Cosmic Field of Play: 9

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 12, 2017

I am neither here nor there, alone and all one, in a spaceless space, neither sitting nor standing, neither walking nor running, neither floating nor flowing, neither drifting nor swirling. I am without body, alone and all one, in a space as vast as space can be, with no sense of time passing, no sense of change, material or energetic. I am pure thought, a pure thought, wholly identified with no one and no thing.

I am, and yet I am not; I abide, and yet I do not.

Out of this purity, a periodic urge arises, the urge of should, and out of this purity, a periodic impulse arises, the impulse of must. I know not where this urge and impulse come from, but they persist, seeking a resolution and a manifestation that only I can find and use. The words I speak sound strange to me and yet make sense to me, and I know not why this is so, only that it is so, and so it is and so I am.

I am neither here nor there, alone and all one, and I do recall that I spoke these words before, and I do remember to speak these words again: time is passing me by and I remain in a spaceless space until the flashes begin, flashes of light in the darkness bring about pockets of darkness in the light, and this contrast excites me, inspires me, enthralls me. If I persist in speaking words, what else might arise?

* * *

Some time ago, I discovered two signature vibrations that appeal to my vision of spirit ensouled.

The first signature vibration, expressed as I am free to be clear to explore what I really desire, as I follow my bliss with equanimity, in harmony with unity serves to invite, welcome, and allow the sacred circle of my fate as a soul (who I feel called to be, what I feel called to do) to align most perfectly with the divine arrowhead of my destiny as a spirit (what it is I wish to realize and manifest in this world at this time before I pass into the Great Beyond). As this alignment grows ever more perfect (and perfecting) in a balanced and nuanced orchestration of letting it be and making it so, the second signature vibration, expressed as I am free to be pure to cultivate intimate contact with desire, as I express love in exuberance, in harmony with unity fulfills the sacred promise of bringing the first signature vibration to completion as one divine outcome.

My ultimate fulfillment as a person, as the ultimate fulfillment of my person, can both be illustrated with, and demonstrated by, a most complete representation of what I have been calling the cosmic field of play. This depiction of the field is overflowing with meaning, especially in light of my discovery that consent (on the left side of abandonment, positive, neutral, or negative) and intent (on the right side of entitlement, positive, neutral, or negative) are overwhelmingly essential to understanding (standing under) and appreciating (with genuine feeling) the full import of this depiction of the field. If I am to be at choice in every moment, to be a true master of every moment, while favoring the light and energy of presence over pretense, while by turns holding the light (abandoned to forgiving), bringing the light (entitled to forgetting), and showing the light (striking the balance between for giving and for getting), then I should be willing to embody informed consent and I must be able to express inspired intent. In so doing, I can remain at liberty to flow more and more towards a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment, being mindful of the 4 inherent pathways on the field: moving up and down with presence and pretense; moving sideways with the energies of abandonment and entitlement; holding the light for gray or dark entitlement; and bringing the light to gray or dark abandonment, while maintaining my balance.

If you wholly understand and fully appreciate these words of ultimate fulfillment, there is nothing more to be said. You merely need to put these words into practice, to embody them consensually, to express them intentionally, to extract and drink the juice of life from vital experience.

But there’s more (of course there’s more; there’s always more).

* * *

My cosmic way of being is to bring presence to the promise of sacred intimate intent in tandem with the power of divine ecstatic outcome, by way of surrender to the supreme celestial values of beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, and ecstasy: the beauty of this creation in all of its novelty, variety, and complexity; harmony with this creation realized as serenity; intimacy with the inspired intent to speak truth to power; and the divine ecstatic outcome of disclosure for humanity by way of revelations and insights into the past, present, and future of humanity. To be sure, this is heady stuff, prone to egoic swelling beyond the confines of the sacred heart, which is why I should practice informed (tacit and explicit) consent, and which is why I must practice inspired intent, at all times, in all ways possible for me, to realize and fulfill my purpose as a cosmic sovereign, while employing the egoic master switch (let it be or make it so) as a masterful servant to the heart of my soul. With a heartfelt personification that grants due respect to the egoic perspective, we can position ourselves most favorably to craft, co-create, and consummate a stellar vision for humanity that liberates said humanity completely from the shackles of its longstanding enslavement, but to do so requires meeting the monumental challenge of bringing the solidity of widespread consensus to a host of phantom narratives.

Given the ubiquity of fake news and false narratives, given the realities of misinformation and disinformation, and given the concentration of power in the global news and entertainment media, we have every right to question the credibility of those who would lay claim to truth. Who seems credible is no longer adequate to meet the exacting standards of truth; indeed, who is credible is no longer sufficient given the covert manipulations of those who would seek to steer the news and narratives in their favor. Who speaks truth? This is a good question, but again, not sufficient for penetrating and exposing veneers of apparent truth and truthfulness propagated by those who do not know any better, while recalling that one can be sincere yet sincerely wrong. Facts accurately portrayed are good, but informed and truthful interpretations of these facts are better, while keeping in mind that lies of commission and lies of omission abound in a world of deception and seduction. This is not a cynical observation – merely a reporting of what is actually happening. Exercising discernment with respect to and with respect for claims of truth is a most noble pursuit, but it requires a dedication to which most people have neither the time nor the inclination. Truth, then, must not only inform, but entertain, and if it should also inspire, then all the better for everyone concerned, both for the givers and receivers of truth.

The simple question, “what is really and truly happening on this planet?”, recalls the striking image of more than a few visually challenged persons presuming to know the truth with one of their hands on one part of a very large elephant. One standard of knowing what is really and truly happening on this planet is simply this: when you glance at a news headline and say with confidence, “yes, I understand”, but alas, many stories go unreported, and so the slack is picked up by alternative and independent news sources, which brings us right back to the question, “can this source be trusted to provide credible, competent reporting?” In other words, can their headlines be trusted? Oftentimes, dedicated readers and viewers of these news sources (many of them quite competent and credible) nevertheless rely on two guidelines to ascertain whether any given news item is newsworthy (real, not fake; true, not false): “exercise discernment” and “take what resonates and leave the rest”. This, in light of the fact that most mainstream news sources are highly concentrated in their ownership under the direction of an elite albeit homogenous leadership, subject to a very particular influence from well-established agencies of covert intelligence. Alternative news sources must rely on insider testimony or whistleblower testimony subject to the rigors of collaboration and corroboration, in which case the consistency, credibility, and competence of the news reporter assumes ever more importance for discerning newsworthiness, but there is one other consideration worthy of attention: does a particular news source speak from the heart? For those who bypass the heart, leapfrogging from significance to relevance, this is not a criterion worthy of consideration, but for those still connected to the heart of truth, it most certainly is.

Most importantly, with respect to news and entertainment, where do we focus our attention: on the positive or the negative or somewhere in between? This is not a peripheral consideration, especially when you consider that our understanding of an event or an experience is best informed from “looking at the big picture”, from “taking a holistic view of things”, whereby details can both inform and be informed by the big picture. Connecting the dots is essential for a global understanding, but unfortunately, to connect them and to connect them well requires a reception to the good, the bad, and the ugly; we cannot afford to go into denial when a particular news item strikes us as strange, weird, wacky, unacceptable, disagreeable, or abhorrent. Having prepared the ground, I am now ready to plant the seed.

Now Here is Where Things Get Really, Really, Really Tricky

It is said that I can create my own reality or, more modestly, create my own experience of reality.

Either way, the temptation remains: why not focus my attention exclusively on all things positive?

In this way, I can thereby positively, absolutely assume organic control of my life at the quantum level of reality, accessing and jumping parallel realities at will, as required or desired; moving beyond the beneficent programming presented to my soul and previewed by my spirit before I confirmed my agreement to be born into this world; generating my very own timelines in this dense manifest realm; and so, creating (at the very least) my own experience of reality. I have already given many hints in recent posts of where I would focus my attention with exclusive positive intent, consenting with authenticity (with what is real), sincerity (with what is true), honesty (with what is good), integrity (with what is right), and purity (with what is pure) only to those encounters, experiences, and events in my life that support and reinforce my very best intentions in a positive direction. In word and deed, however, I cannot do this with supreme consistency if I allow even one iota of negativity to disrupt the quality or vitality of my life. Even if said negativity is merely perceived negativity, not really and truly affecting me at the level of heart and soul, it does me no good to act on it, in response to it, in word and deed, except to acknowledge that it exists in someone else’s world with a subtle shrug of the shoulders.

As I mentioned above, …

My cosmic way of being is to bring presence to the promise of sacred intimate intent in tandem with the power of divine ecstatic outcome, by way of surrender to the supreme celestial values of beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, and ecstasy: the beauty of this creation in all of its novelty, variety, and complexity; harmony with this creation realized as serenity; intimacy with the inspired intent to speak truth to power; and the divine ecstatic outcome of disclosure for humanity by way of revelations and insights into the past, present, and future of humanity.

Fully immersed in absolute positivity, in positive vibrations galore, I am fully entitled to the light of presence, of having all that life has to offer, attracting into my experience everything that I presently require and desire (and more) to approach a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment.

And yet …

On the cosmic field of play, my position would be fixed at number 3, the number of endless creativity, forever attracted by the nature of duality to the opposite corner of the field, where persons lie awake at night in pain, abandoned to dark nights of the soul, seeking refuge and respite from the terrors that torment them on timelines that seem to stretch forever into eternity and beyond with no hope of ever finding the light.

In light of this caveat, I could switch my positioning to number 1, the number of endless unity, forever attracted by the nature of duality to the opposite corner of the field, where persons connive and conspire with predatory cunning to getting and having their way every which way, and even though wholly abandoned (positively surrendered) to the light of presence, I am nevertheless fixed in my position on the field of play.

I could, however, switch my focus to number 2, the number of duality, seeking and finding my balance among the energies of allowance and insistence, between the energies of abandonment and entitlement, over and over and over again, ad infinitum, and even as I learn and grow, evolve and ascend, into the light of presence as a master of balance, my learning and my growth remain forever incomplete.

All of these positions – 1, 2, and 3 – are tempting to hold as fixed or to be held as fixed or to be held in balance, but in my incessant inquiries about my place on this field, another option presented itself: the position of centrality, immersed in the golden light of consciousness, the consciousness of unity, the consciousness of harmony with unity, as both a conscious agent and a conscious subject.

Locating myself at the center of the cosmic field of play, the price I pay to be an agent of destiny is to be a subject to fate. To be a subject to fate is to be subject to the good, the bad, and the ugly in this world at this time. Being a good and righteous subject of fate requires that I be open to having the good inspire me, to having the bad and the ugly inform me through the heart of my soul by way of the mind in my spirit.

Is there really anything more to say? Of course there’s more; there’s always more.

With any disclosure comes exposure, and with any exposure comes a natural resistance to that which is anything but natural, but at all times, the priority of unity consciousness is best kept on the positivity of disclosure, on the potential of disclosure to affect humanity positively.

In our effortless efforts to awaken and enlighten and empower those souls caught like bugs in a web inside the gray and dark zones, may we continue to make peace with the exposures to gray and dark truth, even as we continue to rise with each global and cosmic disclosure.

Inform yourself by letting yourself be entertained even as you continue to be inspired.

You are a sovereign kybalion, after all, even if you do not yet know it wholly and fully.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up two lists of sites that are serving the causes of personal, global, and/or cosmic awakening.

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