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by Christopher Lovejoy on November 13, 2016

If you are awakened to the ways of this world, but are feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled in any way with the way your life has been going, with the way you’ve been living your life, or with the way life has been treating you (i.e., with the way you’ve been treating life), then this post is for you. If you are awakened to the ways of this world, and are feeling wholly satisfied and completely fulfilled in every way, I would nevertheless invite you to be open to the material presented here, if for no other reason than this: you just might find something of value, if not for yourself, then for someone close to you.

My intention here is to undergo a cosmic process of weaving to completion a number of supportive structures by which to guide myself and my life and my experience with earthly life towards a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment. You are more than welcome to follow along and apply what I share here, to yourself and your life and your experience with earthly life, whatever feels good and right for you, while keeping in mind that you are free to add or modify or decline anything that doesn’t jibe.

In being a weaver of sorts, I’ll be drawing on material that I shared on my site some 18 months ago, even as I reserve the right to tweak and refine this material as I go. As I continue to evolve personally (interpersonally, transpersonally, impersonally) through my weekly blog in my understanding of myself and my life and my experience with earthly life, I will no doubt encounter material that no longer resonates. The price I pay for having a fluid, flexible, adaptable identity in service to my evolutionary growth on a path of ascension is more than made up for by the growth itself.

In my most recent post, I posed this question under the heading of Principle 2: Structure Determines Behavior, and I quote: “So, how do we live wholly (soulfully) and freely (spiritually)?” (I would encourage a review or a reading of this post to better appreciate what follows).

How indeed? In answer to this question, I provided as follows:

By addressing our schizophrenic nature in moral duality, through the energies of positivity and negativity, and by making it easy to answer the following two questions by reminding ourselves daily that these two questions give us our tickets to ultimate wisdom and freedom:

to what extent
do I cultivate and celebrate
the energy of positivity?

and to what extent
do I exacerbate and tolerate
the energy of negativity?

I’ve since realized a more proactive way of posing the latter question:

to what extent
do I cultivate and celebrate
the energy of positivity?

and to what extent
do I assimilate and integrate
the energy of negativity?

In light of these guiding questions, by what structures do we address them and answer them along our way to realizing ultimate wisdom and freedom, and by what criteria and behaviors do we realize that we no longer need to ask these questions of ourselves and others?

In this document, I began a process of addressing the matter of fate, of sharing ways and means for coming to terms with fate, while shedding light on my own fate from a cosmic perspective. All of this addressing and sharing and shedding opened me up to infinity, to the possibilities of infinitude, in ways and by means that completely and utterly overwhelmed me (but in a good way). In reflecting now on what I shared, I cannot help but keep coming back to this realization: we are here on this earth to bring the cosmos to this earth by what we explore, embody, and express.

So how does one go about wedding the universal with the personal as humanly divine?

How does one master the energetics of positivity and negativity with a view towards approaching a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment on all levels (personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, impersonal)? Where does one even begin to focalize and vocalize this cosmic process?

four-layersThis symbol is a potent symbol of our times, one that I generated spontaneously from the transformative fires of my imagination in a matter of seconds in a bid to be wholly inclusive. The faint green background is symbolic of our nascent collective entry into a green ray (fourth density) planetary environment, where universal love and compassion are beginning to see the light of day. The blue shape is representative of a cosmocentric point of view, which is where I spend much of my time approaching a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment while also being a wayshower for others to follow. The green shape represents a globocentric point of view, where more and more of us are cultivating a global perspective, so as to understand and appreciate local events being shaped (and warped) by global forces, so as to help guide and steer these forces more and more towards peace and prosperity for everyone. The red shape serves to reflect a sociocentric point of view, from where many (perhaps too many) continue to view and treat this world in terms that are exclusive to their favored group (in terms of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, status, class, interest, you name it). The central yellow star is symbolic of a healthy, happy ego bursting forth, transcending its schizophrenic nature in third density, expanding outward and upward into fourth density and beyond. As such, this egocentric perspective is just as valuable (if not more so) as any other perspective in this schema.

Overall, this layered perspective not only invites more individuality for each and every soul incarnated on earth, regardless of perceived status, exposing as it does the slave mentality of robotic puppetry, it also elevates the ego to its rightful place as the driver and decider of destiny.

Gone are the days when the ego is cast as the favorite whipping boy of spiritual gurus, who are acting unwittingly (or knowingly) in service to those who would rule us all from the shadows, by way of scarcity, with willful suppression and submission foremost on their minds, to extend the condition of Peak Child (attained in the year 2000) towards fulfilling the first two imperatives found on the Georgia Guidestones.

fulfillment typesThe Cosmic Foursome is a potent backdrop for placing the individual ego into a healthy, vital relationship with the Cosmos. This placement is attainable in two ways: the first is a cyclical representation of individual egoic movement through the lifespan of one incarnated lifetime. We all begin with a human birth into a situation of our own choosing, chosen prior to incarnation after a preview of various timelines. This situation at birth (born into wealth, poverty, comfort, etc.) that is best suited to meeting our incarnational objectives is central to catalyzing our evolutionary journey of learning and growth in one lifetime, which is complemented and supplemented by our chosen relations in life (our choice of parents, siblings, friends, relatives, partner(s), and special relations as we move through the stages of life), which is not to say we won’t meet up with those who were not part of our plan prior to birth. We even choose our vocation prior to birth, which is not to say we will make the same choice while incarnated. The Cosmic Lifecycle is a powerful representation of our lives while incarnated, especially as and when we stray from the Plan that we accepted prior to birth, in which case fate might very well become a pressing issue in relation to destiny. If we resist our fate in favor of a destiny conceived while incarnated, we might well be hard pressed to restore our equilibrium and find ourselves envious of those who seem to glide through their lives in accordance with their preconceived Plans. Be that as it may, the Cosmic Lifecycle offers a stabilizing reference by which to place a fresh destiny (conceived while incarnated) into perspective: “here is my situation (and here is where I wish to improve it); here are my current relations (and here is where I wish to improve them – or replace them), and here is my vocation (and here is where I aim to upgrade or replace it with something better and more in keeping with my purpose and my passion”). The Cosmic Lifecycle also reminds us most potently that a favorable situation in life is supportive of favorable relations, which are supportive of a favorable vocation in life, which is supportive of an even more favorable situation (“round and round it goes; where it will end, no one knows”).

priorities-of-a-true-selfWe’ve seen this graphic before, in a recent post that I wrote entitled A Soulfish Illumination. Here, I would merely like to place this graphic into context, in the context of what I’ve shared thus far in this post with respect to the Cosmic Foursome and the Cosmic Lifecycle. In retrospect, I must say that I am astonished by how neatly the four priorities of a True Self (egoic intention, social attention, worldly attraction, cosmic projection) dovetail with the four layers of perspective found in the Cosmic Foursome (egocentric, sociocentric, globocentric, cosmocentric). With the Cosmic Lifecycle, we have three directional components (Situational, Relational, Vocational), but we could add a fourth, viz., Incidental (or Accidental, although from a cosmic perspective, it is questionable whether much of anything can be construed as accidental), such that the Incidental component can be witnessed as impersonal outside of the Flow (cosmocentric), the Vocational component can be treated as transpersonal (with globocentric repercussions), the Relational component can be taken as interpersonal (sociocentric), and the Situational component can be observed as personal to ourselves (egocentric). These supportive structures – the Cosmic Foursome, the Cosmic Lifecycle, the Cosmic Priorities – offer a stable frame of reference by which to address, among others, the questions on positivity and negativity posed above.

With this supportive cosmic context in place, where do we go from here? Stay tuned …

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