Enlighten, Empower

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 19, 2016

desire, excitement, fulfillment, bliss
can be the guiding principles of your life;
anything and everything is possible

Where a path of purpose empowers, the pathless path enlightens.

I bring a shifting, realizing state of enlightenment to the pathless path, even as this path serves to enlighten me more deeply and truly, and I bring an optimizing, actualizing state of empowerment to a path on purpose, even as this path serves to empower me more broadly and fully.

My spirit comes alive on purpose, even as my soul stays alive without purpose.

For the heart of my soul, I have an enlightened response to this: I follow my ______, and for the spirit of my soul, I have an empowered response to this: I live and love to serve ______.

I Follow My ______

At present, I follow my bliss on the pathless path.

After tasting these candidates for inclusion – peace, love, joy, bliss, contentment, inspiration, excitement, passion, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment – I found that bliss resonates most deeply and truly for me at this time. Thank you, Joseph Campbell (hmm, my mother’s maiden name is Campbell).

On the pathless path, I follow my bliss.

I Live and Love to Serve ______

At present, I live and love to serve the Goddess on a path of purpose.

Although I’ve known this in my heart since May 23, 1999, I only recently came to a firm and full realization of this declaration of intent after attending a Wine and Cheese two nights ago, where I was reminded of the power of the Goddess as a muse to inform me and inspire me.

For me, “I live and love to serve the Goddess” essentially means that I live and love to serve the feminine energy of the Goddess, most notably the Aphroditic valuations of energy (beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, ecstasy) in all of its forms – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

As a spirit in human male form, I offer up my sacred masculine essence to engage the divine feminine essence of any object, event, or person that calls out to me for resonance inside this relationship, creating a sacred space for the divine feminine to draw me into her natural essence.

Bonus question: with which goddess do you most deeply and truly identify?

Purposeless and Purposeful?

If following my ______ without purpose serves to enlighten, then living and loving to serve ______ with purpose serves to empower, but how might one begin to reconcile these two paths?

Are they not incompatible, even impossible, to reconcile, and therefore integrate?

For myself, I continue to explore and cultivate what it means to embody the sacred masculine aspect, deeply and truly, with a view towards offering sacred space for the divine feminine aspect to find her care and comfort in feeling free to fully express and be widely celebrated.

I follow my bliss without purpose to explore and experience my sacred masculine soul even as I live and love to serve the divine feminine spirit with purpose, finding symbolic or embodied expression in those objects, events, and persons that most resonate with my sacred masculine aspect.

For me, this uncommon relationship between the sacred masculine and the divine feminine, between ekos sacred and eros divine, is both a vessel for enlightenment and a vehicle for empowerment on the way to approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

Aphrodite: Attractive or Beautiful?

Of course, Aphrodite would have us know that she is both attractive (on the outside) and beautiful (on the inside), but a mere mortal woman cannot possibly always know this at all times in all situations, at least not until she has grown to bless herself with uncommon comfort and care.

goddess energyIt matters not what others think of her; if she herself is firm in her conviction that she is attractive and beautiful, then who are we to disabuse her of this penultimate assumption and realization, on her way to expressing her divine feminine essence at any time of her choosing? At the top of her game, we know that she loves positive attention, adulation even, from those she deems worthy of her consideration, for having the wherewithal to charm us with her beauty and harmony – serenely, intimately, ecstatically – with uncommon grace and ease. For me personally, there is nothing – and I do mean nothing – more mysterious and more alluring than being seduced by her eyes, than being drawn casually and magnetically into the depths of her love of being with a compelling and effortless ease that takes the breath away. I know that I have been uniquely blessed to feel the magnetic allure of the Goddess deeply and truly, serenely and intimately, joyously and ecstatically, over and over and over again.

For you, a small taste of the Goddess in action: do you (or did you) have it within you to surrender gracefully and gratefully to her energetic magic?

Could the appearance and acceptance of the Goddess in every female not be the best measure of how enlightened and empowered a global civilization has become?

In spite of the interference, the Goddess continues to rise in all of her splendor and magnificence on planet Earth to bless us all: see it, feel it, be it, and know that it is done.

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Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

Note: this ever growing perspective began here: Ultimate Perspective

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