On the Pathless Path

by Christopher Lovejoy on June 12, 2016

Yesterday, under a hot blistering sun and a warm (slightly oppressive) blanket of humidity, I explored small portions of my home city with my beloved companion as my guide.

This morning, a cool, refreshing wind blows through the city, prompting me to relate highlights of my journey, even as I immerse myself in some sacred acoustics (with underlying binaural beats and some deep chanting) coursing through my earphones connected to my laptop.

I find it refreshing to follow the pathless path, but as a disclaimer to what follows, let me say that I am well aware of those who blaze paths of promise and power, purpose and passion, prosperity and purity, turning dreaming and dabbling into hard core doing whenever and wherever possible.

Let us continue to respect, even honor, those who insist on being full to overflowing with purpose and passion in pursuit of more promise, more power, more prosperity, more possibility.

For me, and perhaps for you too, a pathless path is an invitation, an opportunity, to pass through the gates of eternity and remind ourselves of “how beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward” (to quote a Spanish proverb). In taking the pathless path yesterday, I was acutely and painfully aware that we live (for the most part) in “a Desert of the Real” (to reference the character Morpheus from The Matrix). From one point of view, the world is full of heart and soul by virtue of those oases that dot the landscape known as urban reality. From another point of view, the world in reality is (mostly) a somber and sobering picture of neglect and disrepair, disuse and desertion, dilapidation and deterioration.

Allow me now to recount details of my experience with the urban oases to which I was privy.

We did a lot of walking yesterday, which, truth be told, was somewhat trying at times, given the heat and humidity. My first highlight was an encounter with the mighty python, which we discovered by following an urban laneway crawl marked for the purpose of introducing residents and visitors of this fair city to some of its more unusual aspects. I watched a girl cradle a colorful snake in her arms and a woman (who could have been her mother) hold two bigger, longer ones. A man soon arrived on the scene with a thick ball python curled (loosely) around his neck.

ball_pythonI approached the woman first, wondering aloud whether her snakes were baby pythons. She answered yes and no; one was a baby python; the other two were young adult pythons (North American variety), indicating that they would not grow much bigger. I got a clue: not all pythons are mighty. She wanted me to hold them, but I graciously declined, telling her that I would merely like to stroke them, which I did. What surprised me was how dry their skin and (with one of them) how smooth and velvety its texture. The latter one curled around towards me, tongue darting, obviously pleased by the gentle and loving strokes that I administered. When I turned to the man, I had to know, asking good-naturedly: are you not afraid of being squeezed to death? He smiled and replied that the curling and squeezing is a feeding response (particularly in the presence of rats). Upon hearing this, I secretly hoped there were no rats nearby. As we conversed at length, he told me that these snakes are odorless in the wild (i.e., outside of captivity) and that snakes generally strike humans only in self-defense, when shamelessly (or accidentally) prodded or provoked, giving fair warning before striking by curling (like a python) or rattling or asserting its dominance (like a cobra). Two strange questions occurred to me: could it be that the Alpha Draconis Reptilians had laid indirect claim to this planet long ago with the introduction of their snakes on our world and could it be that the reason why they detested our smell was because they themselves were odorless? Now that I think of it, could it be, too, that the Reptilians (who have been known to eat us in secret) were actually fierce in spirit yet gentle at heart, offending and dominating (along with their large Preying Mantis colleagues and their large Gray colleagues and their little Gray servants) just long enough to claim a world and then back off, prodding its residents to offend and dominate each other on the way to the top? I eventually got around to caressing that mighty python, running my fingers over its smooth mottled leathery skin, feeling awe and wonder in its presence.

super food smoothieOur next stop was a small village located near the heart of the city. What struck me about this area was just how prosperous it is, residentially and commercially speaking, as if it had been designed deliberately (and exquisitely) to contain the prosperous few and exclude (subtly, mind you) the restless many. The vibe here was (mostly) positively upbeat, with only hints of schooled indifference that projected an air of exclusivity that bordered on aloofness. I remarked to my companion just how close and convenient everything was for living the carefree life. She agreed, declaring that she wouldn’t mind living here for a while. We slipped into a small shop that catered to the health conscious (a welcome relief from the hot sun) and after perusing a mouth-watering menu, ordered a superfood smoothie called Morningstar for $8.65 CDN, plus a protein supplement of grassfed cacao WFI (whey protein isolate) for $2. For $12.03 in total (tax included), I savored and enjoyed a cooling, remarkably delicious, nutritious blend of cashew butter, organic cashew milk, hemp seeds, banana, maple syrup, organic lucuma powder (a Peruvian sweetener with health benefits), and organic maca powder. With all the walking I did yesterday, I nevertheless arrived home that night feeling energized, in no small part because of the latter ingredient. I must say, I could live indefinitely on the ridiculously healthy food offerings of this particular establishment.

acrylic photo mountAfter leaving food heaven, we wandered a bit, before being guided to enter a small festive area of exhibits that catered mostly to the Arts and Design crowd. After chatting with a couple of comely young ladies that represented the interests of a building design firm, I felt inexplicably drawn to survey an exhibit that featured the services of a digital print boutique. The art on display covered a range of fully customisable media (wall murals, canvas wraps, acrylic mounts) that featured a variety of artwork. I was drawn into a conversation with the rep, a lovely young woman who spoke from the heart about her interest in this line of work, sharing examples from her portfolio, telling me about how things are done using large, state-of-the-art printers, and inviting me to attend an open house. I accepted, wondering and realizing how closely this line of work would dovetail with my core values (beauty, harmony, serenity, intimacy, ecstasy). I imagined travelling the world, consulting with high profile clients, both residential and commercial, on how to turn their mundane spaces into artfully designed spaces that highlighted and complemented their values and interests.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur of activities and faces (some intensely alive to the present moment).

I have found that following the pathless path (a path without purpose) paradoxically invites purposeful reflection, and yesterday’s meanderings was no exception. For all of the merits of blazing a path of purpose on a path with purpose, following the pathless path opens up new avenues of exploration and expression, keeping life fresh and alive, making you wonder in no uncertain terms: what have I been missing? If I may ask: what have you been missing, dear reader?

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