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by Christopher Lovejoy on April 30, 2017

Near the beginning of my life, and with enough awareness, adversity at first seemed distressing, even distasteful, but as my journey continued, and I grew in my awareness, adversity seemed unwelcome, and so I resisted, but as I continued along this journey, and my awareness expanded, I found reason to welcome adversity as a means by which to learn and grow and evolve and ascend in my power, but as I grew more seasoned, I came to question the value of adversity. I don’t know about you, but when I read the potent and provocative passage below, I feel a certain ambivalence about its message:

Of all the virtues we can learn, no trait is more useful, more essential for survival, and more likely to improve quality of life than the ability to turn adversity into an enjoyable challenge

~ Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

On the one hand, I can see and appreciate its incalculable value: adversity is inevitable at a certain level of consciousness, and so why not learn and grow to transform genuine adversity into authentic challenge? On the other hand, I can also see beyond the value of adversity as a divinely inspired being of love and light: in light of that universal law known as “energy flows where attention goes”, why not put attention on that which prevents adversity from arising at all (by “being in the right place at the right time” with a finely honed intuition), or if it does arise, keep attending to that which prevents adversity from affecting me at all (by “being consistently and impeccably virtuous in all that I say and do”)?

Here, mere ounces of prevention are worth many pounds of cure.

In approaching my relationship to adversity in this way, rising above it even as I remain wholly and fully prepared to meet it with a finely tuned consciousness vibrating at a high frequency, I am also concurrently approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

A useful metaphor for appreciating the value of this approach is The Tree of Life.

A tree, by its nature, stands its ground in submission to its fate, even as it remains rooted in the earth, whose presence is made all the more evident by the size and shape of its trunk, and whose branches, leaves, flowers, and/or fruits convey a charm by way of its crown.

A tree embodies presence and experience both: it is present to the conditions of its environment and it experiences the passing of seasons; it is present to other trees by invisible means and it experiences the company of other trees through a network of roots in community.

A tree truly is a complex phenomenon: with a tree, we can talk about the conditions that it requires to flourish (soil, water, air, sunlight); we can speak to the meaning of its embodiment (in its roots, trunk, crown); and we can discuss its usefulness for sustaining us on this planet.

A tree is no stranger to adversity, challenged by all manner of adverse conditioning and weathering.

With a tree, we can draw all sorts of comparisons between us and trees. Like us, a tree is seeded, born, grows, ages, and dies, and like us, a tree can be used, accused, and abused, but most essentially of all, we both share in our capacities for presence and experience.

Although a tree lacks the spirit to perform in the pursuit of relevance and significance (in third density consciousness), it does have a body for presence (in first density consciousness) and a mind for experience (in second density consciousness) to experience growth.

If and when we take time to put aside the pressures of performance, we can see that trees are alive to being of service, providing oxygen for the air that we breathe, producing a wide range of flowers and fruit, offering cooling shades on very hot days, as well as inspiring exquisite works of art.

When I walk among trees, I cannot help but recall that I walk among living beings alive to service, and when I touch a tree, I cannot help but recall that I am touching a living entity in service to humanity.

With just one majestic, finely articulated tree standing tall in the midst of adversity, I myself can be inspired to stand my ground and rise above adversity, even as I remain wholly and fully prepared to meet it with a finely tuned consciousness vibrating at a high frequency, with access to densities of consciousness that surpass mere presence, experience, and performance, serving to empower me to transcend and include these lower densities: in presence, I can be attuned to experience, and in performance, I can draw on experience. With the exquisite sensitivity of a loving consciousness without condition (in fourth density consciousness), I can more easily appreciate my experience in presence, and with a robust and resilient sensitivity to the consciousness of wisdom (in fifth density consciousness), I can more easily appreciate my performance through experience.

In view of a group of majestic trees, in view of a social complex of trees standing tall in the midst of adversity, we can be invited to sit or stand among them and be reminded that there is strength in numbers and resilience to be found in community. We can allow ourselves to be present to the strength, we can allow ourselves to experience the resilience, and we can allow ourselves to draw on this strength and resilience in the performance of articulating and substantiating our most inspired desires. In time, a variety of social complexes (in third density) will eventually yield to social memory complexes (in fourth density), where the memories of all are pruned and pressed telepathically into the service of all.

Howard Storm spoke sincerely to this coming transition in this ground-breaking video:

I would invite you to compare the fourth density world described in this video with the following brief outline that describes, in essence, the octave of densities that is referenced in the Law of One material:

1D presence
2D experience
3D performance

4D in loving service
5D in loving wisdom
6D in loving memory

7D in the gateway to infinity
8D in service to a new octave
9D being the ultimate witness

Note: what of talk that we can go as high as 10D, 11D, 12D, 13D, or higher? My understanding is that these are either references to higher gradations of sub-densities within densities or … references to densities (1D, 2D, 3D, etc.) in the next octave that is being prepared

In light of what is coming to earth, we can survey this octave of densities within which some of us presently have access by being the ultimate witness, with special attention paid to the gap between 3D and 4D: the next few years on earth are critical for setting the tone for the next one to two thousand years. In the current transition between third and fourth density consciousness, an intense battle is being waged, not between good and evil (it is much more nuanced than this), but between those who would serve the Other for the sake of Self and Other and those who would use the Other in service to Self. A variety of nefarious methods are being employed to compromise and coerce unwitting individuals with controlling desires to serve those who believe that their matrix of control on earth will bring them the victory they crave. Those who seek to work around these dark methods are being undermined and overwhelmed at every turn, even as they continue to press forward without knowing and appreciating the full extent of their contributions in the light of love. A chorus of angelic guides from higher densities are hard-pressed not to interfere with how all of this plays out, although if necessary, they can and will intervene on our behalf, but ultimately, it is we who must act on our own behalf.

In light of this analysis, we can see two types of adversity on the rise: personal and transpersonal. The burden of personal adversity (in acting on behalf of loved ones) is relieved and resolved by and through interpersonal alliances, even as the burden of transpersonal adversity (in acting on behalf of humanity as a whole) is relieved and resolved by and through impersonal perspectives. Personal adversity is addressed simply by this question: how prepared am I to make (or help others make) the transition from third to fourth density – from consolidating personal relevance and significance to extending meaningful contribution by way of loving and/or compassionate service? Transpersonal adversity is best addressed with two questions: in light of the octave of densities, how willing am I to understand and appreciate what is at stake in the overall cosmic scheme of things? And how well do I understand and appreciate what is at stake in the overall cosmic scheme of things? With any kind of adversity, we have two options: transform it into an enjoyable or meaningful challenge or place attention on that which keeps adversity at bay.

In this octave of the universe, where the polarization that defines it is service to other or service to self, keeping adversity at bay can be accomplished as follows: being in the right place at the right time with a finely honed intuition, while being consistently and impeccably virtuous in all that is said and done, neither of which is easy to do if you have compromised yourself or have otherwise been compromised.

In the meantime, let us remember the trees, what with their uncompromising submissions to fate.

With the trees by our side, let us move as wisely as the serpents and serve as gently as the doves.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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