Cosmic Field of Play: 7

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 26, 2017

I am . . . free . . . to be clear to explore
what I really desire, as I follow my bliss
with equanimity, in harmony with unity

I am . . . free . . . to be pure to cultivate
intimate contact with desire, as I express
love in exuberance, in harmony with unity

In every moment, I am free, free to meet every moment with this choice: let it be or make it so.

To be absolutely free in every moment is to be at choice in every moment in the light of love and wisdom. If i call this “the impossible ideal”, then how might i approach this ideal as a relatively free agent who can “make it so” and as relatively free subject who can “let it be”?

The arrowhead of ascension is a template i devised to serve as my guide to ascended mastery.

Please note the subtle difference between my use of the word “i” and My use of the word “I”. This is not a typo. I was conscious of who i was being when i constructed this arrowhead using the word “i”, as well as the word “I”. Please note, too, the difference in meaning between “i am relatively free” and “I am absolutely free”. In objective terms, following the terminology of Carl Jung, if the ego is relatively free, then the Self is absolutely free. In Law of One terms, the “I”, my “I”, your “I”, are gifts from seventh heaven, from seventh density, where “I” and the many “i”s it governs across space and time are merged as One in the Eternal Now. This “I” is situated at mid-sixth density, according to the Law of One, so that the “I” can absorb, in service to the One in the Timeless Now, what it is “i” can venerate, create, and generate with greater novelty, variety, and complexity through experience by way of encounter, guiding “mini-me” when and where necessary or requested. In a sense, “I” am already ascended, and so, here “i” am, under the cosmic veil of forgetfulness, supplying ever more experience by way of encounter to “mighty-Me”.

Now, you might be asking: why on earth would “I” do this to “me”? Instead, I invite you to ask yourself this same question, but with this shift in emphasis: why on earth would “I” do this for “me”?

For me, the answer lies in these three words of cosmic significance: “trouble is interesting”. But, and this is a big cosmic But, here’s the juicy paradox: trouble is only interesting if “i” am not in any real trouble.

Two points can be made here: “trouble is interesting”, or more precisely, the prospect of trouble is interesting because, well, the alternative is bland beyond belief: the absence of stimulus and catalyst. With no stimulus for learning and no catalyst for growth, where would we be?

Exactly – back to square one, where the square is golden and the gold is … “meh”.

The second point – trouble is only interesting if i am not in real trouble – takes a bit more to understand and appreciate. Real trouble is when fear and doubt and worry eclipse the whole of your being; real trouble is when you don’t know where you’re going to get your next meal – or whether you will even get a meal in time to keep you from collapsing from exhaustion; real trouble is where you can no longer entertain the notion that “with enough faith, i can get through anything”; real trouble is when your heart turns stone cold crazy in spite of yourself, in response to a deep betrayal; real trouble is when you’re in the middle of a steep climb and you suddenly feel dizzy; real trouble is when your mind goes foggy after eating or drinking too much of that one thing you know you really shouldn’t be eating or drinking and then having to attend an interview, go on a date, host a party, guide a discussion, give a speech, a sermon, a presentation, or make a good impression on someone you really like.

If i am steeped in real trouble, trouble is no longer interesting. With an ongoing sense of stability, buoyancy, and clarity, however, trouble is all the more easily assessed, absorbed, processed, and released: i learn, i grow, i explore, i expand, i express, i evolve, i ascend.

In other words, trouble is interesting.

Trouble is only interesting when i am faced with apparent trouble in fictional portrayals or in real life portrayals, where life can sometimes be stranger than fiction. If we are honest with our selves – our mini-selves – we do not, can not, find trouble particularly interesting as or when the trouble feels all too real, that is, too real for us to ingest and digest immediately and coherently in any meaningful, purposeful way.

So how do we get to that place where trouble remains interesting rather than distressing?

Making Sense of the Arrowhead of Ascension

Before I address the arrowhead directly, I’d like to draw your attention to this hourglass.

This chakra hourglass, as I like to call it, represents the first seven densities of consciousness in an octave of densities, each with its own infinitely divisible range of frequencies that serve to inform and inspire consciousness at all levels, from first density, where the wind and fire teach the earth and water, to seventh density, where embodiments of consciousness inhabit a space of timelessness and foreverness.

Aside: I encourage you to read about the nature of densities here; for our purposes, please pay close attention to the material placed under the General category before reading or reviewing the material that elucidates the nature and meaning of third and fourth density

Much of what we do in everyday life is informed by the movements and lessons of first, second, and third density, while some of us, by way of the heart, are moving towards (or into) fourth density, while some already have access to fourth, fifth, and/or sixth densities of consciousness. Those inclined towards spurring a global awakening favor fifth density, while those inclined towards spurring a cosmic awakening favor sixth.

In reading about the nature of chakras, symbolically or as real energetic influences on our embodiments, you will find some very interesting correlations between each chakra and each density, from the root chakra at first density, to the sacral chakra at second, to the solar chakra at third, to the heart chakra at fourth, to the throat chakra at fifth, to the third eye chakra at sixth, and to the crown chakra at seventh.

Keep in mind, too, that an attunement to each chakra builds on the ones below, such that the heart chakra relies on forming and keeping a stable, fluid, vital relationship with the root, sacral, and solar chakras, and the throat chakra relies on having a warm, soft, kind, emotionally intelligent relationship with the heart chakra (to be all the more at choice to respond warmly, express softly, and persuade kindly).

At the third eye chakra, your attunement to sixth density (your intuitive ability) is governed by how stable and active your attunement to the chakras below this one; the more attuned, the more able you will be to access the energies of golden consciousness at seventh density, which is the gateway density to the eighth and final density that completes this octave and prepares the ground for the next octave of densities.

For now, I will concentrate my attention on the first seven chakras and densities.

Please take a moment to carefully read or review the seven statements in this arrowhead. These statements are my interpretation of what I need to remind myself of being or doing or having in third density as I remain attuned to each chakra, at each density of consciousness. At the crown is the all-seeing “I” at seventh density, which represents privileged access to co-Creator identification with a wholeness and fullness of awareness of the Creation everywhere and everywhen. At the level of intuitive insight, with egoic identification with the “i am” presence of mid-sixth density, resides the Self, the True Self, the Higher Self, the Magical Self, the “Mighty-Me”, the individual, individuated, individuating Oversoul that governs all incarnated mini-selves across space and time while it remains intimately and telepathically linked to other Oversouls. Where access to seventh density offers an experience of the supreme bliss of divine perfection in Creation, access to sixth density gives us insights that we can use to effect change in directions conducive to learning and growth at all levels of density below the sixth. Moving down to fifth density consciousness – “i am, i can, i will” – affords a broadening of the purview of what I can be, do, and have in a quiet, gentle, sensitive bid to guide desired energies and effect required changes at lower levels of density. At the level of heart consciousness, we serve wherever we can to refine the energies of love and light forged in the fires of third density. At fourth density, we request the service of compassionate wisdom at fifth density, listening for this deep wisdom as we go about our day, acting on it as appropriate or desired, and then listening for any resulting feedback with respect to our behavior or actions, cycling back to asking as required. The offering in and from third density, “may all of us everywhere be happy – and at peace” is essentially a statement that reflects the ultimate lesson to be learned (and embodied) at the level of third density. Not only does a manifestation in our lives of this statement give us a relatively enjoyable experience in third density, it also paves the way for entry into the more refined fourth density of heart consciousness, which is where this planetary sphere is presently moving. A return to second density, to the consciousness of sensuous, erotic, sensual, sexual pleasures, is an opportunity to make peace with them from higher levels of consciousness, to satisfy them in a broader context of inquiry and discovery that lifts them up to the solar and heart chakras, giving them sacred meaning and divine purpose. The most basic statement of all, “I am so glad to be here now” is an affirmation of completion at the root chakra, an affirmation that says, in essence, “I feel safe and secure enough to rest with, move on to, and flow into bigger and better things at higher levels of consciousness”. The arrowhead as a whole is a snapshot of essential cosmic learnings that are bicensional in nature. That is, with privileged access to higher levels of consciousness, we can afford to move and up the arrowhead as required or desired.

With this overview of the arrowhead, we can now revisit the chakra hourglass in a modified form that will make much more sense as you read my post entitled The End of Our World. Here, you see an hourglass whose root, sacral, and heart chakras remain active but whose other chakras (grayed out for emphasis) have returned to a mode of potentiation, existing as potential only. What this means in practical terms is that this planetary sphere is headed towards supporting a world of heart in the not-so-distant future, where humans (at fourth density) and animals (at second density) co-exist peacefully in a world where people are telepathically linked across the globe and where food can be grown and bodies can be healed in mere minutes with the application of sacred intent. Howard Storm recollects a vision of this world from an NDE that he experienced back in 1985, which I share in a post I wrote more than a year ago. In this world, the Choice has been made to serve others – no more need for third density choice and action that seeks relevance and significance; in this world, the services of wanderers at fifth and sixth densities are no longer required – indeed, no longer possible, given the atomic core vibrations that can only support existence at first, second, and fourth densities.

As far as I can see, these observations are critical to what is going on in this world right now. This vision of a world of service to others in fourth density in the late 22nd century is not assured. Indeed, a monumental battle is being waged for control of this planet to create another kind of world. The direction this world takes depends largely on a prudent exercise of free will by its inhabitants (see below).

In my next post, I will endeavor to give hints of how and why this is so with a final depiction of the cosmic field of play serving as my reference in relation to the Cross of Disclosure and Exposure.

To share information and inspiration on what is happening in this troubled yet promising world at this time, I drew up this list of sites that are serving the great causes of global and/or cosmic awakening.

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