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by Christopher Lovejoy on April 9, 2017

We live in a world driven by the demand to find ever more opportunities to serve, to apply practical solutions to real challenges, and to deliver desired results and outcomes that generate even more opportunities to serve – a commercial cycle that defines our deeply consumed consumerist times.

For those of us who still have the luxury of time and energy to think – to observe, explore, assess, and connect details with (and through) big pictures – it is not too much of a stretch to say that most everyone in this world is (or is fast becoming) a relatively insignificant voiceless cog in a mindless machine.

Those who have managed to sidestep or (better yet) escape this seemingly neverending cycle of “find more, apply more, deliver more, and generate more” are not (indeed, can not) be too, too concerned with the consequences of what this relentless cycle is doing to those caught inside it.

The escapees (bless their hearts) are just too busy, too preoccupied, too driven with finding ways and means to help others escape. After giving nods of scant acknowledgment to the rat racers, the hedonists, and the nihilists, they persist and persevere in perpetuating their very own carefully crafted cycles of “find more, apply more, deliver more, generate more”. I mean, let’s face it, what else can they do?

And then we have those relatively few who are chugging along at the top of the corporate, institutional, governmental food chains, directing, managing, and supervising well-oiled, tightly controlled processes that keep everyone and everything in check. While giving nods of scant approval to legions of manual laborers, technicians, and cubicle bunnies, they persist and persevere in maintaining their lofty roles.

I mean, come on, what else can they do?

Hardly anyone is seeing the big picture of what is going on in this world, and those few who do are being ignored or dismissed or (worse) noted with nods of scant acknowledgement for their strange albeit bothersome intercessions, even as they continue (perhaps with a growing sense of futility) to think and work and share their findings in relative obscurity. What else is an awakened, enlightened soul to do?

In daring to view the big picture of what is really going on in this world, the inescapable conclusion that keeps coming back to haunt the intrepid viewer is this: that humanity is a benighted, beleaguered species of misfits, morons, and monsters, and in giving these attributions, I fear I am being far too kind.

Beset with difficulty, being overtaken by a darkness that grows by the day, caught inside intricate webs of control in no small part because of their clinging allegiance to moral ignorance or arrogance, the denizens of this fractious, frenetic world are spinning down, down, down. In their endless attempts to tighten and maintain control, they are losing their control. The more they aim for control, the more they lose control.

That species known as human is caught inside a death cube whose walls are closing inward in a squeeze play that would captivate the minds and imaginations of billions if only it could be put on a screen big enough to be displayed around the world. Imagine it: out of body, we could all cheer with utter relief as the walls begin crushing the life out of the unfortunate restless many at the bottom of the pile and then give resounding cheers as the prosperous few begin falling down in spite of themselves into the mangled remains of those being crushed at the bottom of the pile.

It all has the makings of being drawn up, up, up into one eternal moment of pure ecstasy, yes? But wait, dear reader, there’s more, so much more that it takes the breath away (quite literally!).

Humanity is getting married to its technology, getting really intimate with its technology, feeding more and more on that ceaselessly active, productive cycle of “find more, apply more, deliver more, generate more”, even as the dark heart of humanity continues to shrink and shrivel with each new innovation, application, calibration, orchestration. Yes, it will free us from the hearts of our souls, at last!

No more fear, no more pain, no more regret, no more worry – a fool’s paradise for one and all, yes!

With cyborgs walking among us, we can have robocops beating recalcitrant humans into submission for daring to be human, for daring to display an inadvertent gesture (an inviting look, a wayward gaze, moving out of step, the hint of a smile even!) that raises even the tiniest of suspicions among those conditioned and programmed to be utterly effective and efficient in their conduct and behavior. As a growing robotic conformity puts everyone and everything into lockstep, the benefits of solitude, privacy, and freedom fall away like so many leaves in an autumn wind.

Imagine that – even as you’re getting micro-chipped!

And just imagine: no more health problems, no more illness, no more poverty, no more disease, no more aging, no more difficult births, no more doubts about what needs doing, no more worries about what the future might bring, no more regrets about what happened in the past, no more disability, no more inability, no more incentives for learning, no more catalysts for growth, no more loss or lack of any kind. With emojis taking the place of the real deal, you won’t ever have to face anyone again, let alone talk to them about anything at all! Freedom at last, yes!

Wait a moment, did I just say “no more difficult births?” Maybe I should have said no more births.

As this heartless, soulless humanity continues to incorporate its technology into its corporeality, into its corpo reality, into its corpse reality, the carbon-based flesh form gives way to a silicon-based flesh form, where birthing and begetting and bearing take on a whole new meaning! Just imagine the possibilities: at first, half-human, half-machine, we get to play around with a growing invincibility and a lusting, lasting immortality, even as the heart of soul shrinks and shrivels into cold dank submission to that robo sapien spirit that begins to soar and soar and soar evermore! And, … as the organic body, with its inborn wisdom and intelligence, its fragility and vulnerability, is gradually replaced by the synthetic form, with a formidable artificial intelligence encased by the durability of invulnerability, the machine itself can then take its human legacy and digitize it to a point where the machine itself can replace itself with its digital equivalents. No more human, no more machine – just digits galore!

In digital heaven, with lots and lots of zeros and ones (and qubits, too!), we get to play at being gods, and after getting bored with it all, we can conceive of ways to forget who we are for a while, programming and guiding ourselves into thinking we’re less than the gods that we are.

Imagine that.

All because of an obsessive compulsive addictive aggressive fixation on this never-ending, rat-racing treadmill of a cycle called “find more, apply more, deliver more, generate more”.

We see you walking among us, staring through vacant eyes; working among us, speedily dispatching one task after another, robo-like; talking among us a mile a minute, pausing momentarily to pose a brief question or make a quick correction – zombies, robots, and puppets galore!

We see you ignoring the ghastly things that humans are doing to each other; we see you blasting each other to smithereens without so much as taking the time to find out what really happened; we see you bypassing the corruption eating away at the heart and soul of humanity.

Thank you, humanity; thank you for being so stupid, immature, and irresponsible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the pitiful misfits, morons, and monsters that you are. I mean, who in this universe can blame you or shame you for wanting to escape from yourselves?

I know I can’t. Can you?

For the few among us who can still appreciate what I am saying here (at least a little), is there a way out of this breathless abysmal cycle of “find more, apply more, deliver more, generate more” without (a) giving up; (b) falling prey to this death trap; and … (c) letting yourself die in a fit of despair?


Herewith, a possible and plausible way out …

* * *

Drastic change creates an estrangement from the self, and generates a need for a new birth of a new identity, and it perhaps depends on the way this need is satisfied whether the process of change runs smoothly or is attended with convulsions and explosions

~ Eric Hoffer, The Temper of Our Time

Convulsions and explosions, courtesy of Mother Earth. Convulsions and explosions, courtesy of human war machines supervised, managed, and even directed by increasingly sophisticated proxies of artificial intelligence. Convulsions and explosions, courtesy of souls getting lost in the wailing depths of anguish and despair, or, if they are a bit more fortunate, getting buoyed by the roiling energies of helpless rage.

Convulsions and explosions.

Picture these for a moment, dear reader, picture them!

Convulsions and explosions, and then more convulsions and explosions, or … brace yourself for this (as you might not be used to hearing it) … an exquisite process of transformative change that is heart-based and soul-based, one that can receive, reflect, and respond to an ongoing going with the flowing, one that remains ever warm and smooth, fluid and flexible. ‘Tis true, however, that …

We humans do not like pain, and we humans do not like change, as change is likely to bring pain. On the one hand, we can be fragile in the face of momentous, relentless change, walking around like eggshells, or … we can be antifragile with the robo sapiens coming into view.

Or … we can retain our divinity inside our humanity, infusing our humanity with our divinity.

But first the beast … what on earth do we do with the beast? What on earth do we do with the hungry beast within? The savage beast. The bellicose beast. The cruel beast. The violent beast. The shameless manipulating exploiting beast. The beast that I unleashed in the first part of this post?

Do we renounce the beast within or do we indulge the beast within?

Certainly, the beast as projection is easy to judge, condemn, and ostracize. Dare we deny that the beast is within? Dare we pretend that the beast does not exist? Dare we ask: what is the beast?

The beast, if popular images are anything to go by, is a filthy drunken creature, by turns depraved, cruel, and violent; the beast is a scheming, conniving, manipulating, exploiting excuse for a person; the beast is a wild exposure of brutish personifications rearing their ugly heads.

The beast is proud beyond belief, given to sloth and gluttony, motivated by lust and greed, consumed by envy, driven by extreme fits of wrath and rage. The beast is full of cruel intentions, instinctively familiar with all of the ways in which to bring about misery, depravity, insanity.

In sharing our day-to-day politically correct niceties and our socially conditioned and programmed activities, any and all hints of the beast are best ignored, dismissed, denied, avoided, suppressed, yes?


We can not address and confront what we cannot name. Can we, dear reader. Can we.

We have a creaturely aspect and a celestial aspect, and if we give more attention to one over the other, we risk going out of balance, within and without. The neglected, abandoned ones will always come back to haunt. We would do well not to neglect or abandon the beasts, lest they grumble and stumble, and by way of reaction to a loss of control, roar with indignation, lashing out at no one and no thing in particular.

We could renounce the beast altogether, but at the risk of becoming fragile, at the risk of becoming walking, talking eggshells of our former selves. Do I thereby imply we indulge the beast? That we fall easy prey to its depraved urges and impulses, to its incessant cravings?

A satisfied creature is a creature of contentment with no hope of fulfillment; do we pacify the beast?

In light of these probing questions, it is quite evident there is no easy answer, no easy solution or resolution where our relationship with the beast is concerned, and so how best to negotiate and navigate the beastly aspect in tandem with the celestial, angelic, divine aspect?

* * *

Have you ever indulged the beast, dear reader? Even once in your life? Just once? I truly, truly hope, for your sake, that you have, if only to realize how good it can feel, how alive you feel when you do.

But have you ever delighted the beast in action, or with imagination?

Have you ever reclined, snug as a bug, inside a hammock, in the shade of a tree, on a hot summer day, all day long, swaying in the breeze, sipping your favorite drink, and gazing soulfully at fluffy white clouds moving in contrast to the crystallized presence of a clear blue sky?

Have you ever homed in on your favorite food, hungry as can be, quickly bypassing the use of eating utensils, grabbing the food like a beast and devouring the food with abandon, barely having the time to savor the flavor, gluttonously feeding on it like there was no tomorrow?

Have you ever caught sight of someone appealing to your lust, and in response, let your imagination go wild, viewing yourself in the midst of gathering the object of your desire into your arms, sniffing the neck, lustily licking the lobes of ears, growling like the beast you are?

Have you ever envisioned incessant, substantial flows of currencies – time, money, good will, energy, attention – circulating into and out of your life, even as these vital currencies increased your wealth and power by the day, enriching your lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams?

Have you ever let yourself be consumed by comparing yourself to those fortunate few who enjoy such wealth and power, even as you allowed yourself to be enviously obsessed with living and loving their happy, contented lives, filled as they are with opportunity and adventure?

Have you ever felt your frustrations come and go, coming more than going, growing and growing into overflowing, so that the resulting welling up of wrath or rage could no longer be denied or suppressed, forcing you to wield it with the flaming sword and shield of your dreams?

Have you ever summoned and gathered and channelled the pride of a mighty warrior with the volcanic energy of a beast, exposing and slicing through nonsense, undermining false resistance, turning bullshit into fuel for growth, and cutting to the heart of what really and truly mattered?

Yes, the beast is proud beyond belief, given to sloth and gluttony, motivated by lust and greed, consumed by envy, driven by fits of wrath and rage, but the beast need not be full of cruel intentions, intent on seeking and finding ways to spread its misery, depravity, and insanity.

I invite you, dear reader – encourage you even – to sanctify the beast within.

Optimize, not the beast, but your relationship with the beast. Actualize, not a beast that slothfully, gluttonously, lustily, greedily, enviously, angrily, proudly seeks to undermine, overwhelm, consume, and destroy indiscriminately, but rather, actualize the beastly – mindfully, skillfully, artfully.

Stoke the beastly fires with a sacred imagination; burn away the impurities that cover the heart of soul. Embrace savage nature with sacred alchemical intent and fear not the beastly beast within.

As you do, memento mori; if, as, or when our civilized, stylized veneers of normality, security, and prosperity begin to crack and collapse all around us, fear not your own time to lie down and die.

I appreciate you, dearest reader, for coming this far with me in this post.

After reading the rather unpleasant, unholy diatribe above, you deserve a reward, which I can now supply. Dare I say it, but the beastly beast has been satisfied and I can now concentrate on extending a warm welcome to the beast within. I can only hope that the beast accepts.

If we indulge the unfortunate habit of neglecting or renouncing the beast within, we can instead choose to awaken the beast by observing, exploring, and connecting with the dynamic between abandonment and entitlement on the cosmic field of play, and by this I mean engaging our wayward urges and impulses – consciously, constructively, creatively – in the play of “letting it be” or “making it so”.

If we persist in the unfortunate habit of indulging the beast within without due care and guidance from the sacred imagination, we can instead choose to enlighten the beast within by observing, exploring, and connecting with the dynamic between presence and pretense on the cosmic field of play, and by this I mean bringing and applying presence of mind and heart to our awakened urges and impulses.

With the beastly beast, we neither renounce nor neglect, we neither indulge nor pretend; instead, we acknowledge and accept its offering of awareness that some one or some thing is out of balance and out of harmony, having compromised its connection to heart and soul. We can indeed acknowledge the offering without too much trouble, but we can only accept it as and when we feel its impact, wholly and fully.

This invitation to feel is essential for coming to terms with the heart of the beast.

In our acceptance of the beastly offering, ideally creating a sacred space from which to receive the beastly offering in stillness so as to reflect wholly and fully on its impact, we can then respond from an empowered place of peace in contemplation of its potential to move us forward, backward, downward, or upward (let us keep all of these options open and not favor the forward and upward movements).

In viewing the entire cosmos as a giant role play on the grandest of stages in a dramatic theater with vast potential for being and doing good and evil, we see that everyone everywhere, no matter the appearance or intention, has a vital role to play to awaken, enlighten, and empower the soul and spirit in a conscious (and not so conscious), constructive (and not so constructive), and creative (and not so creative) way.

In this play, on this stage, in this theater, we have it within ourselves to enjoin ourselves to craft and carry a stellar vision of life on earth in pursuit of a lofty mission that gathers and transforms the energies of those who inhabit this planet into a global enterprise, asking: how must this enterprise work to be the best it can be? (not what work must we do to keep this enterprise going indefinitely?); how best can we produce desired results and outcomes for everyone? (not how can we produce desired results and outcomes for a select few: “for me, me, me and those who work for me and/or with me?”); what can we do to align the reality of our situation on this planet with our vision as a whole? (not what can we do to keep the future looking like it does now?); having created a functional whole, how do we best derive the working parts from this whole? (not how do we keep trying to derive a functional whole from its working parts?); and last, but not least, what can we do to create and sustain such an integrated vision of the whole? (not what can we do to keep patching together fragments into a vision of the whole?).

This global enterprise – call it Foundation Earth – is a product of cooperating, collaborating minds and products (it already exists; take a look around – do you like what you see?); what can we do now with honest, competent, progressive stakeholders to pave the way to satisfy every need of every member of humanity in support of its desires in ways and by means that remain innovative and sustainable?

I respectfully trust that these questions do much to provoke or invoke the beast within.

I also submit that Foundation Earth could be established in a matter of years, if not months, but because of a certain concern called Overpopulation, and because of a certain agenda called Global Population Control, with all of its mechanisms and matrices of control in place to curb our beastly appetites for more and better and faster, we are failing to act swiftly and surely in support of humanity.

The ultimate enterprise has less to do with what is being done and more to do with how it is being done; the commodity on offer here (the salvation and liberation of humanity) is not nearly as important as how the product is delivered (consistently, impeccably) to those who need it. Begin with a picture of those for whom the enterprise is being designed to serve – not a picture of the enterprise being created.

All wise, intelligent business people, government officials, stakeholders, shareholders, and entrepreneurs know this: without a clear picture of the clientele and their needs, no enterprise can ever succeed.

But then, maybe the impatient beast within has yet to learn and understand and appreciate that we not bite off more than we can chew by inviting the risk of overpopulation with unfettered innovation; perhaps a more gradual, controlled approach is called for. By the same token, what of the growing instability of a global population that is fettered by all manner of controls to keep it from growing beyond our control?

The beastly beast within us all, dearest reader, awaits your considered response.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global and/or cosmic awakening.

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