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by Christopher Lovejoy on May 22, 2017

When I explore the role of love in serving self and other playfully, with presence, for the sake of promise through patience, a golden opportunity arises for me to receive and respond to a holy trinity of perennial questions: what is the taproot of love? what is the essence of love? what is the fruit of love?

Though not directly, I did respond simply to these questions in my most recent post.

Before I examine and elaborate on these responses in this post, l have yet another question to ask, and for a world whose inhabitants continue to be conditioned and programmed deeply by the unmet expectations of others, this might seem like a rather strange question to ask: why be of service at all?

If I want for nothing, lack for nothing, do not feel inadequate in any way – why serve anyone at all?

If it is my extreme good fortune to love one other truly and deeply, even as we continue to expand and express and evolve and ascend through work as play that we love to do, truly and deeply, in a space or a place with others of like mind and heart where love abounds, why be of service at all?

Why set or reset the intention to be of service at all?

If, in sharing the fruit of our love with others, we inadvertently serve to meet a need or fill a void, are we being of service? If a perception of inadequacy – of not being enough, of not being good enough – gives rise to a perceived need for service, who is being of service if a void is filled, if a lack or loss is addressed or resolved, without any intention to serve, fill, address, or resolve said need, void, lack, or loss?

If I remain present to what arises in my experience, in a body of vitality with a mind of clarity through a heart of buoyancy on a soul of serenity in a spirit of spontaneity, sensing and viewing all that arises with a friendly curiosity, and if I continue to hold the light and the space for the promise of my being, oscillating harmoniously between vulnerability and impeccability, then how can I not remain patient in love?

Could it be that the end of all wisdom is love, love, love? Could it be that any currency of exchange, including money, is central to a life well lived because it carries the promise of presence and patience, but that it is love itself that is central to the exchange of value, having everything to do with the perennial values of presence, promise, and patience that give life its value and that make life worth living and loving?

Could it be that the root of all good is the love of money (or any currency of exchange, such as goodwill), but only if and when the promise of this love is carried response-ably, with presence, through patience, for the good of all, without condition, expectation, reservation?

In a recent post that I wrote, I came up with a notion that I call Love 9.0, and I left the impression that Love 9.0 is but one of nine versions of love, when it is the absolute standard by which the experience of all forms of love can be contemplated, cultivated, and celebrated.

As a cosmic standard that is absolute in nature for gauging the nature and meaning of all reflections on love and expressions of love, the light of Love 9.0 serves integrally as presence, promise, and patience for the eight versions of love, in the manner of light passing through a prism, as a pure standard by which every interaction in existence can be assessed for adequacy. Inadequacy in love (not enough presence, promise, or patience) can only ever arise in relation to the absolute standard of Love 9.0, as Love 9.0 is love supreme, from which all eight versions of love can be embodied and expressed as a subject in view of an object, subjecting and being subjected, objectifying and being objectified.

Holding the light and the space for the promise of my being (which could be another way of saying “being of service without intentionally being of service”) is the last hold on myself before I surrender completely to the breathtakingly powerful love of Love 9.0 having its way with me.

Any sensation or perception or intention of holding the light and the space for the promise is an indication that I am not there yet, that I have yet to cross the threshold through the gateway of infinity, where infinite love and light cease to have spatial or temporal references.

In being present to the light of Love 9.0, I am surrendered to the light of Love 9.0, surrendered wholly to flowing with the growing and to growing with the flowing, such that loving, trusting, caring, forgiving, and discerning arise in my experience with effortless ease, at least from the point of view of those who can be a witness to such; for myself, I am wholly present and therefore wholly surrendered.

The end of all wisdom is “love, love, love”, but the supreme love of Love 9.0 has an uncanny way of making it known when one has not yet reached the end of all wisdom. Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been set up, or that you’re in the process of being set up, or that you’re about to be set up to “fail” or fall short of that absolute standard known as Love 9.0? Then you know what I’m talking about.

Certainly, it is not an easy thing to be wholly present to the promise of patience in every moment, but I would go even further: it is especially not an easy thing to be wholly present to the promise of patience without making conscious reference to any moment whatsoever.

But then, you might want to ask yourself: what is this rush to be so? Where is this impatience coming from? To which I say: relax, take it easy; you have eight versions of love to explore and experience through encounter with presence, promise, and patience. Get to know them.

Get to know one or more of them truly and deeply through your access to Love 9.0, knowing that at the core of your being lies the taproot of your love, which is presence, bearing the essence of your love, which is promise, yielding the fruit of your love, which is patience.

Love 1.0 is compassionate or celebratory love for self, love embodied or expressed at no one’s expense: “I don’t feel good about myself and here is how I embody love with compassion for me” or “I feel good about myself and here is how I express celebratory love for me.”

Love 2.0 is love for another, in positive resonance with the love that one feels for oneself and one’s life, in service to the value and worth of another – a deep, abiding love that embodies and expresses a unique connection with someone with whom one is intimately familiar.

Love 3.0 is love for more than one other – a couple, a family, or a group with whom one feels securely and comfortably familiar, reflecting an acknowledgment of their unique value and worth in being of service to others without reliance on the juice of having ulterior motives.

Love 4.0 is love for another – an acquaintance or a stranger with perceived benefits – for whom you feel an undeniable connection. Of course, there is some risk in perpetuating this connection – what if the other is found to be unreliable in love – or worse, unworthy of love?

Love 5.0 is love for the stranger without perceived benefits for whom one feels no connection whatsoever. Here, one brings a robust capacity to enter any human encounter in preparation to love without condition. To say that this is not always easy would be an understatement.

Love 6.0 is love for all manifest beings on this planet – crystals, microbes, trees, flowers, slugs, bugs, fish, birds, animals of all kinds – which includes refraining from doing violence to any of these forms of life and affirming the sanctity of their lives befitting of homo spiritus.

Love 7.0 is love for all living manifest beings everywhere in the cosmos, which includes the enlightened ones of the Confederation, the Draco (and other) Reptilians, the Mantid or Mantis insectoid beings, and the Grays and their genetically farmed offspring (Gray-human hybrids).

Love 8.0 is love extended to all beings everywhere, manifest or unmanifest, which includes all manner of interdimensional, extradimensional, lower dimensional, and ultradimensional beings, spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and demons, as well as the twelve archangels.

Love 9.0 is love supreme, a love witnessed as God, as the Goddess, as Source Consciousness; this ultimate form of love presupposes a supreme capacity to love everyone everywhere, manifest or unmanifest, without condition, without expectation, and without reservation.

Here is how I wish to proceed …

Love 9.0 is my anchor to embody Love 1.0, to embrace Love 2.0, to engage our unique or coupled selves with other versions of love, while knowing that the gross inability of humanity to move past Love 5.0 is preventing it from moving onward and upward in its cosmic evolution – for one and for all.

How this declaration plays out for me in the days and weeks and months and years ahead remains, for me, at the present time, a mere matter of speculation, and so, for me, a matter of deep exploration.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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