Blessing the Goddess

by Christopher Lovejoy on August 14, 2016

The Goddess is alive beyond the feeling of I; the Goddess is alive in the awareness of I being I; and the Goddess is alive in the Presence of I Am; but the Goddess of Creation really comes alive in the individual, individuating person whose experience of contrast in the insistence “I am this – but not this” continues to deepen, broaden, and heighten awareness of an identity in this world of shifting forms and formations.

When I take a moment to feel deep gratitude in the Presence of I Am, and this feeling remains ever receptive to an inner knowing that what I see, hear, smell, taste, touch is divine, I bless the Goddess with sacred intent. Likewise, whenever I can feel into the cares and concerns of others as if they were my own, without too much resistance or without any resistance at all, I bless the Goddess with sacred intent.

“thank you, I appreciate you”
“I love you more than I can say”
“I’m sorry; please forgive me”

When spoken at the right time in the right place for the right reason with the right person (“right for you, right for me”), these words obviously foster mutual care and connection, and yet, at times, they can be some of the most difficult words to express sincerely and consistently.

In this light, “when, where, and with whom?” is a question we would do well to ask ourselves from time to time as “persons in the world” who are caught up in defending a noble sense of good and bad, right and wrong, all the more so when we neglect to ask these kinds of questions:

“could you clarify this for me?”
“could you please elaborate on that?”
“could we go deeper with this?”

When X makes an appearance – a situation or an event, a belief or a point of view – and it triggers us deep down inside, we might do well to view it as having what I call “a right to rise”, a right to make an appearance for some reason or another, for some purpose or another, whether we know it or not, whether we can see the value in it or not, such that “whatever appears is already allowed to be what it is.”

If true acceptance of what appears, as and when it appears, is construed as a sacred pledge by heart and soul to expand and extend peace through presence, then total allowance of all that appears, as and when it appears, can be construed as a divine pledge by the mind and spirit to engage and express power through peace. If what appears has already been granted “a right to rise”, why react to it and duplicate the effort of granting its right to rise? Whether I accept and allow an appearance, it still exists, it is still present, and so what if I could find it within myself to grant an audience with anything that appears and triggers me in the moment; why practice acceptance and allowance beyond that moment?

I invite you here and now to pause and grok.

* * *

Today, I take action with no expectation
of what the outcome will be or should be

This simple little affirmation is so outrageous as to defy belief, and yet, and yet, if I could master it (or have it master me), then I might see that blessing the Goddess would be a matter of course.

Thankfully (or unfortunately, depending on my point of view), there is a way to master “this simple little affirmation”, but it would require, even demand, everything I’ve got – and then some.

Today, I take action with no expectation
of what the outcome will be or should be

Essentially speaking, what does this mean?

love life liveIt means having the clarity and maturity to press “feeling good” into fulfilling me, into filling me up daily – vibrationally, energetically, spiritually, and consciously; it means setting myself up to be aware of my prime vibration, daring to choose mine by following my enlightened peace, love, joy, bliss, grace, ease, trust, fun, humor, laughter, motivation, inspiration, pleasure, passion, excitement, or ecstasy, moment to moment; it means constantly planting new seeds, in and from and through the power of my imagination, without waiting for them to sprout; it means caring more about how I feel than how my feelings care to bloom or blossom; it means, as much as possible, remaining in a state of future presence (breathless anticipation), as gauged by my state of being and my vibrational attitude; it means trusting the sum of my Source (the Goddess) to show me the way, trusting that which pushes me deeper, broader, and higher, letting go of any preoccupation with how and when; it means keeping my focus on what is working (not on what is not working); it means knowing that if I keep yearning and learning and growing and exploring and creating and expanding and evolving and ascending, I will, in spite of myself, confess or project a belief in lack or limitation; it means going all in, giving it my all, knowing that my own unique creation (of my self, of my life, of my experience of reality) is a high stakes game that requires maintaining a sense of urgency in view of spreading the light of love and wisdom; it means waking up every morning to prompt myself again and again and again: “here and now, the most relevant, significant choice that I can make is __________________.”

Then, and only then, will “this simple little affirmation” seem simple and little:

Today, I take action with no expectation
of what the outcome will be or should be

Then, and only then, will blessing the Goddess be a matter of course; then, and only then, will the Goddess be inclined to guide me to and through Her many appearances, both subtle and obvious.

This post was forged in the restless fires of third density.

In my next post, I follow nine pathways to the Goddess.

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