Woman, Thou Art Divine

by Christopher Lovejoy on July 3, 2016

This post was intended to be about serving the Goddess in some of her many archetypal roles, such as Mother, Adventurer, Lover, Priestess, and Wise Woman; it was supposed to be about serving the divinity in femininity (in keeping with her humanity), with and through the sanctity of masculinity.

But I have heard it said, through credible, reliable sources, that Woman is filled to overflowing with a simmering rage that threatens to destroy the entire world by ways and means both indirect and cunning. While Woman remains for the most part proudly and staunchly oblivious to the consequences of her destructive power, we enlightened men and boys, having been shamelessly shamed into silence and submission, can nevertheless all too easily see and hear and feel this wanton destruction in its many manifestations that arise through her (seeming) mighty sense of entitlement.

Some men, having read the foregoing, will nobly rise in her defense, claiming in good and fine White Knight style, that she has every right to exercise her power destructively, if only to make us men realize (through the weapons of spite and pride, contempt and disdain, malice and madness, avoidance and denial) that we have been seriously wanting and lacking in our service to the cause and causes of Woman. Other men, having understood exactly what I’m talking about, will ignobly slink away in fear and dread, into some little corner where it feels safe, and some men will even pretend there is no problem, or if there is a problem, it is mere and slight, best minimized with dismissive commentary.

Men of courage, men of virtue, on the other hand, in rising in defense of Man, will confess in no uncertain terms, that in their darkest moments, they have succumbed, energetically and imaginally, if not physically, to pushing or shoving, punching or slashing, cussing or defying, dismissing or disdaining, jabbing or stabbing, crushing or destroying the Mighty Woman of Entitlement, going so far as to advocate a return to patriarchal values, utterly convinced, in counseling younger, hardier men, that “the future mother of your child should be a virgin who believes in God”. For myself, I am deeply sympathetic to this point of view, but I am also reminded in my lighter, brighter moments that Woman is simply divine.

There is something deeply troubling, even disturbing, about thinking that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, that a woman’s service to humanity be confined to cleaning house, making a home, bearing and raising children, and being virtual handmaidens to their husbands – which is not to devalue or dismiss or denigrate these amazing and beautiful expressions of femininity. If a woman’s choice is to serve husband and home with complete loyalty and devotion, deriving immense satisfaction and fulfillment from making good on this choice of lifestyle, then this choice ought to be enthusiastically supported, even honored, by anyone who can understand and appreciate such a magnificent contribution to the Whole.

For those women who have been programmed to disdain such a choice, I would respectfully point out that you have been played by certain Powers that Be (or Were, depending on your point of view) to serve: (a) a hidden agenda that would keep global population numbers from expanding, even exploding, to unmanageable, even unsustainable levels; and (b) a socially engineered and monitored program that would improve the diversity and (mental, physical, emotional, social) fitness of humanity with a view towards keeping a lid on population growth (lest we end up with a planet full of “useless eaters”).

This agenda and program accounts for why vast numbers of women have been endlessly and relentlessly supported and encouraged to work outside the home and to take over the running of businesses, organizations, departments, and ministries at the supervisory and managerial levels (with token positions offered at the executive level by a brotherhood of men who are in the know), displacing countless lesser men in the process, who also happen to be fathers and husbands struggling to make ends meet to keep their families together lest they end up in a divorce court that overwhelmingly favors the interests of women. This agenda and program would also account for why so many women have been socially conditioned through the entertainment media to think like men, dress like men, fight like men, behave like men, compete like men, and conduct themselves like men. This reversal in polarity is key to having only the most able, most fit, most elite men perpetuate their family trees by being able to afford to seek, find, and keep those lovely, heavenly creatures who can still express and behave like women – to having only the most resourceful, most successful, most asset-rich, most well-connected men start families.

This eugenics programming is made all the more challenging with the introduction of a dizzying array of socially, politically, and commercially endorsed and biologically, hormonally engineered genders, transgenders, and sexual orientations in the bodies politic of those nations that will tolerate them, which, if I am not mistaken, includes most countries where the national leadership has succumbed to the ongoing globalist programming (President Putin of Russia is one notable and worthy exception to this process – recall his skillful handling of the socially and politically engineered “Pussy Riot” uproar). To press the point further, it is no small wonder that child adoption agencies are counseled and compelled to absorb and handle the fallout from broken families by favoring this cornucopia of diversity in support of those who are unable (naturally) to have children (and therefore families) of their own.

Where this hidden global population agenda and this secret eugenics program are concerned, the divinity of Woman has been buried under a mountain of confusing, conflicting manifestations (confusing and conflicting because they so obviously go against the grain of human nature, at least to those whose sense of propriety in these matters has not yet been socially conditioned and programmed into oblivion). Am I suggesting that all radical feminists, social justice advocates, gender benders, and sexual deviants (so-called) be rounded up and sent to the gallows? No, and not just no, but hell no (though, for some hardcore resisters, this drastic course of action does lend itself to some rather juicy reflections).

In light of the foregoing, I would forgive you if you thought that the expression “Woman, Thou Art Divine” sounds more like a peep of protest or an expression that feels ridiculously out of place, given the current zeitgeist, than a richly endowed expression inspired by awe and wonder.

I love Woman, but I am also not so enamored and infatuated with Her not to notice her destructive power in this world at this time, in no small part because of men in power, pulling puppet strings in the shadows, who would have them do their bidding in support of their agenda and program. Given the current (and conferred) privileges of Woman, why would any but the most astute women question it?

Bonus question: what would you suggest we do, if anything, to reframe the (now-not-so-hidden) depopulation agenda and the (now-not-so-secret) eugenics program in ways and by means that serve to keep the dignity and integrity of the human family intact, going forward?

fiery embraceIn clearing my energetic field of these controversial, conspiratorial matters, notwithstanding what is happening in the world today, I can now set the stage for sharing, in my next post, how deeply and truly I love to serve the Goddess in Woman. I remain ever optimistic and inspired to say that the God in Man can and will find nutritious, delicious, delightful, ecstatic resonance with the Goddess in Woman, and that a cultural and social embrace of the sacred masculine soul with the divine feminine spirit as a vital avenue of healing and reconciliation will doubtless serve to enlighten and empower us all in the years and decades and centuries of the Third Millennium to come. We have every reason to believe, even assume, given the ever growing movement toward more Love and Light on this planet, that both Apollo and Dionysius will eventually find favor with the Goddess in every woman.

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