweet embrace of Securitas, of safety and security, conditioned in the womb and experienced as calm and comfortable and stable beyond the womb. We need Securitas for rest and recovery, for meditation and contemplation, and for understanding and appreciation; without these fundaments of life, we are little more than zombies, puppets, and robots.

Beyond the balm of Securitas lies opportunity and adventure, but also difficulty and challenge, and nothing in this world moves us beyond Securitas like Eros, the vital energy of desire most effectively guided and channelled without undue craving by giving it time and space to inform and inspire our highest aspirations. We need Eros to cherish the value of life and love and the lust for life and love.

When the energy of Eros is not given the time and space it needs to inform and inspire aspiration, then the vital pursuit of Arete, the virtue of excellence, can still take root, yes, but its flowering looks more like a cactus than an orchid. Conversely, when the beauty and vitality of Eros is not guided and channelled without undue craving, Arete remains at risk losing what little respectability it can gather.

Admittedly, this is a tough balancing act to follow: all throughout our lives, we are called to root ourselves in the stability of Securitas, and to make time and space for the beauty and vitality of Eros, and to make good on the pursuit of Arete with little or no compromise, but … and this is a big but, if we can do this, if we can juggle these three balls well, we have a real chance of surrendering ourselves to love and joy.

The presence, promise, and power of Gratia (grace through gratitude) arises in the heart of soul as and when the requirements for optimizing and actualizing Securitas, Eros, and Arete are given their due and brought to fruition with a balance that favors fulfillment and ascension.

Life becomes enjoyable, as well as sustainable, pleasurable, and respectable.

I invite you to sense where, if anywhere, you fall short of a balanced fulfillment.

In service to other, a smooth transition into 4D consciousness requires an ego with a heart and a process of sublimation that would find beauty, harmony, and serenity with the ego at the heart of soul.

On Bringing the Ego (3D) into the Heart of Soul (4D)

I propose two statements for your egoic, heartfelt consideration:

(1) I do my best to flow through whatever I choose to do, while …
(2) knowing that my desired results are beyond my direct control

Can you feel into the tension here? Can you dig the dissonance?

Are you prepared to accept perceived success and perceived failure with equanimity?

As one born under the sign of Sagittarius, I do appreciate that critical moment of the Archer when he sets his intention to hit the bull’s eye with bow and arrow poised in view of its target while accepting that he has only as much control of the outcome as he has control of the tension.

Object lesson: be not too concerned with hitting the target; just shoot straight.

Are you ready and willing to occupy a space in your heart where you can allow whatever happens and still live up to the agreement of being and doing the best you can be and do? If you are ready and willing, then perhaps the presence and promise of 4D consciousness is calling you to be a guide for you.

Now what was this process of sublimation I was talking about?

Sublimation via Submission: Your Ticket to 4D Consciousness

To be sublime is to be noble and majestic. A tree can be sublime, as can a mountain, as can a sunrise or sunset, as can someone who has polarized or is polarizing in favor of being of service to the other.

To be sublime is to rise and excel to a level of commitment or performance where no one can ever match it. To be sublime is to be worthy of praise in the extreme ~ intellectually, morally, and spiritually.

To sublimate ~ to excel and be worthy, to be pure and noble ~ is to harmonize, optimize, and actualize the creaturely and celestial aspects of being human in a world where too many souls, who appear to be human, seem to persist in being less than human or even inhuman.

Could this mean that a conscious process of sublimation is out of reach for many?

Is the pure objective of such a noble process a distant shoreline or a guiding star?

At every instant, I encounter the event that has been reserved for me by destiny ~ that is, in the last analysis, the unique, universal, common cause of all things. The discipline of desire will therefore consist in refusing to desire anything other than what is willed by the nature of all.

~ Pierre Hadot quoting Marcus Aurelius in The Inner Citadel

Note: these words are extraordinary because they are spoken at the level of 4D consciousness by a Roman Emperor who was negotiating the rigors of a world immersed in 3D consciousness

Potentially, everyone carries their own unique vision and version of what it means to be sublime. Personally, I engage a process of sublimation via true submission to bring intimate encounters with beauty and ecstatic experiences of harmony into the heart of my soul with serenity.

In treating the ego as a regulator for my soul, rather than as a mere image generator acting in spite of my soul, I have a means by which to say no to this, yes to that, and maybe to this or that. With serenity, I can be intimate with this encounter or I can be ecstatic in this or that experience.

As I give the gift of my focus to the universe, the universe responds with more of its gifts.

On Being Truly Submissive: Receptive, Reflective, Responsive

I invite you to mull this confession as if it were an object of inquiry:

I need or want this so much that I no longer feel that I can have it.

The first question that comes to mind when I allow the essence of this all-too-common confession to enter the heart of my soul through the regulator that is my ego is simply this: what is going on here?

To help myself answer this, I will reframe this confession as follows:

I occupy a space to allow myself to have what it is I intend to have.

I allow myself to occupy a space to have what it is I intend to have.

I allow myself to have what it is I intend to have to occupy a space.

These affirmations contain three vital elements: sincere intent, heartfelt allowance, and an occupation of space in time that is as much metaphysical in nature as it is physical ~ and as much psychological in its origin as it is ontological. The order of these statements lends itself to completion in the contemplation of Securitas (a calm, safe, secure embrace of stability), Eros (a fluid, spontaneous, effortless flow of pleasure and desire), and Arete (an active, decisive, effective pursuit of excellence) as Gratia. Gratia ~ grace and graciousness through gratitude ~ arises through the pleasure of knowing I have successfully realized my heartfelt allowances. In presence, promise, and power, I find my pleasure ~ with Gratia.

In being receptive, I can be assertive with a nod towards being receptive; in being reflective, I can be expressive with a nod towards being reflective; in being responsive, I can be reactive with a nod towards being responsive; and in being receptive, reflective, and responsive, I can be truly submissive to peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, and ease with a nod towards being wholly receptive, reflective, and responsive.

Which is not to say that being truly submissive in being receptive, reflective, and responsive does not have its difficulties and challenges; for the sake of brevity, here are a dozen such catalysts for learning and growing, expanding and expressing, evolving and ascending into balance and fulfillment:

  • root chakra: fear, doubt, sloth (which help us appreciate stability in sustainability by contrast)
  • sacral chakra: gluttony, lust, greed (which help us appreciate pleasure and satiety by contrast)
  • solar chakra: anger, envy, pride (which help us appreciate respect and significance by contrast)
  • heart chakra: grief, sorrow, regret (which help us appreciate love, joy, and surrender by contrast)

Unless you are not human (I am willing to concede this), you will have experienced, in one form or another, each of these catalysts at least once in your life. Please know there is no shame in this.

Why? Because how else could anyone ever realize the value in stability, sustainability, pleasure, satiety, respect, significance, and sweet surrender, if not by having too little or too much of each?

In my contemplation of this negotiation with life, I can only foresee a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment if a surrender to love and joy is buttressed by a balance that is found through the manifestation of an appreciation that is sustainable, pleasurable, and respectable.

root: a calm, safe, secure embrace of stability
sacral: a fluid, spontaneous, effortless flow of pleasure and desire
solar: an active, decisive, effective pursuit of excellence

heart: sustainable, pleasurable, respectable >>> enjoyable

In my contemplation of these potentiations in life, I realize that I need only focus on the process of living (on striking a fine balance in going with the flow between embrace and pursuit) while appreciating the enjoyable outcome, if or as or when it cares to manifest in any given moment.

This balance has so much to do with communicative prowess that I now must ask …

Assertive or receptive? expressive or reflective? reactive or responsive? Beware and stay aware: these third to fourth density options are no longer idle questions in third density ~ awaken to them now.

Is this World Going to Hell in a Handbasket?

The short, sweet answer to this is this: yes … and no.

A most wonderful story about humanity goes like this: we are already endowed with everything we need to be whole; in a realm less dense (materially speaking) than the one in which we now inhabit, telepathic communication is a matter of course; in this etheric realm, the ability to travel to and from and through many worlds is made possible by the power of thought alone in accordance with the law of attraction; and now, here we are, as so many strive to survive to make sense of this denser, darker realm, compelled to see themselves and each other as less than whole, with their modes and marvels of communication and transportation remaining restricted to the vagaries of space and time.

We still possess great powers, but this time, with challenges that seem to defy logic and rationale in an age some have called the Kali Yuga (the Age of Kali or the age of vice, one of four ages described in scriptures written in Sanskrit). In failing to live up to these challenges, some have fallen prey to the lure and allure of material gain by way of status, creating pecking orders better suited to chickens than human beings. Some, however, have not fallen prey, while a great many are caught somewhere in between, in no small part because of archonic and demonic forces and figures that were given leeway to influence the course of human history. As technology grows in scope and reach, the inadequacies of social support are being exposed like never before, more and more are at risk of being left behind, fragile ecologies being neglected, even trashed, and the vulnerable ones among us are being ignored or bypassed more and more even as they continue to be impoverished. Meanwhile, all manner of products and processes continue to be produced that remain crude substitutes for the latent powers that we already possess.

I know all too well that this social commentary is wholly inadequate, and so I invite you to turn down the volume and take a small trip into and through the dark recesses of our collective unconscious …

The good news, in the face of this, is that we can still exercise sublimation by way of true submission.

What do I mean by this? Allow me to share my view with you.

Inclusive Sublimation and Expressive Sublimation

In the midst of all the planetary chaos, one might still care enough to wonder, if one has not already: are peace and harmony among us still possible? Are healthy and vital relationships still possible?

Do positive responses to these simple yet vital questions require that we (a) cling to security; (b) forego genuine pleasure; (c) drop the pursuit of excellence; and (d) feed our hearts to the sharks?

What does one do with the realities of discomfort, indulgence, anger, and sorrow in a world where so many avoid the first, remain oblivious to the second, bypass the third, and suppress the fourth?

Perhaps the fundamental choice to be faced in this apparent dark age is this: veggie (rooted in comfort), zombie (oblivious to indulgence), puppet (smiles when angry), or robot (knows no sorrow)?

Even if we assume that help is on the way, that the worst is over, that good things lie on the horizon, a whole lot of helping and healing are going to be necessary to clear the dross and clean up the mess.

In the meantime, I have a strategy that I use to bear witness: sublimation.

Sublimation is of two types: inclusive and expressive. Both rely on coming to terms with being human in an inhuman world and both require the conscious creation and cultivation of a psychological space to receive, reflect on, and respond to basic human urges and impulses.

Inclusive sublimation occurs on four levels from the roots up, with these priorities in mind: rather than avoid discomfort, I lean into it to  extend through it or around it; rather than be oblivious to indulgence, I screen all invitations to temptation before engaging the impulse to indulge, before choosing whether to indulge, and if yes, the extent to which I indulge consciously; rather than bypass the heat of anger, I embrace it as the opportunity that it is to counter the underlying violation with the strength of an overwhelming affirmation; and rather than suppress any sorrow I feel as I navigate this increasingly dead, dark, dense world (yes, I know, we can always fool ourselves into thinking all is well in the virtual, digital worlds), I rest in the awareness that sorrow is a vital indicator that true love is still possible.

Where inclusive sublimation is a crown-based application, relying as it does on the presence of spaciousness, expressive sublimation is a heart-based application that expresses the essence of each of the four levels in a reverse sequence of priorities, starting with the heart, but only if the sublimator has gained some mastery of inclusivity (see above) to make it possible to submit and surrender to love and joy.

The first priority of expressive sublimation is to go inside the heart to express joy from the heart, through the heart, in the presence of other beings, human or otherwise, and … as impossible as this might sound, to do so as wholly and as truly and as purely as possible.

This prescription for love and light will invariably, inevitably be met with skeptical, cynical commentary, at least until this world has been able to navigate through the twilight into the dawning of a new day. Joy is your ultimate indicator of how quickly impulses to anger have been sublimated with the presence of love, how easily urges to indulge have been sublimated with the promise of desire infused with the warmth of love and pleasure, and how surely restless, incessant urges and impulses have been sublimated at the root of being with a warm, calm sense of safety and security.

Herewith a call to be a beacon of light in a world that refuses to die:

I occupy a space to allow myself to have what it is I intend to have.
I allow myself to occupy a space to have what it is I intend to have.
I allow myself to have what it is I intend to have to occupy a space.

My life is enjoyable … as it is sustainable, pleasurable, respectable.

Let us light up the world and make it fun to play with shadows again.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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