Ultimate Fulfillment 94

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 24, 2016

Evil offers a strange yet subtle calling,
as unpredictable as it is unfathomable,
striking you down or undermining you
when you least deserve it – or expect it

The cornerstones of any approach that would have us embody wisdom and freedom with integrity lend stability to any quest that would have us realize the ultimate in (trans)personal fulfillment.

Let us now see how this might be so …

Most everyone is familiar with the word “demonic”, but few are familiar with the term “archonic”.

To help us come to terms with this term “archonic”, it would serve us well to understand the meaning of “anarchy”. In most minds, “anarchy” is negatively associated with chaos, and made synonymous with “no rule”, which is impossible in the ultimate sense because Natural Law is always already in effect for everyone, regardless of any attempts to ignore or dismiss or reject or avoid or evade consequences.

A positive interpretation of the term “anarchy” is possible: “an-” meaning “no” and “-archy” meaning “rule” can be treated by constrast with anyone who would presume to rule another (or others) or be the master of another (or others). This dynamic between ruler and ruled, between master and servant (or between master and slave), is at the heart of any awakened call to insist on political anarchy in tandem with personal sovereignty, such that the personal becomes the political following the principle of correspondence (as within, so without). If “archonic” is a term descriptive of those who would presume to rule or be master, then “archon” is applicable to those who would presume to be your ruler and rule you, the servant, by coercing, compelling, or restraining you, to be your master and be the master of you, the willing or not so willing slave. If humanity is a slave species (and there are many tantalizing hints and evidential strands to suggest this is so), born and bred to be slaves, and deeply imprinted to play at being field slaves, while others are deeply imprinted to play at being house slaves, while fewer others are deeply imprinted to play at being masters, then “archonic” takes on a whole new dimension of meaning.

Those invisible forces beyond sight and sound that would presume to rule us (or have us rule), to enslave us (or have us enslave), to be our masters (or have us be masters), are archonic; those invisible forces beyond sight and sound that would presume to undermine us, to bring about misery and depravity and insanity (or have us bring about all manner of misery, depravity, and insanity), are demonic in nature.

This distinction is not at all difficult to understand, and yet extremely difficult to appreciate …

If Lucifer is the ultimate Archon, the embodiment of archonic evil, then Satan is the ultimate Demon, the embodiment of demonic evil. The fact that humanity has failed to make this distinction is telling: we have yet to get clear about the difference between oppression (for fear of calling the presumed authority of rulership into question) and repression (for fear of falling into Chaos and losing control of our lives).

In light of this fundamental distinction, let me now share with you a graphical outline of a progressive fourfold relationship with the twofold compressive nature of evil in keeping with the theme of stability in view of any realization of the ultimate in (trans)personal fulfillment.

ordo-ab-chaoYou will know them by their manner and their appearance – fresh, alive, impervious; they are the innocent who walk among us and they are virtually oblivious to evil and to the ways of evil, oblivious to the conscious evildoers and to the unconscious doers of evil. By virtue of their innocence, natural or cultivated, they are well placed to hold the Light and to walk the path of Light. For them, it is always “nothing personal.” They may seem shallow on the surface, but let us not blame them or shame them for their obliviousness, for they too have their place in this world as reminders of what is possible, as and when humanity awakens to its vast potential to embody its wisdom and its freedom, peacefully and blissfully, with grace and ease, by way of stability through integrity. My advice to those who see spiritual bypassing: leave them alone.

ordo-ab-chao-personalYou will know them by their fall from grace and they are legion. Stressed or distressed, overwhelmed or undermined, they are the brave ones among us who have agreed, willingly or unwittingly, to undergo the catalysis of suffering in deprivation, degradation, and/or denigration. They are the walking wounded, all too aware of the compressive nature of evil, all too awakened to the ways and means of evil. For them, the Light of Love in Wisdom is a mere flicker, if that, and for them, “everything is personal.” They may seem too serious for their own good, but in fact, they are as serious as they need to be to realize what is profoundly good in contrast to what is profoundly evil. These intrepid souls deserve to be acknowledged and recognized, regardless of their respective merits, and even celebrated for their immense courage after they go to hell and come back to tell the tale with a tale worth telling.

ordo-ab-chao-interpersonalYou will know them by their “dedication to the cause” – to social justice, creative endeavor, or environmental sustainability. Always and already awakened and aware to very specific manifestations of evil, having moved beyond using skeptical indifference (“no compersion for you”) and cynical detachment (“no compassion for you”) as defenses against evil, they find much of their strength in numbers. In their obliviousness to that which does not serve their collective purpose, they are not unlike the innocents who walk among us, except that they carry an aura of seasoned maturity about them that is conspicuously absent from those who embody innocence. For them, the Light of Love is shared, such that “everything is interpersonal.” Unless you have something meaningful to contribute in support of their cause, they are too busy for you.

ordo-ab-chao-transpersonalYou will know them through their individuation from others, as seen in their consistent calm and their calm consistency. They give due respect to the innocent among us, they have savoir faire with respect for the walking wounded, and they can recognize the need of those who would cultivate a shared identity in support of a worthy cause. With friendly curiosity, they are naturally drawn to bring Light – mindfully, skillfully, and artfully – to any manifestation of evil that would insist on having its way in this world. In the face of evil, their guiding watchwords are these: loving, caring, trusting, forgiving. For them, as sovereign beings in favor of the sacred and divine, as Bringers of the Light, this bringing is a transpersonal endeavor, one that transcends any immediate concern for the impersonal, personal, or interpersonal dimensions of relating.

This compression of evil, from above and below, pulsates endlessly and relentlessly, day and night, regardless of whether you are fresh or frazzled, fired up or tired out, energized or exhausted.

As you awaken and enlighten, evolving in your relationship with this compression, you have more wisdom and more freedom in how you choose to conduct your life in the face of evil.

Here is a brief summary of the four stages of this relationship:

  1. impersonal: the innocent who walk among us, oblivious to evil, with echoes of 2D consciousness
  2. personal: those of us who are caught up in the catalysts of evil, with echoes of 3D consciousness
  3. interpersonal: strength in numbers for those who have awakened, with echoes of 4D consciousness
  4. transpersonal: those who have earned the privilege to walk alone, with echoes of 5D consciousness

These stages are more or less discrete; you likely occupy only one of them at this time, most of the time. Get to know this stage, even as you give due respect to the other stages, and please remember: as a slave species, we are remarkably resilient and creative in doing what needs doing to transform our original master-slave imprinting and programming, but we need to continue if we are ever to unify in common cause in exposing the dynamics and depths of evil in this world, removing any need for the overbearing and undermining influences of archons and demons, real or imagined.

In my next post, I resume my narrative with a transpersonal focus on where we need to close the gaps that allow archons and demons to find their way and make their way through this troubled world.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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