Ultimate Fulfillment 95

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 31, 2016

Let us now explore and examine what it means to be an ultimate witness to humanity, to the current condition of humanity, with a view to finding its promise, power, and potential, to bringing its true meaning, purpose, and direction towards the ultimate fulfillment of its manifest destiny.

I now resume my narrative from this post:

The old wise man is an archetype of depth with immense value, just as the magical child and the old wise crone are archetypes of depth with immense value for those who can appreciate them.

I regard the old wise man sitting before me with tender appreciation, allowing the many infinite details of the scene that surrounds us to morph and shift with a fluidity that surprises and astonishes me. Indeed, the only feature that remains fixed in this flowing change is our mutual regard for one another.

I know enough to remain silent, at peace, to embrace stillness in word and thought, to feel my way into an energetic exchange with this remarkable being, to allow a shimmering halo of white light to form and to find its shape around us, as if to safeguard our interaction from the agitation of intrusion. Oddly, I cannot get a sense of boundary, of how close or distant it is, of how firm, how impermeable, or how porous.

A panoramic view of the entire creation comes into play beyond this spherical halo suspended in time and space. We are privy to everything, everywhere and everywhen: I invite you, dear reader, to pause for just a moment to contemplate the immensity of the vastness behind this simple statement.

Situated inside the vastness of this potential, I hardly know where to begin, and so I do not begin. I wait. I allow. I welcome. I invite – with my peace, my silence, my stillness, even as the old wise man appears and remains impassive, without so much as a hint of interest or concern.

And then it starts.

I cannot say how or when, but it starts, erupting unexpectedly: a random, chaotic cacophony of sights and sounds, images of unspeakable depravity and degradation, wailing cries of terror and horror, echoes of twisted, discordant laughter too demonic to describe in mere words.

This barrage intensifies as the boundary of our halo dims and shrinks, causing me feelings of dread and terror. Through it all, the old wise man keeps his peace. The fear I feel is followed by doubt – doubt about my safety, about the security of my person, about whether my sense of stability and sanity can last in the midst of this growing menace that seems to overwhelm, undermine, and threaten my very existence.

As I suppress these feelings of fear and terror, dread and doubt, attempting to keep them at bay so as to preserve some measure of peace, the hellishness beyond us worsens in its frequency, its duration, its intensity, but as I focus and allow, welcome and release these surges in feeling, the cold, dark scene beyond dissipates. Until it is no more. The halo is restored and I heave a sigh of relief.

The wise old man cracks a tiny hint of a smile, but says nothing, thinks nothing.

Specific, singular, consecutive images appear beyond the halo, with questions that arise in tandem, as if from nowhere: a boy sobs miserably (is the underlying cause of this distress an issue or a challenge that is stuck in time?); a man twitches and gesticulates uncontrollably (is the spirit of an animal attempting to manifest from within?); a girl compulsively taps everything in sight (has a thought form grown into an internally created entity that has taken on a life of its own?); a woman awakens in a deeply depressed state of mind (is this the outcome of a genetically inherited trauma?); a boy’s interests takes a turn for the worse after spending a few days in hospital recovering from a trauma (does this issue belong to another spirit that occupied the boy’s field when his defenses were down?); a man is tormented daily by thoughts of doing violence to another (did this torment arise as a result of a reciprocal exchange of energy with another human spirit in a past life, as a result of offensively killing someone on a battlefield in some long-forgotten war?); a girl suddenly struggles to speak her truth after being triggered by an incident that upsets her deeply (is this the outcome of a trauma to the spirit from a previous lifetime – a choking or a hanging, perhaps?). The images and the questions keep coming up for processing, endlessly and relentlessly, until I am finally compelled to speak, breaking the silence between us.


I close my eyes, feeling compelled to wonder: was our world, here on Earth, turning into a penitentiary of sorts, what with the surveillance state being implemented on a global scale? Or was it just an insane asylum waiting to happen? Was it a prison planet or a growing nightmare? Both?

I open my eyes and regard the wise old man, expecting him to answer my questions, but he keeps his equanimity with only a hint of a smile, saying nothing, thinking nothing, giving nothing away.

I resist an impulse to question or even challenge him, knowing that if I wait, allowing and welcoming, inviting answers to my questions, they would come in their own good time.

I am aware of many things on this beautiful gem of a planet called Earth: efforts to alter humanity and its sources of sustenance by way of chemical, electromagnetic, and genetic means; efforts to modify weather patterns and geoengineer climate change; efforts to employ false flags and strategies of tension to perpetuate fear aimed at fabricating enemies of war for purposes of profit and regime control; efforts to profit from a proliferation of prescription drugs, of invasive and debilitating medical treatments, and of bioengineered vaccines with debilitating and sterilizing agents designed to slow population growth; efforts to put in place a global police state by way of undue fear and disinformation to bring about a program of population control and subjugation; efforts to concentrate economic and political power in the shadows with vested interests that support, willingly or unwittingly, a global agenda that would control virtually any and all media with a view towards using them as mouthpieces of propaganda in service to its questionable ends; efforts to shape the entertainment industry as a vehicle of socially engineered entrainment towards the ends of personal and social distraction and degradation; efforts to put in place and keep in place artificially intelligent electromagnetic control grids for manipulating and controlling the minds of those who would dare to resist and expose the agenda at issue; efforts to suppress emerging energy and medical technologies that not only threaten existing technologies too profitable to ignore (like the oil and nuke industries) but also carry the potential to liberate humanity; efforts to sequester vital information and knowledge in a wide variety of fields to keep most people in the dark about their true origins and their true potential, all the while using advanced research, covertly acquired and implemented, to widen the gap between existing conditions and conditions that support a breakaway civilization; efforts to stigmatize and marginalize any and all forms of penetrating criticism, seeking to ridicule or even outlaw any serious dissent that would expose the agenda in question; efforts to control and enslave entire populations with hidden monetary and legal scams by way of fractionalized central banking and the uniform commercial code; efforts to develop and implement global control plans and programs through a dizzying array of falsely posturing foundations, institutes and institutions, charitable organizations, and international bodies such as the United Nations; efforts to recruit willing persons into secret societies, having them swear allegiance to Luciferian, freemasonic, Babylonian ideologies with blood oaths, and having them cement such allegiances with all manner of ritual sacrifices involving pedophilia, bestiality, and other practices too sordid to mention.

At peace, in stillness, I could see clearly that this lame excuse for a world called Earth was drenched in all manner of evil designs and doings, and that only the most naive, stupid, and/or ignorant among us could continue to ignore, dismiss, reject, avoid, or evade them without end.

guidelines on georgia guidestonesI could see that a common thread emerged in all of these efforts: a two-pronged attempt to subject humanity on Earth to a covert depopulation agenda coupled with a hidden program of eugenics thrown in for good measure. I am not sure to what extent this agenda and program are alien in nature, origin, and intent, but I do know that this attempt is slow and steady because it requires our tacit consent as a species, even as they continue to alert us to their intentions, quietly and covertly, through the news and entertainment media, such that their efforts to dumb down, distract, anesthetize, and demoralize the world’s populations is an integral part of the ongoing agenda and its accompanying program. The current global economic meltdown and the head-shrinking Zika virus scare are but two engineered manifestations of this overarching agenda and program. By the same token, I am also aware of powerful allies of humanity, unmanifest and manifest, operating behind the scenes to balance the cosmic field of play, thwarting the more serious and devious designs on humanity, all the while encouraging us to wake up and come to our senses so that we can withdraw our tacit consent and realize the immense and lasting value in being more loving and caring, trusting and forgiving.

My personal motivation for exploring and exposing the depths of evil could now, finally, be seen in the proper light – remaining present to the peace within, with a view towards keeping the faith by way of humility, awe, and gratitude, seemed all the more pressing and compelling.

But I had to wonder: as an anchor to a higher frequency, was this uncommon peace and faith enough to keep me and others like me afloat in a world designed to reinforce the message that “only the strong will survive”, while sharing a countervailing message of hope, such that “only the good will thrive”?

The wise man smiles broadly, benevolently, as if inviting us, humanity, to choose sides, for he knew all too well that he could not, and would not, make any attempt or effort on our behalf to circumvent the promise, power, and potential of us contemplating and exercising our free will in this matter.

Join me now, awakened and enlightened humanity, in making these declarations: (1) I hereby withdraw my tacit consent from any attempt or effort to subject humanity to this global agenda and program of subjugation and control, and (2) I hereby renounce any statement that would have us believe that we deserve to die and instead affirm the value and worth of liberating humanity from the clutches of this alien agenda, once and for all, and restoring our claim to a wise and free and open civilization.

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