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by Christopher Lovejoy on May 14, 2017

This post is about your cosmic sovereignty, about your growth in wisdom and freedom to be cosmic in your sovereignty, about your status as a wise and free co-creator with the immense intelligence of the Cosmos, in support of, and in the direction of, being the Creator of your own universe.

Your direction in life (ultimately governed by the co-creative choice to “let it be” or “make it so”) follows your purpose in life (to wit: “the purpose of life is a life of purpose”), which follows the meaning that you care enough to give to the course of your life (as life is, quite literally, meaning-less).

Let us see how this is so, and, to put it more boldly, let us see how this can be so.

I begin with a question, which is really four questions in one: can we ever be wise enough to choose our own meaning, purpose, and direction in life, and if so, to what extent are we free to do so?

The answer is quite simple: yes, and as free as you can be, but only if you know this to be so – not merely believe, which is a good start, but know, and know it with conviction, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The alternatives to this believing or (better yet) knowing are sobering, if not downright chilling: either the course of my life is already set in stone (my life is merely a program running its course regardless of my presumed intentions) or … it is utterly random in its course (at the complete mercy of forces or influences that are presently – or even forever – beyond my control inside an elaborated matrix of control).

Before you dismiss these alternatives outright, please consider their immense value.

It is all too easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we are in control of our own lives.

If it is my intention to be a cosmic sovereign, I need to keep thinking, feeling, and acting like one. I just gave you three options for addressing the course of your life – as a robot, as a puppet, or as a student. The first option is a necessity and the first two options pose a dilemma; all three options present a choice.

The beauty of these three options is that they offer a context of inquiry with which, by which, and from which to situate yourself and perpetuate yourself in a world that is, by turns, cold (and hot), dark (and light), harsh (and soft), mean (and kind), bitter (and sweet, or bittersweet).

You can “let it be” just as it is, with respect to yourself and the course of your life, perceiving the creation of your experience of reality as a dilemma, either as a course set in stone (where nothing is random) or as a completely random course (where causality is an illusion).

The third option is to make believe or (better yet) to know without a doubt that you are in charge of the course of your life, in charge of the creation of your experience of reality, or, if you are more advanced, in charge of creating your own reality by setting and meeting your own challenges.

No matter the status of your home, your health, your work, your play, or your love, you can begin viewing yourself as sovereign, as the creator of your own experience of reality, as an agency who is wholly intent on being responsible for everything that happens or appears in your own reality.

As a sovereign, and with enough presence and patience, you can begin getting curious, in a friendly way, with what occurs in your life, with what comes up for you as you proceed to live and love your life, noting the occurrences that arise in your life with an attitude of friendly curiosity.

And not just with an attitude of friendly curiosity, which is ideal for “letting it be”, for receiving and reflecting on what arises in experience, but with an ingredient that makes “make it so” a breeze embraced with relative grace and ease – an ingredient that takes sovereignty to a whole new level, with a keen responsivity to what arises in experience, one that ideally complements an attitude of friendly curiosity.

I have found this vital ingredient to be, paradoxically, both a ripe juicy fruit of effortless effort and the seed that serves to make such effort effortless. This ingredient could be called practical charisma, and requires only three basic intentions, all of which are free of charge:

  1. be present
  2. be of service
  3. be patient

In treating practical charisma (presence, warmth, power) as a seed, as a set of intentions to be present, to be of service, and to be patient, one can then begin to observe its growth with friendly curiosity.

Set the intention to be present with grace and ease, with an attitude of friendly curiosity, with whatever cares to show up in your reality, treating each occurrence that stokes an emotional charge in you as a blessing, and you cannot help but (eventually) find your peace and follow your bliss.

In making good on this intention to be present to your experience, it soon becomes evident that supreme patience with the creation of your experience is evidence of supreme power, but one cannot be supremely patient without also making good on the intention to be of service.

To be of service can move you in one of three directions (for it to be a genuine choice) – service to self, service to other, or service to neither – and whichever orientation is chosen, consistency is key.

There is little sovereign power to be found in service to neither, which is a default choice to forgo response-ability for the course of your own life and for the creation of your own experience of reality (que sera, sera). With an attitude of “whatever will be, will be”, no responsibility for self or other is ventured; with no responsibility ventured, no wisdom is acquired; with no wisdom acquired, no freedom is experienced, save the freedom of not being consciously, constructively, and creatively response-able for the course of your life and the creation of your experience of reality.

In choosing to be sovereign, one is choosing to be of service – either to self or other. Both require being in the right place at the right time with a finely honed intuition; both require being impeccable in word and deed. The difference ultimately lies in your relationship with vulnerability.

Vulnerability and impeccability are two polar opposite abilities on two sides of the proverbial coin, and the substance of the coin itself is … – you guessed it – response-ability. Where Service to Self wants little or nothing to do with the sparks of fear and dread associated with vulnerability, bypassing as it does the warm, kind, soft heart of soul for the sake of relevance and significance in personal expression and direction, Service to Other is keen to yield knowingly to the reality of vulnerability in recognition of the value of being loving, trusting, caring, and forgiving – yet discerning.

In light of the foregoing, that gestalt of experience known as presence, warmth, and power is a ripe juicy fruit that arises from (a) being present with grace and ease, with an attitude of friendly curiosity, to whatever shows up in experience as a blessing rather than a burden, whenever and wherever possible, while (b) being of service, either to Self or Other, unerringly, consistently, impeccably, with vulnerability in mind (or heart), while (c) remaining ever aware that patience is evidence of power in potential, which builds up through being of service by way of presence.

In speaking truth to power with love and wisdom in service to the other, let us remind ourselves of the paradoxical nature of strength, as expressed in this potent passage by James P. Carse, author of Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility:

Strength is paradoxical.

I am not strong because I can force others to do what I wish as a result of my play with them, but because I can allow them to do what they wish in the course of my play with them.

Clay? Play.

In this dense manifest realm, being of service to the other does not mean taking the service so seriously that one gets bogged down by the servicing. One is well advised not to serve the other dutifully; rather, one is well advised to serve the other playfully. By the same token, being of service to the other does not mean serving in a frivolous manner (remember, this is the could-care-less attitude of que sera, sera).

A need for service ultimately arises from the reality of inadequacy – of not being enough, of not being good enough – and the service is more likely to be playfully present and patient in the sight and light of love for self and other, with the service leaning slightly towards having the other benefit.

In my next post, I address the role of love in being of service (playfully) with presence and patience.

In the meantime, let us be less consumed with winning and more concerned with growing the game.

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