Cosmic Field of Play: 8

by Christopher Lovejoy on March 5, 2017

I am . . . free . . . to be clear to explore
what I really desire, as I follow my bliss
with equanimity, in harmony with unity

I am . . . free . . . to be pure to cultivate
intimate contact with desire, as I express
love in exuberance, in harmony with unity

We live in a strange world of phantom narratives, where public disclosures and exposures of truth, even with shards of evidence, are closely bound to the other, and where disclosures and exposures of truth lack the solidity of widespread consensus. Who can say for sure what is true?

Examples …

We are not alone; in fact, humanity has never been alone

Is this affirmation a cosmic disclosure? It is if it’s true. Is it true?

Abductions by aliens engendered a great deal of suffering

Is this declaration a cosmic exposure? It is if it’s true. Is it true?

Suppose I invite you to attend a meeting in a posh boardroom at the top of a state-of-the-art building with a breathtaking view of its environs. While enjoying the view, a distinguished guest confides in you, telling you that we cannot disclose the truth about what is really happening on and around this planet because a full disclosure would attract a full exposure that would cause this world to descend into chaos, conflict, and confusion. How would you respond? Would you be informed enough to give a response that is at once thoughtful, wise, and intelligent? Being the thoughtful, wise, intelligent person you are, you respond:

From my perusal of daily news reports, both mainstream and alternative, from the many impressions I get from topics raised in the blogosphere and elsewhere, and from my observations of people and their behavior as I go about my business, I am sensing a world in distress, whose unrest can be likened to a cauldron whose contents are bubbling and gurgling most noisily, more so with each passing day.

A day doesn’t go by without yet another report (or two or three or ten) of someone stabbing or shooting someone else. It seems that people are killing, or threatening to kill, each other at increasingly alarming rates, both in and out of prison. I respectfully put it to you: can anyone here say “bloodbath”? Maybe the question is better posed this way: can anyone here say “Hunger Games”? What is this doing to our collective sense of safety? Perhaps the cauldron of which I speak is filled with bones and guts, with lots of blood, sweat, and tears mixed in for good measure.

You ask: could it be that not disclosing fully is causing chaos, conflict, and confusion?

The distinguished guest smiles, and says: our global depopulation program is taking its toll, it is true, as is our agenda to improve the genetic fitness of humanity as a whole, but the end result will be worth it: a planet habitable for a wide range of species from around the galaxy.

Including hybrid species?

Including hybrid species.

I see, so this objective explains the push to harmonize race and religion, to diversify the nature of gender and family, and to bring all nations under one system of global governance, but why the secrecy?

What secrecy? We have told you everything you need to know. You just need to know where to look.

The truth, hidden in plain sight.


And the ends justify the means.

Yes, whatever it takes, with whatever means we have at our disposal, within the cosmic rules of fair play. If we broadcast intentions through books, movies, TV shows, and concerts, you better be paying attention. If you consent to wrongdoing, this is your problem, not ours.

I can well imagine you enjoy controlling both sides of a conflict.

Playing both sides of a conflict, yes, but with any freedom comes responsibility.

The responsibility to manage and direct others to do your bidding?

The responsibility to ensure as much global security and prosperity as can be had within the bounds and parameters set by our agendas and programs to meet all of our objectives for planet earth.

This phantom narrative is but one benign interpretation of a GCA (global conspiratorial agenda).

What is true and what is false? When and where do biased and prejudiced interpretations of fact and value lead us astray? Can we know at what point in a phantom narrative we are being informed, misinformed, or disinformed? Again, who can really say what is true or false?

The Name of the Game is … Control, … or so They Say

Or so they say? Who exactly are they? And does an answer to this question even matter?

Maybe the question we should be asking is this: are there too many of us on the planet? More to the point, to quote occult elite sources: are there too many “useless eaters”, too many “disposable containers”, too many “unwashed masses”, too many “baskets of deplorables”?

In light of these unpleasant yet necessary questions, I wonder about the nature of conspiracy. Now there’s a loaded term, if ever I heard one, and there’s no doubt in my mind that this c-word has been tarnished by all manner of social programming and conditioning, but what if we could entertain the notion that the correct view of history on this planet is conspiratorial rather than accidental. Just what if?

On the face of it, a global conspiracy seems utterly absurd, and yet … what if this apparent absurdity poses as the perfect cover for it? Might the highly concentrated, legitimatized sources of power, wealth, might, intelligence, news, and views on this planet not offer vital clues?

We have heard it said, “do not underestimate the power of the people”, but then, if they have little power to effect positive collective change, or worse, if they delude themselves into thinking they have any power to effect positive change, what hope is there for anyone?

Bear with me here; I’m not saying we’re all doomed to living forever inside a matrix of control. I’m just asking some awakened questions, and I respectfully submit that if we cannot ask them for ourselves, then we haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in this world.

And to the actions of those who would presume to steer its course.

To Forgive and Forget, … or Not? This is the Most Basic of Questions

Before I share my final version of what I call the cosmic field of play, I have one more piece to the puzzle of living and loving life on planet earth in a cosmos chock full of wonders and blunders both.

I must admit from the outset that a facet of my ego, at one time, did not and could not forgive and forget readily or easily those hurtful and/or harmful acts committed without provocation, and yet I know without a doubt that this human aspect of me is not only instructive but necessary for the evolution of those sacred and divine dimensions of me that seek realization and ascension, respectively. Even now, I have my moments when I am hard pressed to forgive and forget readily or easily. In light of this personal admission, I have found it helpful to look at forgiving and forgetting in a new light, in the literal light of “for giving” and “for getting”. When I find it within myself to forgive a slight, for example, I am all for giving anew, and when I forget said slight, I am all for getting more of what I need and want without any withholding that comes from not being for giving. When I burn inside the flames of vengeance or when I simmer under the boiled waters of resentment, I remain seized by urges and impulses to manipulate and exploit, but even if I can find it within myself to forgive, but not forget, the urge or impulse to obligate remains. Only when I can truly forgive and forget, to be truly for giving and for getting can I then move on with my life and my love for life and take the fullest responsibility possible to do what needs doing to satisfy my needs in the hopes of fulfilling my desires in my own way on my own terms. In being for giving and for getting, I can relinquish any claim to maintaining (or worse, mastering) a false (because contrived) sense of control, remaining open to those who have not or can not forgo any such claim, and instead, embrace an everfresh, organic sense of control.

This world has entered a time and a place where a conflict of monumental proportions has arisen within our midst: to be human or inhuman, to be humane or inhumane, to forgive and forget … or not?

I position myself at the center of this field with observational vibrational access to every point on the field. In light of the monumental conflict that threatens to destroy humanity, I feel that this is the best place for me to be at this time. As a sensitive crusader of the light of golden consciousness, I can by turns hold the light (positively abandoned), bring the light (positively entitled), and show the light (positively balanced), as required (by fate) or desired (for destiny’s sake). In this place, my core intention remains: to be at choice in every moment; my core inclination remains: to favor presence over pretense; and my core orientation remains: to extend meaningful service to others. To be for giving and for getting is to be at choice in every moment, to favor presence over pretense, and to extend meaningful service to others, but with disclosures that serve to liberate humanity come exposures that serve to agitate humanity.

As crusaders of the light, we do well to keep our balance between disclosure and exposure. To this end, I created this graphic depiction of the holy cross as a sacred and divine reminder to orient ourselves most favorably inside a most complex and complicated matrix of control. As I wrote in my post, Cosmic Field of Play: 6, A cosmic disclosure and exposure of every one of humanity’s deepest, lightest, darkest secrets requires a stability of soul and a stamina of spirit not readily or easily found in this world at this time. It is up to each one of us to find a sense of stability and stamina for ourselves, in our own way, on our own terms, while keeping in mind, with equanimity, that humanity just might allow itself to be destroyed by its own inhumanity through its collective ignorance and arrogance. Please, for your own sake, do not make this your problem. Rather, embrace and embody, the best way you know how, these four agreements from a forgiving, forgetting place: be impeccable with your word; make no assumptions; take nothing personally; and always do your best (I would encourage you to read or listen to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz).

The obstacles to preserving compersion and compassion for humanity freely are formidable: on the side of inhumanity, on the side of being inhumane, on the side of “forgive not, forget not”, are those heartless souls whose core inclination is to favor pretense over presence and whose core orientation is to be Janus-like in their extension of service, serving the self first and foremost and then serving the other as a means to serving the self, all the while vying for top spot within their own domains of contrived control. In the Gray Zone, we find those whose prime modus operandus is “to forgive, but not forget”. Here we have the bulk of humanity who are caught in the middle, pawns on a global chessboard, neither inclined to be a party to cosmic disclosures by evolving and ascending into the light of presence nor inclined to be a party to cosmic exposures by observing and exploring the very depths of misery, depravity, and insanity to which humanity has succumbed. What to do in the face of these dark and gray souls? Might there a spark of goodness remaining in that dark soul with the Janus face? Might there be a spark of curiosity remaining in that gray soul whose overwhelming, undermining sense of obligation has all but reduced it to a fated existence with an extremely limited purview on the extent to which humanity is subject to a controlled demolition by diabolical means?

We, as crusaders of the light, still have each other, however. We also know who we are.

Here, at last, is my final depiction of the cosmic field of play. Yes, it does appear complex, but if you’ve been following and absorbing the course and content of this series on the cosmic field of play, then you will likely share my sense of ultimate completion (and fulfillment). Let this be your guide to ultimate fulfillment in a world whose ultimate destiny is (presently) anything but certain (and do not be fooled by those who would have you think or believe otherwise). With the intention to be at choice in every moment, with the inclination to favor presence over pretense, and with the orientation to be for giving and for getting in service to others more often than not, we can more readily and easily see where to hold the light, where to bring the light, and where to show the light, as crusaders of the light in harmony with unity, for a world on the brink.

Conscious intent and conscious consent: what could be more fundamental to playing this infinite game on the cosmic field of play? In the final analysis, everyone – master, servant, and slave alike – is a witting or an unwitting victim of the matrix of control in which we all find ourselves, whether we dare to care to realize this or not. Unfortunately, it is not a simple matter of making this known to everyone everywhere who would care to listen. In the light zone, souls are highly conscious of their intentions, highly conscious of giving or withholding their consent, explicit or tacit; in the gray zone, souls are typically semi-conscious of their intentions, semi-conscious of giving or withholding their consent; in the dark zone, souls are mostly unconscious or highly conscious of setting or acting on their intentions, while remaining mostly unconscious or highly conscious of giving or withholding their consent. These observations are central to remaining at the center of the cosmic field of play. As a soul who can appreciate the influence of all three zones of play, and yet favor the light zone, just how far are you willing and able to go to explore and expose the dark machinations of those who would create a world of inhumanity in favor of the relative few? Just how far are you willing and able to go to transmogrify the gray obligations of those who would allow a world of inhumanity to overtake their humanity?

Let it be known that a stellar vision for humanity is required and desired, and while entertaining (this is an adjective not a verb) exposures are vital for supporting the cause of awakening and enlightenment, let it also be known that disclosure without vision will go nowhere fast. As the blue narrative above indicated, we have all that we need to know to move forward with a vision of vitality while exposing the dark side.

Remember, keep your balance: inside every filthy exposure resides a golden opportunity for disclosure.

Do we seek full disclosure and exposure in a short period of time? Perhaps it makes more sense to seek – for as long it takes to craft a clear, concise, coherent, comprehensive cosmic narrative – a deeper, broader, higher understanding and appreciation of what is to be disclosed and exposed to humanity, with high entertainment value, for the sake of fulfilling the promise and potential of humanity.

So where do we best place our focus, our energy, our wisdom, and our intelligence, in this Golden Era of Unity Consciousness, in this Era of Illumination and Elimination, in the months and years to come?

Stay tuned for my next and last post in this series.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening on this troubled yet promising world, I drew up this list of sites that are serving the causes of global and/or cosmic awakening.

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