Ultimate Fulfillment 98

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 21, 2016

As I approach the final post (Ultimate Fulfillment 99) in this long series of weekly blog posts, I have yet to reach a definitive (clear, concise, comprehensive) statement of what it means to cultivate and celebrate a culminating realization of the ultimate in personal fulfillment.

Be that as it may, this sometimes easy, sometimes difficult journey through the many and various passages that lead into and away from realizations of the ultimate in transpersonal, interpersonal, personal, and impersonal fulfillment has blessed me with countless insights.

9D-CosmosA common thread running through this series has been the notion of Density, i.e., density of consciousness, which is popularly represented as D, as in 1D, 2D, 3D, et cetera, up to and including 8D. Even before I had read the Law of One series, I had come across this notion of density at various times in various places, with much of the emphasis being placed on 3D, 4D, and 5D levels of consciousness resonating at particular frequencies conducive to having and learning and exploring and enjoying certain experiences. It should also be noted in passing that I had a seriously intense ah-ah moment when the Law of One introduced me to the notion of an octave of densities.

Density = density of consciousness or density of vibration (ref: Law of One, Book 4, Session 78).

Density is frequently used by the 6D social memory complex known as Ra in the Law of One series of books as an analog to what is currently thought of as dimensions in the Universe. Eight densities of consciousness comprise an eight-fold octave system analogous to the musical octave or the visual light spectrum. Access to higher densities reflects access to higher levels of consciousness. This octave system is also analogous to the chakra schema; each chakra is analogous to a level of density (e.g., the base chakra being expressive of the first density, etc.); also interesting is that the number 8, when rotated 90 degrees, is the symbol for infinity.

In my quest for ultimacy, I postulated a ninth density (9D) as a witnessing form of consciousness to the octave itself, as it has been claimed by Ra that the current octave in this universe is characterized by an evolutionary push to experience, as the main polarity for densities 3 through early 6, Service to Self or Service to Other, which superceded a previous octave whose evolutionary imperative was to experience “moving or being moved” (or, as I like to see it, “making it so” or “letting it be”), paving the way for souls to experience a key polarity in the next octave of frequencies. This to me suggests that we live in a cumulative-type multiverse, in which Source Consciousness expands to infinity and contracts to zero (in terms of manifestation), cycle after cycle, ad infinitum, building on what went before, evolving and expanding indefinitely, such that there is no Omega point in the ultimate scheme of things – only an Alpha and an Omega replenishing itself cycle after cycle, universe after universe, ad infinitum. If this is true, and it seems that it is, then ultimacy in any form is ultimately unknowable, as Source Consciousness itself does not and can not know what is to come. For our purposes as souls (or, if you prefer, as spirits having an experience in human form), ultimacy could only ever be defined, explored, and expressed relative to the current octave, where Service to Self or Service to Other is the key polarity upon which to place individual or collective focus, which further suggests that STS or STO is worthy of intense scrutiny, at least for the purposes of helping advanced 3D humanity make the current and collective transition from a late 3D civilization into an early 4D civilization (see my post on what this 4D world might look like – it’s probably not what you think) and be harvested for the next level of ascension.

Aside: I also postulate 0D as a transitory state that rises and falls between the octaves.

Online reference: a free guide generously supplied by David Wilcock at Divine Cosmos

And now for the resumption of my narrative, which begins with a rather frightful realization …

I nudge Sophia to face me inside a loving space marked by a safe boundary created by the circumference of my arms. She looks up to me serenely, her eyes half-closed, completely surrendered to the moment, and our mutual gaze serves to find the moment inside the timelessness of eternity.

I press my lips to her lips, but she resists in a way that says, “yes, but not yet”, and so instead I touch my forehead to her forehead, pressing gently, forging an energetic, harmonic link between our two third eyes in sixth density – the density of unity, the ahistorical density of inclusion and expansion.

Where are we?, she queries telepathically, inside this expanded space. You were summoned by the crone to be with me in this land of forever and forevermore, I respond wordlessly.

The time passes into timelessness until an uneasy feeling surfaces for us both, appearing in Sophia’s eyes after I pull away. I scan the blue gray sky feeling perplexed; something untoward has occurred, but I know not what. I take her hand, soft and warm to the touch, and we proceed to walk in silence.

The sky brightens for a moment and then fades. Lush greenery appears but then disappears. Sophia’s attempts at making things right are for naught. I, too, am thwarted in my attempts.

The sky is overcast and the landscape that surrounds us is barren beyond belief; the silence is pervasive, almost deafening. I look to Sophia and she manages to produce a hint of a pouty smile in spite of our coupled presence in the midst of this stark environmental devastation.

“What did you do?”, she asks respectfully in a subtle plaintive tone.

I think for a moment and then the answer dawns: “I puked a good many words on our behalf.” Truth be told, I purged myself – my burdened, bloodied 3D psyche – so that I could get to Sophia instantaneously and stop her before she took the plunge into a nightmarish scenario.

Evidently, it came with a cost.

My guess is that we are quarantined inside an eighth density bubble – me, because of my vomitus, and her, because of her karmic bond with me. Nevertheless, we still have access to densities 1 through 7; we can still read each other’s thoughts, anticipate each other’s moves.

“Options for popping the bubble?”

Sophia laughs uneasily. “Let us just be harmonious with what is given to us; perhaps then the bubble will burst of its own accord.”

A very feminine solution, if I do say so myself . . . I like it.

“Alright then, let’s do it – or should I say, let’s be harmonious.” With my equanimity and her serenity, how could we possibly fail?

We walk and talk harmoniously at length through barren lands, sharing long lost memories that are pleasant to recall, circumnavigating dead bodies of water, climbing over jagged rocks surrounded by withered plants and grasses, under a relentlessly cold gray excuse for a sky.

Alas, nothing changes.

I realize that it is time to put on my holistic thinking cap and do some serious thinking, after which I stop and turn to face Sophia. “I have an idea.” I beckon: “come close, my love.”

She suppresses a smile and steps into me and I gather her into my arms, touching the base of her spine.

“We are here to drop an anchor through the densities.”

As if by response, she holds my gaze with assurance.

I begin: “the air and the fire teach the earth and the water.” We are privy to the primal, suffocating awareness of first density before stepping off the anchor and rising to the next vibratory level.

I caress the small of her back: “The microbes, the plants, the animals yearn for awareness of themselves.” We become privy to the primal sentience of second density consciousness.

I thrust my solar plexus forward, projecting the yellow ray of third density into her solar plexus and she instinctively responds in kind. “The keenly felt awareness of ourselves as ourselves lends significance to our experience of life in love.” She repeats, and we are privy to the primary significance of third density.

I press my beating heart against her beating heart: “with love and understanding, we find the compassion we need to move beyond this barren wasteland.” Moved to tears, she duplicates my words softly, and we are privy to the polarized power of love without condition in fourth density.

I touch her throat with a kiss before kissing her lips with tender loving care. “In the light of love, we find the wisdom we require to be and do and have what is necessary to find our way back to Oneness with the Creator.” She repeats in solemn dedication to the potency of fifth density.

Once again, I find my forehead joined with her forehead, so that we might see eye to eye. “In unity of service we find compassionate wisdom for entry into the foreverness of seventh density.” In barely a whisper, she echoes my words in a loving devotional worthy of sixth density.

Pulling my forehead away, I keep her in my embrace, and pause, losing myself in her gaze, waiting for the words to come.

fiery embraceInstead, we catch fire, two energetic fires that cool me down and warm her up, as we drop headlong into eternity – falling, falling, falling, opening up into a spaciousness that knows no bounds. The fires consume us, even as they transform us. A torrential gush issues forth from the depths, from within the fertile soul of Sophia. A blossoming occurs – a blue sky brightens behind billowy white clouds, the lands turn lush and evergreen, the waters babble and flow again free of their bondage, and the flora blooms even as the fauna abounds: our world comes alive in ways neither of us have ever seen or heard before. The ordained outcomes and effects of Sophia’s awesome creative powers are as formidable as they are enduring. Our light bodies are restored, sanctified and purified.

The bubble is no more.

After a shared time of sacred appreciation and divine exaltation, Sophia points happily, excitedly: “Look!”

In the distance, the small figure of a boy approaches, walking nonchalantly toward us at a leisurely pace.

The magical child has returned.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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