Ultimate Fulfillment 96

by Christopher Lovejoy on February 7, 2016

Some weeks ago, I published a post that offered a witness perspective on unity in the ultimate sense. Here, I do the same with harmony, as harmony is so intimately connected with unity.

In my post on unity, I shared a video clip from a fascinating prophetic account by Howard Storm on the future of this world in the late twenty-second century, given to him by highly advanced beings of Light, in a near-death experience that almost saw him lose his soul to oblivion.

Here’s a brief transcribed excerpt from this clip:

The image of the future that they gave me then, and it was their image, not one that I created, surprised me. My image had previously been sort of like Star Wars, where everything was space age, plastics, and technology. The future that they showed me was almost no technology at all. What everybody, absolutely everybody, in this euphoric future spent most of their time doing was raising children. The chief concern of people was children, and everybody considered children to be the most precious commodity in the world. And when a person became an adult, there was no sense of anxiety, nor hatred, nor competition. There was this enormous sense of trust and mutual respect. If a person, in this view of the future, became disturbed, then the community of people all cared about the disturbed person falling away from the harmony of the group. Spiritually, through prayer and love, the others would elevate the afflicted person

(emphases in red are mine)

From this excerpt, a strange yet compelling picture of a utopian standard on Earth is painted, with an obvious connection being made between (1) giving the utmost consideration to children, and (2) realizing an “enormous sense of trust and mutual respect” in most social interaction.

Let us keep this connection in mind as we proceed in reading this post.

Who (or What) are the Black-Eyed Children?

black-eyed child

In keeping with the theme of evil that I have been exploring lately, let us see if we cannot harmonize the alleged appearance of strange black-eyed children in this world with studies that have been done in demonology and conspiracy culture. In doing so, I provide for your consideration a comprehensive investigatory framework by which to progressively explore and expose all things strange and unsettling before I offer you some possible explanations for these strange children. With this framework as my reference of unity, I will then serve as an ultimate witness to harmony in an attempt to harmonize our collective understanding with the appearance of these captivating children with black eyes.

A Comprehensive Investigatory Framework

These black-eyed children are real, at least in the minds of those who have seen and heard them.

The accounts that I’ve read and heard so far are of two types: (1) sincere and coherent, offered with a vivid sense of reality and vulnerability; and (2) insincere and flippant, on the assumption that “it’s all a hoax”, but with the benefit of providing perspective, of “keeping things real”.

Throughout history, many people have claimed to see and hear many strange things, but for the most part, they have been dismissed out of hand as hallucinatory – a quick and easy fix to restore the normalization bias by those too troubled or disturbed by the accounts offered.

As our communication prowess has gained momentum, from the printing press to the radio to the television to the internet, and as our leisure time has blossomed, so has our penchant and tolerance for seriously considering all things strange, even if creepy scary crazy disturbing.

investigatory-frameworkOn a few breaks at work this past week, I spent roughly a total of thirty minutes drafting this framework of progressive discovery, which I think can serve to do a few things: (1) it takes strange accounts seriously; (2) it circumvents the normalization bias (this is the bias to restore a sense of normality, via consensus, to anything considered too creepy, scary, or crazy); and (3) it outlines the evolution of reporting strange encounters or conspiracies outside the purview of consensus reality.

I would suppose that the appearance of a strange phenomenon starts with multiple testimonies of strange things seen or heard. One testimony of something far outside consensus reality is easily dismissed, unless you’re a celebrity or a VIP, but even then, such a celebrity or VIP would be risking their reputation in coming forward with a fantastic story. Many testimonies, offered in isolation, are easily dismissed by the parties privy to the details, but multiple testimonies, offered in unison, by way of the media, are bound to get our attention, especially if the media source reporting them is generally credible and reliable in its reporting. This is where things get interesting. At this stage, we would do well to ask, with the testimonies being offered: (1) are they credible? (sincere? coherent? heartfelt?); and (2) are they reliable? (testimonies offered by those in positions of trust or responsibility are generally considered more reliable than those who do not occupy such positions, but then the risk of spoiling a reputation comes into play). Perception and memory recall themselves have been viewed as unreliable, as they can be easily biased, altered, or manipulated at the time of a sighting or some time after a sighting occurs: “seeing is believing” is not always reliable. On the other hand, if someone gives us an account that indicates real trauma (physical or emotional), we would be hard-pressed to dismiss what was seen, heard, or felt.

If multiple testimonies persist, they could be the stuff of urban legend (modern folklore consisting of fictional tales with macabre elements rooted in local culture), but then again, they could be the stuff of serious inquiry, at which point a consensus emerges as to what is going on. Following the W5H model (who, what, when, where, why, how?), the consensus on black-eyed children is that they appear in remote locales all over the world, usually at night or in twilight, by the sides of roads, in relatively empty parking lots, or at doorsteps, with their eyes downcast (at first), making simple requests in monotone voices to be included somehow (“let me inside your car”; “let me inside your house”). So far, no one I know really knows who or what they are (are they demonic? are they human-alien hybrids? are they archetypal products of the human imagination?). Also, no one I know really knows why they have shown up in the first place (do they want our souls?; do they want more experience with human interaction?; are they indicative of the way humanity has been treating its children?). The question of “how” is also mysterious: do they blink in and out of our frequencies of experience?; do they disembark from (and return to) cloaked alien craft nearby these encounters?

If the emerging consensus is robust (strong, coherent, heartfelt), a threat assessment is done by “those with a need to know”, and for reasons of national security (or global security), the response may at first be mute (to avoid scaring too many people, causing widespread chaos), or the response to the public will be non-existent, as it would reveal other, related, and secret agendas or programs. If there is no real threat of widespread chaos, and no real threat to revealing other sensitive matters, a serious and considered response is broadcast to alert the public to what is going on and what can be done to deal with it. If, however, the emerging consensus is not only robust, but robust enough to bring unwanted attention to other related matters (secret and sensitive matters), then a campaign of disinformation (nuggets of truth inside a pile of lies or true accounts sprinkled with lies) and misinformation (half truths) is launched in secret to confuse and deceive the public about what is actually going on, to downplay the seriousness of it, and even bring ridicule to the matter, and by implication, to those who would dare to take the matter seriously (e.g., tales that have been concocted with obviously silly elements injected into them). As part of this campaign, professional skeptics may be called upon to do skeptical inquiries into the matter, sowing seeds of doubt that, with a little research, can easily be called into question. Sometimes, such inquiry is quite good, offering solid perspectives on the matter in question; other times, such inquiry is obviously slanted towards rejecting the matter in question. Any inquiry into the matter requires that we remain alert to deception and manipulation with respect to the information provided.

In light of the foregoing, informed commentary on black-eyed children must take account of (a) multiple testimonies that are first-hand (not just “friend of a friend” type testimonies); (b) the emergent consensus with what is going on, while remaining impeccably honest about what we do not know; (c) any threat assessments that might have been done, as revealed through insider or whistleblower testimony; (d) awareness of any disinformation and misinformation that might have found its way into the information stream; and (e) a sensitivity to the difference between genuine skeptical inquiry that can give us pause for thought, ideologically motivated skeptical inquiry infected by sophomoric denial, and deceptive skeptical inquiry that, knowingly or not, contains elements of disinformation and/or misinformation. Informed commentary is not complete, however, without researching historical precedents to the phenomenon in question outside the influence of local or regional culture.

With such precedents in mind, a comprehensive accounting becomes possible. In the case of black-eyed children, David Weatherly wrote a book called Black-Eyed Children that, judging from the reviews, offers a substantial treatment of the phenomenon (I have not yet had the pleasure of reading it); he has also been featured on many talk shows, including Coast to Coast AM and Beyond Belief. In his interview with George Noory on Beyond Belief (which I had the pleasure of viewing on Gaia this past week), Weatherly provides a comprehensive overview of what is going on with these children and with those who have allegedly come into contact with them. Here is one such account that I find compelling.

Aside: this investigatory framework could just as easily be applied to other strange and mysterious appearances, involving such creepy characters as the Pukwudgies, the ominous Grinning Man, Slenderman, and the Bigfoot family of creatures, as well as those alien creatures known as the Grays, the Draco reptilians, and the Mantis (or Mantid) beings. Such a framework might also be applied to conspiracy analysis, involving such conspiracies as JFK, alien abduction, and cattle mutilations, as well as the mother of all conspiracies: the covert depopulation agenda with its hidden eugenics programming in light of the negative alien presence with its abduction and hybridization programs.

With a comprehensive account, reasonable speculation becomes possible.

In what follows, I offer three models of explanation for what might be going on with these black-eyed children, asking: is this phenomenon demonic in origin? Is it archonic in origin? Or is it organic in origin? I then provide some recommendations for responsive, defensive action in the event that you or someone you know should ever encounter these children.

Before I begin, let me set the tone by demolishing (with informed commentary) the following ignorant, dismissive, presumptuous introduction on black-eyed children provided by the skeptically biased crowd sourcing everpresent on Wikipedia (Wackipedia, as the late Lloyd Pye called it):

Black-eyed children (or BEKs, Black-Eyed Kids) is an urban legend (this is a presumption not a fact) of supposed paranormal creatures (they might not even be paranormal or creaturely) that resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16 (they could be children; black-eyed adults have also been reported), with pale skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or panhandling (correction: who reportedly appear to be hitchhiking or panhandling), or are encountered on doorsteps of residential homes (in remote locations). Tales (reports) of black-eyed children have appeared in pop culture since the late 1990s (similar reports have been made from as far back as the 1950s in America – just not identified as “black-eyed children”; also: an intriguing sculpted figurine with black stones for eyes was unearthed at Gobeckli Tepe, dated some 13,500 years ago). (Wikipedia source, as of 02.06.2016: Black-Eyed Children)

Please note: I do not presume for a moment that the following explanations are true – only that they offer some serious food for thought to encourage further investigation in the pursuit of truth.

Consider these pros and cons …

BEKs: a Demonic Phenomenon?

Pros: if real, these children are creepy scary. In demonology, manifestations of evil beings are never complete; there is always something not quite right about the manifestation. In this case, the eyes are too black and the skin is too pasty, too cold to the touch. Video footage of an apparent BEK in the woods at night show the figure in question as being able to radiate light, which suggests an other-worldly ability.

Cons: demonic spirits are typically associated with infestations (occupations of places with, for example, bad smells, eerie sounds, moving objects, fallen objects), oppressions (where a person suddenly feels tired or depressed for no apparent reason), and possessions (persons whose souls are commandeered by evil spirits, manifesting as sudden personality changes acting out strange or unsavory interests). For those unfortunate few who have claimed extended contact with BEKs, the results have been disastrous: typically, mysterious physical ailments or ailments normally associated with exposure to radiation, as well as strange, mysterious events, like pet cats disappearing.

BEKs: an Archonic Phenomenon?

Pros: reports of MIB (Men in Black) have been made in conjunction with BEKs; this would suggest involvement associated with the height of the alien abduction phenomenon during the 1980s, such that a lag time due to genetic experimentation and acclimation of hybrid children to human ways of behaving can be noted (early to mid 1990s) until the bulk of reports of BEKs started showing up in the late 1990s (but then, what of those reports that came before the bulk of the reporting in the late 1990s?). Also, the monotone nature of the children (monotone knocking at doors, monotone voice) squares with early hybrid behavior reported by abductees. With this explanatory model, the sudden appearance and disappearance of these children could be accounted for by cloaked alien craft.

Cons: there seems to be no rhyme or reason for why these children are appearing as they do: are they being coached and encouraged by their handlers to gain experience with human interaction so that they can later more easily blend with human populations when it comes time to incorporate them into earthly living? Are they being field tested by their handlers to see what immediate and lasting effects their presence might have on human beings? I don’t think so, as such interaction and effects could just as easily be observed on alien craft with abductees.

BEKs: an Organic Phenomenon?

Pros: black budget operations could be cloning BEKs as organic beings for a specific purpose, perhaps with the intention of scaring people away from living in remote locales (where they tend to be more self-sufficient), corraling people into denser population centers, to more easily eliminate large numbers of people with a relatively clean weapon of mass destruction such as an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon (scary note: such a weapon discharged at the height of 400 km can take out most electronics in North America, causing mass food shortages, leading to the death of 90% of the population within 2 to 3 months), clearing the way for a mass of upgraded alien-human hybrids to take our place. Admittedly, BEKs could also be early stage (though mentally deficient) hybrids being used for the same purpose, so that the case for BEKs being an archonic phenomenon (see above) is significantly strengthened.

Cons: strangely, the clothing that is reported to be seen on BEKs is dishevelled or old-fashioned. With the heightened energetic changes that have been reported to be occurring on earth, could it be that these BEKs are more easily manifested as deceased spirits from long ago – the spirits of deceased children who have come back to haunt humanity for grievous mistreatment suffered at the hands of tormentors?

Collective karma, anyone?

Concluding Thoughts

For all of this dismal commentary, we nevertheless have the hope expressed by Howard Storm in his prophecy (see above) that children will (eventually) be treated with the utmost in respect.

From the reasonable speculation at hand, we can also make several key recommendations for responsive, defensive action in the very unlikely event that any of us ever have the misfortune of coming into contact with these children (or with these beings masquerading as children): (1) stay calm; allow yourself to feel the fear and/or dread and/or terror of looking them in the eyes, while (2) holding your ground and withholding your consent to do as they ask (remember, like demonic entities, they must have your consent to proceed, which is why it is important for parents to coach their children in how to withhold consent); a simple “no thank you” calmly and firmly expressed should suffice; (3) plug your ears if you’ve been walking or jogging (they might shriek in protest like wildcats) and then run or drive away from them as fast as you can – and never look back; and then, (4) if you feel so inclined, find a safe place to relax before sharing and/or documenting your experience in vivid detail.

If the demonic model of BEKs would have us believe “we want your soul” and if the archonic model would have us believe “we want your planet”, then the organic model would have us believe “we want your attention because we’ve been told to get it”. For myself, I don’t think this is an urban legend, but if it is, perhaps it reflects the hard-to-accept indication, manifesting in a very strange way, that we have, collectively speaking, shamelessly neglected and abused our children. With my limited exposure to information about BEKs within the past week, I am hard-pressed to say for sure who and what they were and why they were here. In my estimation, the BEKs were probably innocent retarded hybrid children playing a role as pawns in a bigger game, part and parcel of a larger agenda to bring more and more people into large dense population centers for the purposes of severely reducing population worldwide. Thankfully, with reports of the elimination of underground bases in late 2011 with highly advanced weapons, and with the recent reports of a quarantine having been placed on craft going to and from earth, it would now be highly doubtful that this diabolical draconian plan could ever succeed.

Harmony as an ultimate witness can come in many forms – not just No Self. As a True Self, harmony as an ultimate witness is best realized in reference to Unity, whether such unity be an ideal in the mind and heart or an investigatory framework for progressively exploring and exposing the truth.

In my next post, I become an ultimate (sacred) witness to divinity, by way of the divine feminine spirit.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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