Ultimate Outline 07

by Christopher Lovejoy on April 17, 2016

I took to the mountain,
found my place high above,
and settled into serenity,
calm and clear and cool:
what have I got to lose?

I came down the mountain,
found my place far below,
and took on the whole world,
flowing with vital energy:
what have I got to gain?

Soul or Spirit, Sacred or Divine, East or West, Yin or Yang, the Way or the World?

In soul, we allow the spirit to move us, but in spirit, we expect the soul to guide us.

Does this fundamental duality in our nature not beg this most monumental of questions: can we be the one and do the other, calmly, clearly, and consistently? Contentment and improvement? Satisfaction and fulfillment? What you do think, dear reader? Or is it best not to think?

to glimpse the blue sky behind clouds is satori;
to be one with the sky in its entirety is samadhi
moving from satori to samadhi, the whole process
is but a deep insight into the mind – nothing more

The obsessions and compulsions that cloud the mind, that plague the mind, that cause conflict in the mind, that create chaos in the mind, might have us believe that the mind is the enemy, but what if we treated obsessions and compulsions as mere guests and visitors, free to come and go as they please?

Osho, in Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, applies this analogy to help us realize that we can be the masters of our own minds, hosts to all manner of guests and visitors that pass into and through our minds. By all means, think!, but forget not the limitless nature of the spacious mind, and beware: let not any obsession or compulsion take root and be host to your mind or be master of your mind.

We do this by not doing.
We do this through being.
We do this by breathing.

Breathing is natural – we cannot help but breathe – but when the mind is clouded, conflicted, chaotic, we have lost touch with the sky; we have lost touch with the taproot of our own presence.

Inhale to the count of 2; exhale to the count of 4.
Inhale to the count of 3; exhale to the count of 6.
Inhale to the count of 4; exhale to the count of 8.
Inhale to the count of 5; exhale to the count of 10.
Inhale to the count of 6; exhale to the count of 12.

For the ultimate in relaxation, do this now (and whenever you need, or feel you need, to enter the alpha state). Now, follow this sequence to stabilize your connection to the taproot of presence:

Exhale to the count of 4 (out, two, three, four); hold to the count of 4 (hold, two, three, four); inhale to the count of 4 (in, two, three, four); hold to the count of 4 (hold, two, three, four) – repeat as desired and conclude: with presence, I have peace; at peace, I find my promise; in promise, I feel my power.

With this native, sovereign power,
I have four options in relation to purpose:

1) I can live my life without purpose;
2) I can feed a purpose with promise;
3) I can feed a purpose with power; or
4) I can find purpose in promise and power

Before I examine these options, consider:

  • I take peace and prosperity for granted;
  • every relationship in my life satisfies me;
  • I am decisive and effective in all that I do;
  • easy: I mean what I say and I do as I say;
  • I am happy and healthy, wealthy and wise;
  • my feelings grow even as my feelings flow, and
  • I know when to allow and I know when to expect

No matter where I am, no matter my situation, no matter my circumstances, I adopt these affirmations as my own. In tasting these juicy fruits of soul and spirit, let us revisit the options above.

The first option, living without purpose, might seem strange to those who live in the West, but in moving from satori to samadhi, one cannot help but receive and respond to the behavour and conduct of those who are caught up by obsessive, compulsive lifestyles, and yet, in living without purpose, via negativa, one is free (naturally) to remain true (empty and radiant) and be wise (loose, relaxed, at ease).

For the gentle and patient ones among us, be true, be wise, be free is pregnant with meaning, and living without purpose, sensitively and intuitively, is its own practice with its own reward.

The second option, feeding a purpose with promise, is reserved for those who are in a process of recovery, while the third option, feeding a purpose with power, is reserved for those who are in a process of discovery, but how might one go about finding a purpose through promise and power, and how might one go about feeding a purpose with promise and power, with soul and spirit?

Consider this optical illusion …

rubin-vaseThe Rubin Vase is a common optical illusion that illustrates a striking switch in perception between one image and another, but more than this, the Rubin Vase illustrates, by way of contrast, a striking switch in perception between form and formless, while retaining both after the switch. Via negativa, formlessness is the essence of who we are, the blank slate or the white screen or the blue sky by which feelings and desires can come and go and yet be identified without attachment. Via affirmativa, form is the essence of who you are, the master switch by which your feelings and desires can be pressed into the service of “letting it be” or “making it so”. In true form, I can let it be or make it so, while in formlessness, I am nothing at all (purely) and yet everything I can possibly imagine (prosperously). In formlessness, via stillness, access to a field of infinite possibilities is given to those who have the patience to act on faith, while in form, such a field can be tapped with confidence.

With a mastery of the master switch under a clear blue sky, what are your heart’s desires? Leaving aside the when and the where, the why and the how, which of your desires feel true blue to you, which of your desires feel just right for you, and which of your desires feel pure to you?

Vocationally, I desire …
Financially, I desire …
Situationally, I desire …
Practically, I desire …
Relationally, I desire …

Comically, I desire …
Musically, I desire …
Artistically, I desire …
Athletically, I desire …
Leisurely, I desire …

Sensuously, I desire …
Romantically, I desire …
Erotically, I desire …
Sensually, I desire …
Sexually, I desire …

Soulfully, I desire …
Spiritually, I desire …
Religiously, I desire …
Intellectually, I desire …
Psychically, I desire …

Add more stems if you desire; skip those that do not resonate with you at this time.

I advise finding stillness, getting relaxed, doing this quickly without giving it much thought or doing it slowly with a great deal of thought, adding one response to each stem and then circling back and doing it all over again, as often as desired, as quickly or slowly as desired. I strongly recommend occupying a quiet space while listening to your favorite music. Right now, I’m listening to this piece on quarter volume.

Vocationally, I desire … peace and quiet
Financially, I desire … more than enough to be and do what I love to be and do
Situationally, I desire … a clean, quiet, comfortable space in which to live and work
Practically, I desire … just enough quality implements and furniture to remain functional
Relationally, I desire … easy, casual conversation and deep, meaningful conversation

Comically, I desire … subtle, tasteful humor
Musically, I desire … natural and ethereal sounds that connect me to the cosmos
Artistically, I desire … bold, original works that speak to the heart and soul, mind and spirit
Athletically, I desire … morning exercise that keeps the body fluid and flexible
Leisurely, I desire … mastering the art of doing nothing … beautifully

Sensuously, I desire … lots of varied, colorful, and fragrant fruit
Romantically, I desire … an elegant candlelit dinner in view of the ocean
Erotically, I desire … subtle kisses and caresses, gentle cherishings and ravishings
Sensually, I desire … slow, deep massage
Sexually, I desire … deep, prolonged kissing and captive soul gazing

Soulfully, I desire … quiet contemplation (while reading or viewing a sunrise or sunset)
Spiritually, I desire … prolonged ecstasy
Religiously, I desire … objects or persons in harmony
Intellectually, I desire … anything related to articulating a realization of the ultimate in fulfillment
Psychically, I desire … using my claircognizance as needed

Do not be fooled; I am no one special – anyone with a loving heart and soul can do this.

Which of your feelings and desires promise to bring you the most value and the most power, the most pleasure and the most passion? If you know them now, are you cultivating them in the garden of your soul? Are you celebrating them in the fireplace of your spirit? If not, why not?

I allow this: any serene encounter with an object or a person that recalls beauty and harmony naturally inspires me to go deep and be true to find and feed the requisite intimacy that would have me wholly realize heart and soul on the way to being pushed or pulled over the edge by ecstasy.

In this post, I offer hints of what a tree in full bloom might look like to someone who is approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment; in my next post, I offer a few hints of what is possible as and when we pick ripe juicy fruit from the crown of a tree in full bloom.

Note: my evolving outline on approaching a realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment can be found here, accessible from the nav menu under the page “Be Here Now”.

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