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by Christopher Lovejoy on June 25, 2017

A limit is not a limitation; a limitation is not a limit.

I repeat myself here for emphasis to highlight the value of limits (as restrictive conditions) in relation to facing the difficulty of limitation (as a valued, valuable experience of restriction) by which facility can be summoned, focused, and exercised in transforming apparent difficulty into opportunity.

Recently, an entrepreneur developed a sleek portable device that could be placed on tailpipes of gas-powered vehicles to collect the soot from its exhaust and reduce air pollution, but what to do with the soot? Answer: remove its heavy metals and turn it into black ink for use in pens and art.

Many such examples can be cited where proverbial lemons are turned into lemonade.

Many inventions afford us opportunity to live with greater ease and comfort but come with difficulty in their implementation and/or justification. Weighing the costs and benefits of these inventions, however, serves to justify sound implementation so as to implement with sound justification.

Electric vehicles is a sound invention, but without infrastructure, prototypes collect dust in showrooms. Only someone like Elon Musk can go beyond mere invention and develop the extensive (and expensive) infrastructure that is required for widespread implementation with justification.

In the meantime, fuel-powered vehicles and their hybrid offspring continue to be employed, adding to the smog and the haze, reducing air quality overall, especially on hot days, and generating all sorts of adverse side effects at the expense of human health and environmental sustainability.

Within the limits of technology defining the boundaries of what is available or accessible and therefore feasible, the ever-changing, ever-shifting parameters of implementation and justification serve to expose limitation, which serve to expand the limits of technology, and so the value of this mutually reinforcing cycle of exposing limitation and expanding limits can be easily appreciated.

A lot of people have put in a lot of time, money, and effort into designing, developing, displaying, and delivering powerful, sophisticated gas-powered vehicles in tandem with an infrastructure powered by a wealthy oil and gas industry, which are investments not easily dismissed in favor of electric vehicles. Gas-electric hybrid vehicles are a compromise on the way to the full implementation of electrics.

Against this backdrop of social inertia, a device to collect soot and turn it into ink is most welcome. With growing population numbers, vehicles that run on oil and gas have a serious design flaw (a limit exposed by population growth) in that they generate soot, polluting the environment and compromising health (a limitation not easily tolerated with better technology), which make their widespread use harder to justify.

Acknowledge the limit, address the limitation, correct the design flaw. On the other side of the proverbial coin, correct the design flaw, expand the limit, and transform the limitation.

If limits find value through limitation (for how else could limits be exposed and expanded?), then limitations find value through limits (for how else could limitations be addressed and transformed?), and so, if technological limits and limitations have value, what of biological limits and psychological limitations? Do these not have value as well, and if so, how might they be put into perspective?

Could biological limits and psychological limitations not only be essential but necessary?

* * *

I am about to take a leap from the mundane into the cosmic, a leap that many if not most might not be able to make, but I will nevertheless do my level best to make the outcome of this potentially transformative leap as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

I make this leap with the intention that I remain attuned (soulfully) and aligned (spiritually) with a functional resonance of harmony of self with other selves in third density consciousness under the influence of that orientation or polarization known as Service to Other.

The center of this green-ray target is my intention; in the green-ray ring beyond the center of this target is a field of play where the green-ray energies of understanding are found to reside naturally in those whose resonance remains harmonically attuned and aligned.

The gray ring that is the gap between the center of the target and the ring beyond it represents a field of dissonance from which the difficulties and challenges of interpersonal rejection and exclusion can arise from the natural (albeit distorted) perception of separation. In our co-operative and co-creative efforts, we each have our own fields of resonance and dissonance. The four green corner arrows on the periphery of this schema signify the evolution and ascension of expansion (in soul) and expression (in spirit) for the entire cosmic field of play.

The polarizing (and divisive) dynamics of this field of play for interpersonal and transpersonal interaction (“this is real and this is fake”; “this is true and this is false”; “this is good and this is bad”; “this is right and this is wrong”) are made possible in a context of expansive love and extensive wisdom, either for Self (at the expense of others) or for Other (at no expense to Self), for where is there is no potential for misunderstanding, there can be no experience, and with no experience, no expansive learning and extensive growth are possible in the context of evolutionary ascension.

* * *

With this green-ray schema in mind (and heart), let us revisit what I call “the cross for exposure”.

In my previous post, I introduced a schematic in the form of a cross with the intention of speaking to the vertical and horizontal dynamics of that orientation or polarization in love and wisdom known as Service to Self (conducted at the expense of Other for the sake of Self).

Please understand: the most powerful polarization of Service to Self is a subtle orientation in love and wisdom that bypasses the green-ray energies of the heart in Service to Other, leap-frogging from the solar chakra of significance directly to the throat chakra of expression.

I invite you (urge you, even) to take a quiet moment for yourself to contemplate this dynamic before proceeding further.

Please also understand that this polarization, in and of itself, is best met with the receptive, reflective, responsive green-ray energies of love and respect, not for its pernicious or insidious influence, but for the role it plays in offering a polarizing or demonizing contrast. I invite you to pause and consider this dynamic before going further.

Let us now delve more deeply into the squeezing, stretching actions that occur along the axes of this cross to get a better handle on what we are dealing with, before we consider viable options of response.

* * *

Before the Veil of Forgetting dropped between the intention to incarnate with a purpose as a soul embodied with spirit and the physical bodily manifestation of incarnation, splitting the mind between conscious amnesia and superconscious remembrance of previous lives, the soul had ready access to the Source of life, love, and light, but with no polarizing influence to stimulate learning and growth, had little incentive to learn and grow through experience. In response to a question about the sorts of societies that were created and the experiences that evolved in this condition, Ra, messengers of the Law of One, had this to say: It is our perception that such conditions created the situation of a most pallid experiential nexus in which lessons were garnered with the relative speed of the turtle to the cheetah.

Reference: Law of One, 82.18

The pallid mask is symbolic of those ancient times when edenic souls lived with the innocence of angels, oblivious to the clash of polarities between real and fake, true and false, good and bad, right and wrong that are instrumental in stimulating rapid learning and growth. The pallid mask is also symbolic, with reference to the cross of exposure with its orientation of Service to Self, of the weariness of souls who fervently wish they could bow out of the necessity and intensity of polarizing, and instead, opting to make feeble, insipid attempts to return their souls to the condition of innocence that obtained with ease (but without the experience of freedom) prior to the Veil of Forgetfulness, whose fall can easily (and admittedly) be viewed both as a blessing and a burden to the souls with spirits of those who can bravely submit themselves to it.

In this context, holding the light is but one option; showing, bringing, or working the light is another.

If pallid souls are in retreat from the polarizing albeit energizing battles that are being shamelessly waged on this planet even as they seek a return to innocence into the edenic past, then, by contrast, souls who are moved by the siren call of robotic perfection continue to advance on a different timeline with the use of laptops, smartphones, and virtual reality headsets. To be sure, the lure and the allure of transhumanist and posthumanist invention take many forms. One popular form is the synthetic body and brain that would replace the organic wet body and brain with a more curable, durable, stronger, faster, better means of increasingly exponential ecstatic expansion and euphoric expression in soul and spirit, respectively, in the incessant desire and drive to learn and grow, impress and express, expand and extend, evolve and ascend through eternity, towards a merging, submerging Omega Point of sheer perfection with like-minded, like-hearted souls that knows no bounds.

One might be tempted to call out this pull to the future as the Service to Self orientation on steroids. A resonance with this pull can be highly addictive, giving rise to all manner of obsessions and compulsions.

Be that as it may, these pallidic and robotic stretches and sketches into the past and future are in no small part driven by a cosmic squeeze play under the Veil of Forgetting engendered by the powerful polarization in Service to Self of archonic and demonic influences.

Who are the archons? No one really knows, as they carefully conceal themselves in fifth density, above the reach of the Draco Reptilians and the ancient Mantid Insectoids in fourth density. This striking archonic image, however, with its blue and gray highlights and its overarching head dress, strikes all the right notes in an attempt to depict the essence of embodiment in Service to Self from above. Their modus operandus is a clever and careful orchestration and usurpation of power by proxy, steering and directing those below of like vibration by way of thought. It has been said that the highest ranking archons who presently rule this planet from the shadows are collectively known as the Chimera Group. Their prime intention is to oppress and enslave and harvest as many souls as possible to do their bidding in succeeding cycles of incarnation. If it is your intention to polarize in Service to Self, they are more than happy to oblige you in “helping” you rise to power at the expense of others.

If the Illuminati hybrid souls are subservient in their extreme wealth and power on this planet to the Draco and their Mantid associates (who, strangely, are trying to free the Draco from their subservience to those above them), then the Draco remain subservient to those who would realize a coldly calculated transhumanist and posthumanist agenda on Earth largely if not wholly devoid of human sentimentality.

In turning to the demonic influence, it is important that archonic and demonic forces not be conflated, as they are separate realms of influence with different agendas in Service to Self. Where archonic hierarchies remain prepared to overwhelm through oppression from above (in terms of density of consciousness), demonic hierarchies remain prepared to undermine through subversion from below. This fundamental difference can help us to stay clear, or even transcend, their respective influences, even as we continue to respect the cosmic roles that they play.

In viewing this demonic image, I would urge you to remain vibrationally neutral in the face of it, neither making fun of it nor fearing its power to tempt you and undermine you. The image itself serves to embody the obvious vices of wrath and lust, but lurking in the shadows of this image are the self-serving powers that tempt the soul into falling victim to the other vices: sloth and gluttony, greed and envy, and especially Pride.

You may think yourself immune to demonic influence, but demonic greetings will nevertheless arise, and are best met with calm, in presence and patience both, which require a certain vigilance in your dealings with others, who might not be so immune to their influence.

Where the archonic realm depends on the demonic realm to bring compromised souls under their wing, the demonic realm depends on the archonic realm to make souls more susceptible to their influence. This symbiosis is not unlike a vice grip that tightens with each compromise made, however slight.

* * *

Good news: we need not remain stuck inside this catalytic, energetic cosmic cage.

In knowing why this cross formed by virtue of the Veil of Forgetting to give us the illusory gift of free will, and in knowing what we are dealing with in cosmic terms, and in knowing that we need not remain stuck inside it, we can begin the process of learning how to respond.

We began with a question: If limits find their value through limitation (for how else could limits be exposed, addressed, expanded?), then limitations find their value through limits (for how else could limitations be exposed, addressed, transformed?), and so, if technological limits and limitations have immense value, what of biological limits and psychological limitations? Do these not have value as well, and if so, how might they be put into perspective?

I took a leap from the mundane to the cosmic with the depiction of a green target as “the one thing” by which to guide adepts towards transcending the influences of Service to Self by respecting the role they play while maintaining a respectful distance from them. In describing the squeezing, stretching actions on the cross of exposure, I trust I was able to outline what is facing us, both individually and collectively, so as to place our influence front and center, as spiritual beings in human form, with the green target as our guiding star.

Here, we are not simplifying a cosmic battlefield; we are simplifying a cosmic field of play.

What remains is to mindfully, skillfully, artfully address and expose toxic conduct and behavior in the manner of expanding limits co-operatively and transforming limitations co-creatively, with due respect for the Law of Confusion in Service to Other, for the beloved sensitives among us to hold the light for those who genuinely need it, for the beloved intuitives among us to show the light to those who sincerely request it, for the beloved creatives among us to bring the light to those who long and yearn for it, and for the beloved operatives among us to work the light for those who remain helplessly and haplessly caught inside a cage of desolation and destruction that reeks of the demise and decay of death, until such time that this cage no longer functions on and around this beautiful, beleaguered planet.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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