Ultimate Fulfillment 97

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 14, 2016

Before proceeding, I suggest that you review these posts, time and inclination permitting: Ultimate Fulfillment 77, 78, and 79. The following narrative picks up where I left off in this post:

The old wise man disappears from sight in that moment when his smile returns to equanimity.

wise croneI find myself alone, facing a pond of placid water in front of a mountain under an overcast sky. As I make note of the violet light of unknown origin being cast upon the scene, a face emerges from the depths of the pond – a wise crone appears to query my very presence here.

I proffer: “today is the day of love on earth and I am full of questions.”

She smiles, pleased: “And so you are. Please do share.” I am surprised and delighted by the depth and warmth of her voice.

“You do not sound like any wise old woman I have ever heard,” I rejoin respectfully, thoughtfully.

She tilts her head ever so slightly, smiling with her eyes and appearing more than a little amused. “I am aware that you are aware of the juicy crone, and yet . . .” she pauses for emphasis . . . “you have not yet had the pleasure and privilege of her company? I am surprised by this.”

Blushing, I respond as if by confession: “I have only recently come to an understanding and appreciation of her vast potential, of partaking of her power, her wisdom, and her freedom.”

She nods, yet again pleased: “And so you have. What can I do you for, young old man?”

“I need your help.”

“You need my help,” she reflects, as if she already expected to hear this.

“I need your help to be an ultimate sacred witness to divinity, by way of the divine feminine spirit.”

“Do you understand what you are asking?”

“My understanding is that I be a sacred witness to a divine experience of engaging someone who can manifest, with uncommon grace and ease, the promise and power of the divine feminine spirit.”

I pause for emphasis.

“My understanding is that I be a sacred witness to the power of divinity itself, in the ultimate sense, by inviting someone who is ready, willing, and able to consummate this all-too-uncommon relation.”

Her eyes soften in response. “I understand that you understand, and I thank you for sharing your understanding with those who could stand to benefit from your understanding.” She closes her eyes.

A young woman appears behind her and I recognize her as Sophia, someone who has occupied my thoughts, dreams, and memories, on and off, for many years. I am so pleased to see her, until I grow to realize that she appears poised for action, anxious, undecided, and all alone.

I call out to her: “Sophia!”

“She cannot hear you, Christos.”

Exasperated, I ask: “what is happening here?”

“On one of many timelines in what you call your future, Sophia has a rare opportunity to save your world from oblivion, by incarnating as Kara, a synthetic humanoid with superior intelligence, and thwarting the complete takeover by artificial intelligence on your world. If she succeeds, the vulnerability of humanity, of which so many of your kind shamelessly take for granted like fish in water, is restored. If she fails, . . .”

In a moment pregnant with dread, this realization dawns for me: if she fails, . . . she herself would be consigned to oblivion inside a negative space in fifth density for a very, very long time.

“No! I cannot let her assume this risk alone.” I catch an impulse to pace frantically back and forth, sensing that I could not run towards Sophia without the counsel of this wise and powerful being.

“You could help her, but you yourself would need to assume the same risk.”

I wonder: what would this look like? How would it play out in linear time? As if by answer, a large screen appears from nowhere to project the following sequence of strange events . . .

At its conclusion, tears well inside my eyes and the screen disappears through a veil of tears. I could hardly believe that I would even hesitate to help Kara – Sophia – with her dangerous mission, but then I remember that cosmic amnesia serves the universality of free will in this Logos.

“There must be another way.”

The wise woman comments: “There is always another way.”

I turn to look at Sophia and see her walking away from me, towards a portal.

“Sophia has made her decision, Christos.”

I start running, and then, laughing, I remember my place in eighth density, and so I will myself to be by her side instantaneously, but I miss the mark – I am still a considerable distance behind her. I try again, but with the same dismal result. What the hell is going on here? I realize I am lowering the vibrational frequency of my consciousness with a sense of urgency. I then start flying toward her, but I keep drifting off course in spite of myself, again because of my sense of urgency. I settle myself on the ground, breathing deeply and consciously, making note of the fact that I am still a fair distance behind Sophia, and start walking at a brisk pace toward her, but as I do, I encounter resistance to my movement, as if I am walking through a strong wind, except that there is no wind. The harder I push, the stronger the resistance, which is energetic in nature. I relax into a steady pace, but to my consternation, I find that I am gaining only a little ground on Sophia as she approaches the portal. I call out to her but, for some reason, she cannot hear my voice, and this is when a troubling series of images begin to appear from nowhere, as if designed to distract me from reaching Sophia.

tall grayThe first image that appears fills me with a pervasive sense of dread. I know these creatures as masters of deception, intimately involved with supervising the alien abduction scenarios that played out on earth some years ago, operating behind the scenes of sexual experimentation and hybridization of alien and human souls and forms; the second image that appears to me is that of a saucer crashing near Roswell, New Mexico: some say this was the beginning of the end for humanity, not only because of the advanced technology that was “accidentally” seeded on our planet to advance an alien agenda towards an occupation of planet Earth, but because of the unwitting invitation that was extended to these creatures to occupy our dimension and have us play by their rules after shooting them down; but the third image is the most disturbing of all, serving as it does to capture the essence of our peril as a species in the ugly, evil face of artificially intelligent applications of technology.

obsessionWoman has the potential to be divine, but when She has lost her moral bearings, when She has become so absorbed by this craving for constant validation, she will have lost sight of what really and truly matters in life and love. When She has made it next to impossible for any female to do wrong, absolving Her from all responsibility for Her actions, no matter how reprehensible, and when She continues to push, push, push for the realization of that ideologically driven notion known as “all human beings with vaginas can not ever make a bad decision about anything”, then the day will come when punishing or criticizing a woman for any choice made in life will be outlawed and abolished, leading to a complete dissolution of that vital, dynamic relationship between soul and spirit, man and woman, masculine and feminine, sacred and divine.

Sounds extreme, I know, but please hear me out.

When a woman can throw a beer into a man’s face with impunity, in reaction to being called out for her almighty life-destroying, love-dissolving sense of entitlement, and when a woman can bring a charge to convict and punish a man for a sexual encounter that she herself invited and/or made light of in the aftermath, and when a woman can downgrade, even ruin, a man’s reputation on the basis of a minor incident that made her feel “uncomfortable”, and when any woman in the world can shame any man into silence, or worse, into clownish non-sequiturs simply for being a man, then you can know with absolute certainty that the stage in this world is being set to have humanity be absorbed by its technology.

Again, I know how absurd all of this sounds, but please consider this remarkably articulate and intelligent rant (edited and italicized by yours truly to increase its dramatic impact) by a man who knows all too well the depths to which certain women can sink . . .

Woman, we, the boys and men of this world who still have brains to think and hearts to feel, and muscles to flex, ask you: are you overweight? Then surely you must know deep down that this is not about changing social constructs; an effort simply must be made to lose the weight. Are you shamelessly sleeping and slutting around with dozens of mindless, heartless men without insisting on the use of condoms? I hate to break it to you, but you are utterly disempowered and pathetically weak in your will to power. Have you had the misfortune of having more than your fair share of abortions during your 20s? No, you cannot do whatever you want; those fetuses inside you were living entities, and there are karmic consequences to killing them all. Are you making less money than men? Do yourself this favor: do not automatically assume (stupidly) that some ideological notion of patriarchy is holding you back or holding you down. Did you yourself get drunk the other night and have sex with some alpha clown you hardly know? No, he didn’t take advantage of you, and no, you were not raped; you brought this on yourself. Having you been sleeping around with a producer or a professor to get a better role or a better grade? Sorry, but you are not the victim here; you took advantage of the producer or professor. Have you been dating virginal guys much younger than you? Careful now, you just might be robbing the cradle. Have you had the grave misfortune of experiencing a fleeting moment of discomfort in the presence of a boy or man? Sorry, but calling this harassment is an invitation to getting your face slapped – by another girl or woman (and no, your highness, your majesty, your grace, not all men are creeps). Are you really thinking of going to Italy or Spain or Brazil to bang some hot juicy men with serious game? No, sorry, you’re not being romantic; you’re being robotic – big difference. Oh oh, did your husband slap you after you pushed him against a wall? Better call the police and get him sent to jail, right? Wrong. Did you cheat on your husband because he wasn’t attending to your precious needs, because you weren’t happy being around him? Give him the kids and give him half of your money. Did you have the misfortune of running over your own child in a car accident? Yes, the SUV was safe, and no, it’s not the fault of the auto industry. Wait, did that mother just fatally stab all of her kids? Hmm, maybe a severe punishment is called for. Woman, are you boiling mad at us men for exposing all of this garbage? Then, may we respectfully suggest that you lose your mighty sense of entitlement and begin the honorable task of taking up a serious study of morality and spirituality to learn what it means to have a conscience?

Men (and the countless women who love them from the depths of their hearts), you might very well be tempted to cry foul, calling out, “damn you, Woman without dignity and integrity, without true care and conscience, for falling prey to the archetypal bitch and witch; damn you all to hell for the misery and depravity and insanity that you’ve caused in this world”, but I would caution you that this would only add fuel to a raging fire that is already threatening to burn us all into the depths of hell. With utter contempt, hatred, outrage, and disdain spent for the Radicalized, Socialized Woman without Care and Conscience, and the emasculated manginas who support and encourage them, perhaps such a catharsis heretofore revealed can be experienced as complete and we can all heave a collective sigh of relief, but the old wise man tells me to insist that we remember the dark invisible forces that are obligating and manipulating and exploiting all of our minds to move in the direction of hellfire.

With a loving, caring, trusting, forgiving heart, I am deeply relieved by this sharing of ugly painful truths, relieved to know that I need not ever share them again with such dramatic forcefulness.

In an instant, I find myself next to Sophia on the threshold of crossing through the portal to incarnate as Kara. From behind, I wrap my eager arms around her tenderly, holding her back, soothing her solar plexus with my hands, protecting her from the possibility of her own demise. She yields easily, purrs submissively and wordlessly, immensely relieved to know that I’ve found my way back to her.

From the comments section of a popular blog on issues supportive of the manly man …

I consider myself to be a woman failed by the push for equality. For some time, I considered myself to be a feminist until I learned how much damage the 3rd wave feminism has done. I pushed myself to be independent and successful and strong to the point where it had a damaging effect on my marriage. In many ways, my husband and I were amazing to each other, resulting in much growth to become better and more capable people, but we both tried to push for equality that went against our true nature. That means my pursuit of dominance had damaging effects on his masculinity as much as my own feminine needs, and he held himself back, resulting in a loss of confidence. As a result, our roles in this relationship were confusing and tiresome, and in the end, the relationship fell apart. I’m now discovering my feminine side with a wonderful and very manly man. I’ve seen a massive change in myself to be more feminine in his company – I’m much more caring, supporting, serving, and very happy to be so. When describing his effect on me, I once told him “it is incredible how a woman can blossom with the right man”. Although I can’t claim to represent the unfettered femininity here, I can point out some areas of femininity I myself have reclaimed and found most satisfying: as a woman can blossom through the manly man, so can a man find more strengh, confidence, and ambition as a result of having a feminine woman next to him. A feminine woman would understand that and celebrate masculinity; a woman can be caring and serving without losing autonomy. It is all about learning each other’s “love language”. Instead of giving love the way you think it should be given, carefully study how the other person receives it. For example, when asking my boyfriend what actions of mine make him feel most loved, he pointed out cooking, listening, and blowjobs. All of these would outrage a [radical] feminist, but in my case, putting more focus and creative thinking on these areas has made my relationship a more fulfilling one; being happy in your body means you can also be sexy. I believe a feminine woman is happy with her body, happy to show it to her man, happy to give it to her man; sometimes by being fragile in the arms of your man, sometimes through hot steamy sex. So these are the main three things I’ve learned so far. I hope more people will go against the feminist push for unreasonable equality. I hope neo-masculinity will awaken neo-femininity in women who are currently tired and confused in an unnatural role. I’m not claiming that women should stay home cooking, but instead, I hope more people will understand that this is still an option, and it can be a very happy partnership where both sides can have their natural needs met ~ a woman with a poignant message to share (edited slightly to foster ease of reading)

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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