I Live to Love to Serve

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 10, 2016

If I were to sum up the theme of my life in 8 words, it would be this: I live to love to serve the Goddess.

In a previous post, I declared that “I live and love to serve the Goddess”; in a recent post, I offered a cosmic context to shed some light on this rather uncommon declaration; and in my most recent post, I cleared the air (so to speak) so as to pave the way for my (godly) service.

Playing God in relation to the Goddess in woman or playing Goddess to the God in man need not be a complicated affair, although, for the sake of your learning and growing, your exploring and expressing, your expanding and evolving, it can be as complex as you wish it to be.

For more than six years, I have been (blissfully, joyfully, bloyfully) absorbed by the nature and meaning of personal fulfillment, keeping a weekly blog since June 2010. On July 24, 2011, I posed this question as a title for a post: Ultimate Fulfillment? In this post, I took my first baby steps in considering the viability of approaching (even realizing) the ultimate in personal fulfillment. Although I no longer feel that a realization of the ultimate in (impersonal, personal, interpersonal, transpersonal) fulfillment is possible in human form (which is the subject of another post), I do feel that approaching a realization of said fulfillment is not only possible but desirable. In a nutshell, the way to do this is to (a) awaken to your sense of promise and possibility sacredly and divinely (respectively) by living and loving, learning and growing, exploring and expressing, expanding and evolving through the eyes and ears of God or Source Consciousness (from the viewpoint of intelligent infinity); (b) enlighten yourself through Presence as fully and as consistently as you can, knowing in your heart of hearts that you can never really die and that you are free to be all that you can be; (c) empower yourself by taking what you know about this ultimate freedom and applying it to your existential and circumstantial realities, treating these realities as mere reflections of your choices, taking your ultimate cues, not from these realities, but from your immense power to choose (as much as you can handle); and (d) sanctify yourself by moving beyond mere enlightenment and empowerment to ordain whatever you desire, while honoring the free will of others and knowing that anything and everything is possible subject to the universal laws of creation.

The theme of my life – “I live to love to serve the Goddess” – is my current vehicle for moving through enlightenment and empowerment, but it makes no explicit mention of service orientation, which is a key underlying component of empowerment in partnership with enlightenment. In serving the Goddess, you might well wonder: do I ultimately serve (and love) myself or do I ultimately serve (and love) others?

In the utterly groundbreaking Law of One series, the requirements for evolving and ascending to the next level, vibrationally and collectively speaking, are quite specific with respect to your choice of service orientation: Service to Self (STS) requires that you serve your self and love your self at least 90% of the time for you to be sufficiently polarized to evolve and ascend to the next level of density (fourth) with those who are also STS in their orientation; Service to Other (STO) requires that you serve the Other and love the Other (or others) at least 50% of the time for you to be sufficiently polarized to evolve and ascend to the next level of density (fourth) with those who are also STO in their orientation. Unless and until you can polarize sufficiently in either direction, you will remain in third density, incarnating on another planet (as this planet is presently awaiting the collective involvement and engagement of fourth and fifth density beings), where you will have more opportunities to explore and express, expand and evolve, into and through a personal sense of safety, security, satiety, and significance in relation to others so that you can find your preferred polarity and ascend with the one or the other service orientation.

Again, in serving the Goddess, do I ultimately and primarily serve myself or others?

I say “ultimately and primarily” because with the STO orientation, I can safely serve myself and love myself 49.9…% of the time, theoretically speaking, although I would strongly recommend that you hone your sense of service to others, aiming to serve others authentically, sincerely, and honestly, with integrity, at least 60% of the time. This way, when it comes time to have your Cosmic Life Review after you pass from this world, you need not wonder where you stand in terms of your service orientation. With the STS orientation, the artful, skillful, mindful use of deception, seduction, obligation, manipulation, and exploitation of others (without violating their free will) is necessary to polarize sufficiently. With any intent to polarize with the STO orientation, a discreet use of these tactics is not out of the question as you may wish to experiment with them to experience them well enough to protect yourself and others from their use, but I would caution against using them too often or too intensely, too deeply or too darkly, as this may compromise, even defeat, your aim to polarize with others who share an STO orientation.

So, what does it mean to serve the divine feminine spirit, to serve the many faces and roles of the Goddess (e.g., Mother, Adventurer, Lover, Priestess, Wise Woman), as a sacred masculine soul, with an orientation that would aim to serve others at least 60% of the time? (note to myself for future reference: for every 3 worthwhile and deserving fourth and fifth density acts in service to others, I get 2 deceiving, seducing, obligating, manipulating, exploiting third density acts in service to self, if I so desire).

Let me begin to answer this question by saying this: serving and supporting and supplying the Goddess with sacred masculine intent requires that I draw on inner feminine guidance to identify and clarify the divine feminine spirit through its many manifestations and expressions, but before I can offer this ongoing service, I would do well to understand (truly, deeply 4D) and appreciate (fully, wisely 5D) the basic difference between traditional forms of masculine and feminine energy.

Where feminine energy is receptive, reflective, and responsive, masculine energy is assertive, projective, and reactive; where feminine energy absorbs, masculine energy penetrates. Traditionally speaking, women could only ever be perceived as desirable, as pictures of health, youth, and beauty, if they could behave and express themselves as feminine, and men could only ever be perceived as desirable, as pictures of discipline, confidence, and success if they could conduct themselves as masculine. To illustrate these commonly perceived (and naturally complementary) distinctions, let us examine (with tongue firmly and playfully in cheek) the following raw data from real life …

toilet humor compWhen I saw this message taped above a toilet, I had to laugh. Either a very feminine man had posted this message or a lovely lady from the office with a quirky sense of humor did (I would bet on the latter). When I looked more closely, I noticed the penned instruction, a masculine construction, obviously written by a man who had taken offense to the slightly patronizing tone of the poetic feminine message about sprinkles and tinkles. In my mind, the contrast between these two messages is striking. Where the feminine expression expresses in a roundabout way, with poetic and humorous effect, the masculine instruction instructs in a very direct way, making it very clear what needs to be done to avoid being patronized like a little boy who doesn’t know any better. Where the first flows, the second strikes; where the first is playful, the second is serious; where the first is centered attractively and harmoniously on the page, the second exercises domination and control, placing itself (in all caps, no less) above the poetic playfulness that cannot help but be condescending in its tone (but in a divinely loving, good-natured way).

Given the polarizing contrasts culled from these two rather distinct messages, is it any wonder that the traditional feminine and masculine have not been able to truly co-exist and co-create for so long?

If you sprinkle
when you tinkle
Be a sweetie and
wipe the seatie

Is there not something divinely inspired about these words? Is the divine feminine not peeking through in the most unlikely of places (above a toilet in a men’s washroom)? Could there not be a better way to respond, other than with the reactive forcefulness of a blunt, heavy instrument?

toilet humor comp 2In lieu of the purely functional masculine message that seeks to correct and direct and instruct and “get it over with”, I propose a sacred masculine response (not a reaction) that is infused with the energy of sacred masculine intent – one that honors the divine feminine intent, one that supports a divine feminine energy, one that acknowledges the divine feminine message, one that even goes so far as to contain a hint of feminine energy in its message. As far as I know, the divine feminine spirit has been waiting a long time for the sacred masculine soul to be present to divine intent, to even partner up with divine intent, to infuse Himself into daily discourse, to make Himself known in ways that can actually be felt worldwide, to exercise His potentially immense sacred power constructively, productively, and creatively, to expand and spread His energy to one and all, everywhere and everywhen, for the sake of enlightenment and empowerment. I could be mistaken, but would the widespread, consistent, appropriate use of “please” and “thank you” not be welcome additions to divine feminine discourse in daily life?

We will never really and truly be Gods and Goddesses in human form, in service to others, even with the most advanced technology and not without losing our humanity, but we can nevertheless rest in knowing that we can be sacred and divine, even in the most unlikely of places.

For those of us so inclined, let us continue to play with the energies of sacred masculinity and divine femininity, not in isolation or separation from one another, but as creative, compelling partners in bringing enlightenment (in service to empowerment) to a world in dire need of both.

For every Divine Mother, there is a Sacred Father waiting to be a prudent, vibrational match; for every Divine Feminine Lover, there is a Sacred Masculine Lover waiting to be a playful, vibrational match; and for every Juicy Crone, there is a Potent Sage waiting to be an exalted, vibrational match.

You get the idea.

I dare say, many other archetypal forms of expression of the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies are waiting to rise and shine in partnership, that go far beyond the confines of gender expression, lifestyle choice, and sexual orientation, having little (if anything) to do with being male, female, shemale (no offense intended), androgynous, or gender neutral; with being blissfully monamorous or polyamorous; with being happily monogamous or polygamous; or with being comfortably lez, gay, bi, trans, pan, queer, two-spirited, intersex, or questioning.

In posts to come, I expect to resonate strongly with serving the Goddess, pleasing the Goddess, and loving the Goddess, and (speaking for myself) to encourage lovingly, joyously vulnerable women everywhere to lay claim to their divine feminine birthright, to playfully embody and express the Goddess in the many ways in which She can be embodied and expressed, with a reassuring, resurrecting effect on us all.

This is my service to humanity, at this time, as I approach a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment.

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Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective

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