The Ultimate Wisdom

by Christopher Lovejoy on May 8, 2016

Serving you as your guide
along your path of personal fulfillment
in harmony with who you really are

For almost six years of weekly blogging on coming to terms with the nature and meaning of personal fulfillment, this lofty declaration has served as a tagline for my Web site since June 2010.

I’ve learned a lot since then, and I’ve grown a lot, in terms of what fulfillment generally means to me and in terms of what personal fulfillment in particular means to me. In using this tagline today, I would not, even for a moment, presume to know what is good or best for you and your view of fulfillment, personal or otherwise. What I can do is offer a glimpse into how I approach a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment. Having said this, I am also keen to be of service in guiding you along a path of personal fulfillment that would have you approach (with relative grace and ease) a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment in harmony with who you really are. I say “along a path of personal fulfillment” for the simple reason that I’ve come to realize, from all of my reading and conversing and studying, a divergence in approach to ultimate realization: the pathless path . . . or a path of purpose with passion?

living inside a boxHaving completed my reading of Tantra: The Supreme Understanding some days ago, I now have a much better appreciation of what Osho, the author of this book, calls the pathless path. In a nutshell, it goes something like this: one day, you feel constrained by the demands of your life; you feel as if you are living your life inside a box, as if “same old, same old” has become your constant companion, where you are feeling interminably trapped, strapped down by one routine after another. The incessant conditioning imposed on you by well-meaning, well-intentioned parents, teachers, and mentors to help guide you into some semblance of responsibility and maturity no longer resonates. Maybe you feel that you are losing your ground (or your mind); maybe you feel that your heart is turning to stone; maybe you feel that your life is no longer worth living. This one thing, however, you know without a sliver of a doubt, even under a dark cloud of gloom or despair: I must find a way to change the way I live my life. For you, this imperative statement carries the weight of absolute truth. The alternative is chilling: a living death. And so, you learn (eventually or suddenly, if you are fortunate) about the importance of acceptance, of releasing that which no longer serves you; you might even have come across something called the Art of Surrender.

In existential surrender, however, lies a very real risk of chaos taking you down the rabbit hole into a void, a chasm, a dark night of the soul. Without the requisite witnessing skills, a risk of madness looms. Some do go quite mad and never recover; some take their lives into their own hands and enter the realm of everlasting sorrows, where countless souls remain stuck in bearing the inconsolable, cacophonous cries of anguish and despair that echo throughout the cosmos; some might even decide to take a walk on the wild side and make decadence a way of life, turning their wayward lives into “undisciplined performances”. Here, I humbly offer this alternative: first, shut the fuck up. I mean this quite literally. Silence, whenever and wherever and however you can find it, is the precious outer condition that mirrors the precious inner stillness that comes from being a capacious witness to the countless unwanted thoughts and feelings that rise and fall in and out of your awareness. Second, retreat from matters of the spirit for a time, and learn to meditate, to be mindful, to be soulful, to be a witness; open your tormented, tortured heart to the basic intentions of relaxing and releasing, of refreshing and restoring. Follow these intentions with the determination of an iron fist or, if you wish, do so gradually, methodically, relentlessly. Third, seek and find, virtually or concretely, the heartfelt guidance of those who have walked the same pathless path and carry this guidance forward to a place of relative peace that contains a spark of promise.

fork-in-the-roadAt this point, you arrive at a fork in the road: do you wish to carry through alongside this gentle river towards the ocean of Being or do you wish to carry through alongside the rushing waters of purpose and passion, feeling replenished and renewed? The first, moving and flowing choicelessly along the pathless path, leads you in a direction of realizing the ultimacy of immanence without hope, that is, to a timelessness and a placelessness where you feel pushed or pulled neither by hopefulness nor hopelessness. On the other hand, you may wish merely to have a One Taste of this cosmic No Self before resuming your love affair with the rushing river that is the common path of purpose and passion, where the project and the prospect of Riding the Serpent remains ever alive in view of your desired fulfillment as an individual, individualistic personality of some consequence and significance in this world.

The ultimate wisdom for someone who blazes a path of purpose with passion looks and feels very different from the ultimate wisdom of someone who surrenders totally to the undulating waves of a cosmic ocean. Ultimacy on the pathless path comes highly recommended for those who have lived and loved countless lives and lifetimes wholly and fully, and for those whose minds and bodies have ripened with age. For everyone else, the ultimate wisdom near the end of a path of purpose with passion is simply a legacy worth having and sharing from the point of view of those who have received the benefits.

Curiously and paradoxically, I presently find myself endorsing the pathless path even as I keep a keen eye on ascertaining the value of what it means to blaze a path of purpose with passion.

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