Cosmic Field of Play: 4

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 5, 2017

Am I . . . free . . . to be clear to explore
what I really desire, as I follow my bliss
with equanimity, in harmony with unity?

Am I . . . free . . . to be pure to cultivate
intimate contact with desire, as I express
love in exuberance, in harmony with unity?

The classic Twilight Zone series is my favorite TV series of all time. Running from October 2, 1959 to June 19, 1964, it featured a mix of genres, including drama, comedy, horror, suspense, fantasy, science-fiction, and psychological thriller. More often than not, episodes ended with an unexpected twist, and for the discerning among us, there were moral lessons to be learned – or simply viewed in a fresh light.

Although I no longer watch any episodes from this fascinating series, I still carry its indelible imprint with me to this day, having absorbed its ground-breaking ethos to open up and be available to the inexplicable, unpredictable events that issue forth from that realm of encounter and experience known as The Twilight Zone, a zone of influence where the commonplace rules of our lives no longer apply.

I am not one who can easily respond to questions like “Do you remember that episode where …?”. For me, each episode was an experience to be savored, like a streaming work of art awaiting contemplation from a timeless, psychological space of awe and wonder. In light of my explorations and revelations of what I call “the cosmic field of play”, this is an extremely relevant and significant point for me to make.

Recently, our species has entered what I call The Era of Golden Consciousness, and if you’re as keen an observer as I am of what is happening in our world, of what is happening to our world, and what is happening with our world, then you will know, or at least sense, that we are collectively entering a Twilight Zone, which could understandably be viewed and treated either as troubling or exciting.

What do I mean by this? Let me be your guide as we enter what I call … the Gray Zone.

* * *

In my first post in this series, I presented an uncommon challenge for myself.

In presenting this challenge, I make no assumptions about whether I am free (to be clear) or pure (in my intent) to go as deep or as high as it pleases me to go with my desires in a blissful quest to approach a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment, in harmony with unity.

Sometimes, I do not feel free to be or do as I please; sometimes, I do not feel as pure as I would like to be. These, I take as opportunities to learn more, grow more, expand more, express more, evolve more, so as to ascend more and be at choice about when I wish to descend.

Be at choice about when I wish to descend?

Yes, “be at choice about when I wish to descend.” Admittedly, this is an odd way of putting it, what with the current obsession with ascension, up and away from what is known as third density, where people struggle daily to become or remain safe and secure, to have enough to meet their needs, even their most basic needs, thereby finding some sense of their own significance, no matter how feeble or fragile.

We need to be clear: third density is not the density of love and understanding; third density is a density of vibratory consciousness designed intricately and exquisitely to have souls with spirits rise and fall and rise again to realize the relevance and significance of living with love and compassion, of living with grace and gratitude, of living with understanding and appreciation for all that life and love have to offer.

The corollary to this basic assumption is a fundamental choice: this love and understanding can be drawn into the ego much if not most of the time as a Service to Self (STS), or … this love and understanding can be extended to others more often than not as a Service to Other (STO), or … this love and understanding can be squandered or bypassed as a Service neither to Self nor to Other (STN). In my posts, The Ultimate Catalyst and Practical Harmonics, I go more in depth with explicating the nature, meaning, and purpose of making this fundamental choice in third density.

As a Service neither to Self nor to Other? How can this be a service to anyone? In a word? Contrast – and not the contrast afforded by black and white, dark and light, but the contrast afforded by the many shades of gray that can be observed on the cosmic field of play.

These shades of gray can be observed and explored by descending in one of two ways on the field. As an example, suppose I start at position 1. This extreme field position is a highly ascended one, a position where Zen masters like to hang out, where I allow myself to be abandoned (or surrendered) wholly to the intention of being a conduit of presence in the light of love and wisdom, with a witnessing stance of awareness and acceptance, aware of all that is, accepting of all that is, “letting everything be okay,” including acting on urges and impulses that might seem odd to others, especially to those who reside for the most part in the Gray Zone. From this ascended position, I am aware that I could descend in one of two ways: positionally or vibrationally. In choosing to descend positionally on the field towards position 2, I retain the highly dense, broadly aware, deeply accepting vibrational consciousness of position 1, all the while observing those who are more or less unconscious of themselves and reactive to what is happening to them and around them, and all the while moving positionally (but not vibrationally) from an observance of skepticism down towards cynicism down towards pessimism, from an observance of being distracted down towards being obligated to being manipulated to being exploited, until at last I can observe an extreme pessimism that includes nihilism and fatalism.

Incidentally, I would not advise, as a container of light, as a wayshower of light, and as a bringer of light, choosing to descend on the cosmic field of play in this way unless you feel prepared to do so.

The dynamic of descension generally looks and feels much different on the other side of the field. Supposing I start at position 3. This extreme field position is, again, a highly ascended one, a position where LoA masters like to hang out, one where I insist on being entitled to harboring the intention to serve as a conveyor of presence in the light of love and wisdom, with a highly spiritual stance of optimism and enthusiasm, one where I, and I alone, as a creator attractor, assume full responsibility for everything that happens to me and around me. Here, at the peak of entitlement to the presence of light, there is no letting be, there is no surrender to anyone or anything, and there is no need for contemplation or meditation. In this extreme position of the solipsistic subject, everything perceived to exist is an extension or a projection of consciousness. From this ascended position, I could choose to descend on the field towards position 4, but only if it profited me to do so. For example, the risk of stagnation at such a high level of functioning is a very real possibility, and so, to round out my consciousness by way of contrast, I descend on the field as an explorer of lower frequencies, bringing the light of love and wisdom to those who are less optimistic or enthusiastic about the prospects of living fully in love with a lust for life, passing down through the Gray Zone, where the entitled ones are in need of exploring options beyond mere obligation, down through the Dark Zone, where the entitled ones find themselves in need of a sense of obligation that goes beyond mere manipulation or exploitation, down to the very bottom of the field to bring light to acts of predatory cunning.

Again, I would not advise, as a conveyer of light, as a wayshower of light, and as a bringer of light, choosing to descend on the cosmic field of play in this way unless you feel prepared to do so.

Before I enter the Gray Zone, I would like to turn your attention to the middle of the field along the vertical axis, a developmental axis, where neither abandonment nor entitlement (to the light or the dark) take center stage, where a balance between “letting it be” and “making it so” is favored over either one or the other exclusively. Those who favor holding or showing or bringing or working or playing with the light along this vertical axis of development are more likely to be willing to occupy the very center of the field than those who favor either the vertical axis of abandonment or the vertical axis of entitlement discussed thus far. Someone at position 5 is at a highly balanced and ascended place, having learned to grow to expand to express to evolve to find an exquisite balance between mystery and mastery. Those who favor balance in high places have a keen perception and appreciation for the nature and meaning of bicension, energetically speaking. That is to say, they are as comfortable with ascending above the heart towards the crown as they are with finding their roots in the earth through nurture and nature. From the lofty heights of position 5, I could choose to descend on the field towards position 6, if only to better understand and appreciate, by way of contrast, the full nature and meaning of attaining a balanced individuation, dropping into the light side of the Gray Zone where the obligating energy of “shoulditis” is evident, down through the dark side of the Gray Zone where the compulsive energy of “musturbation” is evident, into the Dark Zone, where the depths of depravity in the willful abandon to lust (in all of its darkest varieties, abandoned and entitled) are evident.

In contemplating these dynamics of descension, let us not forget that we are complex creatures of light, prone to being pushed and pulled in every direction on the field of play. Only the most seasoned and accomplished among us can remain relatively fixed in their positioning on the field of play.

In sharing these descensional perspectives, I offer some hints of what can be found in the Gray Zone, a gray zone of obligatory energies that are characterized by the energies of “shoulditis” that favor abandonment (“you should do this” becomes “I should do this”, and vice versa) and the energies of “musturbation” that favor entitlement (“you must do this” becomes “I must do this”, and vice versa), both of which are trickily or slyly implied rather than stated outright. There is very little if any freedom at all to be found here, for an occupation of the Gray Zone is the price that many have paid and continue to pay to remain relatively safe and secure in their homes and their jobs and their places of worship, to have enough of this or that, so as to find some meager sense of personal relevance and significance for themselves and their lives. True, there is (potentially, at least) some freedom to be found in the Gray Zone, but it comes through imbibing a deeper, broader, higher perspective than what is afforded from inside the Gray Zone, not unlike a fish that is pulled from water and put back again, or better yet, not unlike those who move beyond their comfort zones and return with fresher perspectives of themselves in relation to the world. Those who occupy position 7, on the vertical axis of abandonment, are those who have given up on having more (better, deeper, broader, higher) than what they already enjoy, resting content with making the most with what they already have. Those who occupy position 8, on the vertical axis of entitlement, are those who have found their fulfillment in fulfilling obligations that bring many of the rewards that many in the Gray Zone daily long for or yearn for. In position 8, we find people in suits who forgo personal exploration and revelation in favor of meeting obligations, especially “important” ones.

My favorite novel of all time, Momo, by Michael Ende, brilliantly exposes the Gray Zone and what ignorance and tolerance of the Gray Zone can do to the heart of soul and the soul of spirit, which is not to say that the Gray Zone has no importance for the evolution of consciousness; it does, and more so than we might care to admit. The Gray Zone presents opportunities for players to manage (or even resolve) ambiguous situations and ambivalent feelings, effectively and decisively. The Gray Zone serves as an incubator for processing and releasing the darker emotions, such as apathy and despair, guilt and shame, fear and anxiety, lust and anger, and a pride that excludes rather than includes. On a slightly darker note, the Gray Zone enables, by virtue of its constrictive nature, tight psychological spaces to be cleared for mind games to be played, where false allegations and slight accusations poison relations in the midst of tensions personal and political, religious and ideological, undermining morale and making it that much harder for players to know who or what to trust. The Gray Zone is a zone for examining, assessing, and addressing “shoulds” and “oughts” (“should I or shouldn’t I?”), with opportunities for players to turn obsessive “shoulds” into permissive “coulds”, just as the Gray Zone is a zone for admitting or confronting “musts”, if only to prevent musturbation from turning into manipulation.

Yes, the Gray Zone is a good, bad, ugly, and awesome place to be and play, and requires everything you’ve got (and then some) to navigate – mindfully, skillfully, artfully – all manner of genetic programming and social conditioning and to circumvent their potentially soul-numbing, spirit-crushing effects. Up until recently (i.e., the late 20th century), this was (mostly) a personal matter for most people, but with the surging cosmic energies causing (indirectly) all manner of chaos, conflict, and confusion, it is becoming, more and more, a political matter for people of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, ideologies, social and economic classes, and differing abilities and skillsets – an increasingly volatile and divisive political matter that is being compelled to welcome the presence of truth so as to restore integrity to that challenged species known as human. Unfortunately, this is not a simple or easy matter to address or resolve, and here’s why …

The human species is presently comprised of three subspecies at odds with each other, each vying for control of the planet, whether they realize it or not: homo spiritus, homo sapiens, and homo capensis. Members of that subspecies known as homo sapiens, being wise to the ways of this world (in the Gray Zone), greatly outnumber members from the other two subspecies, but lack the powerful spiritual intelligence of the other two subspecies, simply because they have not yet polarized in one direction or the other (Service to Other or Service to Self). When I have spoken of that beleaguered species known as human, I am speaking of that subspecies known as homo sapiens. They are beleaguered because they are at a serious, even severe, disadvantage relative to the play of the other two subspecies, being pulled simultaneously in two directions: either by the members of homo spiritus, playing (mostly) in the Light Zone, in having members of homo sapiens lovingly convert shoulds into coulds and obligations into explorations, in greater Service to Other, or … by members of homo capensis, playing (mostly) in the Dark Zone, in having members of homo sapiens shamelessly convert musturbations into manipulations, in greater Service to Self.

In light of this monumental struggle for control of that planet known as Earth, in that solar system known as Sol, in that galaxy known as the Milky Way, I wish to share this in good faith with members of each of these subspecies: you all have a role to play at the start of this Era known as Golden Consciousness, what with its illuminations and eliminations, what with its surgings and shiftings and splittings.

To the members of homo spiritus, I say this:

I do so appreciate your warm, kind, gentle, loving presence on this beautiful planet and I can well imagine the depths of your perplexity and bewilderment about what is happening in this world at this time, to which I have this to say: the dark ones on the dark side in the dark zone, operating most efficiently and effectively along the border between manipulation and exploitation, cannot help but do what they do, having found their salvation with evil through the energies of obsession, compulsion, obligation, deception, and seduction, having found their strength and vitality in committing and performing all manner of evil deeds with predatory cunning under cover of darkness. It is vital that you find buoyancy in mood and serenity in outlook to have you know and see and feel your sensitivity and vitality in committing and performing all manner of good deeds in service to the greater good, even as you operate most efficiently and effectively along the border between exploration and realization, while finding the wisdom to forego entanglement with the dark ones on the dark side in the dark zone, viewing their cooling presence as a role to play in providing contrast to the light of presence, no matter how painful this might be. It does you no good to be naïve to the presence of evil in this world, even as it does you no good to pretend that the light is all that matters, for without the gray and the dark, how would it be possible to appreciate the light so as to more effectively contain and convey the light? Love without judgment, yes, but love with discernment. As for that subspecies known as homo sapiens, please understand that many of them will not make it into the light, having been thoroughly programmed and conditioned to accept, even embrace, a gray existence in service neither to themselves nor to others, but take heart in knowing that some among them are polarizing towards the light of love in service to others, moving beyond obligation into exploration for the sake of realization – forget not that your mere presence is often enough to encourage and reinforce this orientation towards the light of love and wisdom.

To the members of homo capensis, I say this:

I refuse to hate you, even as I refuse to have you have your way with my soul and spirit, but most especially with my ego. I do understand the fact that you are entitled to serve yourself by whatever means available to you, much if not most of the time, even if this means manipulating others into doing your bidding so as to more fully exploit their energies for your own purposes. I admit that you are highly effective at bringing about the conditions of deprivation on this planet that are necessary for generating that condition I call musturbation in a bid to more easily manipulate situations and relations in your favor. Your control of the monetary and media machines on this planet is most impressive, but even more impressive is the extent to which you have concentrated the wealth of this world in the hands of a relative few. In this matrix of control that you have created, your uncommon skill and ability in having the gray ones align with your machinations in service to a One World Order in your everpresent bid to exercise totalitarian control of this planet is second-to-none. I mean, who else can orchestrate a complex false flag event, sacrifice a racially or religiously charged group of people in the process, selectively pin the blame on one hapless individual (even though others were involved), and then make something apparently good come from it through a relentless media campaign? Who else can target a particular individual so thoroughly and relentlessly with an unforgiving media machine for not getting with the program? Who else can so effectively draw influential gray ones into witnessing or participating in magical rituals that compromise their sense of good? Who else can so effectively use trauma-based mind control to make it inevitable for its victims to follow an orientation that is Service to Self? Who else can so effectively have the girls and women among the gray ones turn against their own natures, effectively removing them from the evolution and perpetuation of their own kind, and having them align with your cause without knowing it? Your superior intellects serve you well, but it is said, from within your own ranks, that your Achilles heel is your arrogance, even as you know that a mastery of your emotions is key to increasing control. There are those among us who say you are losing control, but we both know that this is not the case, and as the Era of Golden Consciousness progresses (or regresses, as the case may be), you’ll be there in the thick of it, but know this: we’ll be watching you, learning more about you, growing ever more aware of your dark presence in manipulating and exploiting gray pretense in Service to Self.

To the members of homo sapiens, I say this:

I can only address those who are polarizing, or thinking of polarizing, towards an orientation that is, more often than not, Service to Other: in reading this post, have you not had at least a few WTF moments? Perhaps you thought the Gray Zone was all there was in this world. You can thank your lucky stars to know that this could not be further from the truth. The Choice in 3D is simple enough to make, but by no means easy to implement clearly and consistently throughout the Gray Zone, where every available means is applied to keep you from moving in one direction or the other for long. The density of obligatory programming and conditioning is very thick and viscous indeed. How best to navigate the gray pretenses that daily divert or sap your energy and vitality? How best to circumnavigate the gray deceptions, the gray allegations, and the gray accusations that only seem to be increasing by the day as the world grows ever more complex in its complications, even as Homo Spiritus and Homo Capensis seek to woo or win the heart of your soul? How best to move beyond soul-sucking obligations into spirit-seeking explorations? How best to keep your deprivations from turning your musturbations into manipulations that curry the favor of others? That curry the favor of others who do not have your best interests at heart? I find myself in a position where I can respond to these questions, but to do this, and to do it well, I need to shift my attention to the fact that this world is in the midst of a struggle that is concurrent with a birthing that is by turns chaotic and orderly, conflicting and resolving, confusing and harmonizing. The old world is a growing mess of complications, true, but the new world is full of evergreen promise awaiting exploration and realization beyond the enervating energies of obligation, manipulation, and exploitation.

In closing, let me conclude with this: it is helpful to view and treat the human species on planet earth at this time as being comprised of three subspecies, all of whom have a role to play in this golden era of transformative consciousness. Truth be told, I would never have been able to design a heuristic that represents the cosmic field of play if it were not for these three players on this planet at this time.

In my next post, I reveal how the cosmic field of play is being radically transformed by this transition.

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