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by Christopher Lovejoy on June 4, 2017

I have read countless books in my time and I have viewed countless videos on a wide range of topics, but the remarkable work of Dr. Michael Newton is (with the exception of the Law of One material) by far the most intriguing, compelling, fascinating material I have ever encountered and experienced. Absent these deep studies, I would never have been able to cultivate and calibrate the notion of being a cosmic sovereign with multi-dimensional access to many densities of consciousness in the octave of densities that underpins our version of the Omniverse. More than any other works (with the exception of the Law of One material), his popular books Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Lives Between Lives blew my mind and heart wide open to the constant, seemingly never-ending interplay between the fate of soul and the destiny of spirit. Although he is no longer with us in physical form, his legacy is formidable and I am indebted to his many decades of work in my attempts to craft a cosmic context that activates and facilitates an approach that brings a stunning realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

Reference: Destiny of Souls (as of this writing, you can snag a free copy on kindle at Amazon); I will be drawing on content from Chapter 9 (the number of completion) called The Ring of Destiny

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Inside a vortex of creation of my own making, and with presence, a sense of promise, and patience, I can entertain the illusion that “I am the sole creator of my own experience of reality”, that “I am the sole creator of my own experience in life”, but a challenge is presented to these presumptions when we remember (or enter, as subjects of a BLSR – a Between Lives Soul Regression) the Ring of Destiny.

The Ring of Destiny is a hallowed place in between lives that souls enter to choose bodies for their next lives. For a soul, choosing a body is tantamount to choosing a fate (a personality, a set of relationships, a timeline, a course in life), from which a spiritual destiny can be crafted with care – or carelessness.

In reading about the experiences of souls choosing bodies, one gets the impression that the choices are tendentious: here, this body gives you an easy breezy life, but with little potential for learning and growth; here, this body gives you a difficult life, but with much potential for learning and growth; and here, this body gives you a moderately difficult life, one that almost ensures that you discharge a karmic debt from a previous life or learn an important lesson in this life for the growth and evolution of your soul.

A vital implication can be gleaned from these distinctions: although it would seem that my incarnational possibilities in this life are not without limit, my imaginal possibilities are. By virtue of choosing a body prior to birth in keeping with the nature, progress, and fate of my soul, I chose, willingly or reluctantly, to encounter and experience limitation, contraction, and restriction – and expansion – in this one lifetime.

The more difficult my life – the more limited, contracted, and restricted my options, perceived or otherwise – the greater my potential for learning and growing into resonance with the most loving, accepting, caring, forgiving, trusting version of myself as confined by a particular body for a particular lifetime, and the more challenging my life – the more expanded my options, perceived or otherwise – the greater is my potential for learning and growing into resonance with the best (the most constructive, productive, creative) version of myself as defined by a particular body for a particular lifetime.

Either way, the soul of my fate cannot help but remain resistant to change or responsive to change.

In light of these observations, a vital lesson to learn is that fate and free will operate in tandem through many incarnations. As much as the nature of a soul determines its fate, the choices that a soul makes from lifetime to lifetime fatefully shape its destiny to come. When difficulty in my life arises, is it because of something I did or didn’t do many lifetimes ago, something I did or didn’t do in a previous lifetime, or something I did or didn’t do in this lifetime? Or is it because I chose to test myself incarnationally before I was born to learn a lesson or as preparation to learn a lesson? These same questions apply when opportunity arises, calling me forth to embody and express the best version of myself.

Where the evolution, realization, and expansion of the soul are concerned, it would seem that perceived difficulty and opportunity are two sides of the same coin of learning to grow more responsive and response-able for the mindful, skillful, artful expression of the spirit through the heart of soul.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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