Ultimate Fulfillment 93

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 17, 2016

This narrative picks up where I left off in this post, in light of commentary that I shared in this post:

The holographic presentation continues apace, showing me things I could hardly believe, let alone fathom, making me realize that the bulk of humanity had only a mere sliver of understanding and appreciation about its true origins, nature, meaning, purpose, and ultimate destiny.

The evolution of humanity is a partial truth, just as, allegorically speaking, the creation story of humanity is also a partial truth. Truth be told, the origins of humanity has a murky past, accessible only through careful, extensive study of the many hints and clues to be found in ancient texts, through the painstaking work of key researchers, culminating in compelling allegorical narratives found in modern films.

Hints and Clues

ancient megalithic structures
serious flaws in Darwinian theory
copious human genetic defects
origins of primary psychopathy
religions and classes of priests
secret societies and dark occultism
origins of the monetary system
the human obsession with gold
royalty and its “divine right to rule”
presumed authority in government

Ancient Texts

Akkadian texts
Assyrian texts
Babylonian Enuma Elish
Book of Enoch
Book of Ezekiel
Book of Genesis
Dogon histories
Epic of Gilgamesh
Mayan Popul Vuh
Norse eddas
Sri-Mad Bhagavatam
Sumerian cuneiform tablets
Sumerian cylinder seals
Zulu histories

Key Commentators

Corey Goode, Cosmic Disclosure
Credo Mutwa, The Reptilian Agenda
D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair, Cataclysm! (in 9500 B.C.)
David Hatcher Childress, Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries
David Icke, The Biggest Secret
David Wilcock, Wisdom Teachings
Emmanuel Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision
Erich von Daniken, Chariots of the Gods
Georgio Tsoukalos, Ancient Aliens
Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods
L.A. Marzulli, The Nephilim Trilogy
Law of One, Books 1 to 5
Lloyd Pye, Everything You Know is Wrong
Mark Passio, Cosmic Abandonment
Michael Cremo, Forbidden Archeology
Michael Tellinger, Slave Species of God
Michael Tsarion, Origins and Oracles
Robert Shoch, Pyramid Quest
Trey Smith, God in a Nutshell
Zecharia Sitchin, The Earth Chronicles

and, presumably, many others, waiting to come forward without fear of reprisal …

Allegorical Narratives

Battlefield Earth
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Island of Dr. Moreau
The Man Who Would Be King
The Matrix Trilogy
The Road to El Dorado
The Story of Thor (and his brother and his father)
They Live

I could sympathize with those who would dismiss this material as mythical and fanciful – the product of endlessly fertile imaginations subject to confirmation bias and cultural influence, and yet it had to be admitted that some of this material was based on rigorous, painstaking research.

It also had to be admitted, honestly and with due diligence, that many, many strange, anomalous findings and many obvious flaws in existing scientific theories could neither be explained nor accounted for from within the purview of existing creational and evolutionary paradigms.

On earth, I have only varying degrees of familiarity with this material, but here, in eighth destiny, I am privy to the Big Cosmic Picture, at least where the creation and evolution of humanity is concerned, throwing the nature and meaning and depths of evil into a whole new light.

At the conclusion of this presentation, I look at each attendee in turn and thank them with my eyes, breathe a deep sigh of relief and close my eyes, telling them: “I must be alone now.” I then quickly remind myself of the irony of using “must” in this realm of infinite possibilities.

As I depart the domed structure, a walking path materializes before me, in a vast field of lush green grasses, of fragrant flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors, all of which rustle under a brisk breeze. I laugh with delight at how oddly appropriate this sudden manifestation is for me.

I could walk forever along this path, as it would take forever for me to process, integrate, and absorb what I have just learned about my place in the world, in a world whose members are only vaguely aware of just how deep the rabbit hole goes in the midst of monumental change.

Aside: negotiations are presently being held between what have been called Earth Alliance groups and Secret Earth Governments and their syndicates, with nearly half a dozen plans being put forth that range from a New World Order, version 2.0 (with a little bit of disclosure) to plans being hatched for an overt military conflict between these groups, with the most negative of these forces threatening to detonate 1 to 3 super volcanoes located under the oceans (one large volcano in the Atlantic Ocean and two in the Pacific Ocean located in both hemispheres).

The majority of these Secret Earth Government syndicates, however, are coming to the table with the Earth Alliance to negotiate a bloodless financial coup (in favor of the Earth Alliance?) with a limited yet slowly unfolding disclosure narrative about the true nature of this world and its history. The controlled collapse of western economies, as seen in plunging stock market and currency values, a plummeting Dry Baltic Index, and falling oil prices, is only one front in what could very well be called in retrospect “a different kind of stealth world war” by future historians.

This quiet, relatively bloodless World War III that is being waged between Secret Earth syndicates and various Earth Alliance groups is being fought through proxy armies (such as ISIS), through massively coordinated computer hacks and electronic attacks, as well as attacks against financial, government, and corporate entities that make up the opposition. It is clear that we, humanity, as a collective consciousness, are choosing a future timeline. We are at a critical juncture to where our future could be one of a NWO 2.0 with some debt forgiveness, a bit of free currency, and a new Babylonian money magic slave system or a full disclosure event during this time of social catalyst that promises a very bright future indeed.

The call is now being put out for as many of us as possible to come together and get involved in whatever way we can; to be more loving, more trusting, and more forgiving; to cease and desist in getting caught up in our relatively trivial differences, and instead, remaining focused on a common unifying goal, which is nothing less than the liberation of humanity from its many and various shackles, visible and invisible.

(adapted from commentary by Corey Goode)

four-faces-of-evilIn light of these musings, I surmise that evil has many faces, but I also know that if I keep my nose clean, if I keep to a straight and narrow path, declining negative greetings, I am not likely to see these faces, and even if or when I do, they would only appear in passing glances.

As a willing and unwilling witness to evil, I have seen more than my fair share of dark and ugly things on that planet known as Earth. Many of them seem rather perverse, some of them carry a compelling purpose, and yet others are forced confessions of abreacted impotence.

Evil conduct and behavior, spewing uncontrollably, crashing and splashing through the barriers of repression, is a different creature from one where evil is performed through manipulation with conscious intent in defiance of relentless oppression, whether perversely enacted or with a calculated gain in mind.

If I were to explore and expose the depths of evil, I would need a creative approach, exposing, with appropriate care and concern, how and why humanity has failed so profoundly in coming to terms with evil in its midst, via the dark tetrad of personality: narcissism (selfish and vain, lashing out to protect a sense of worth), sadism (taking perverse pleasure through inflicting pain on others), Machiavellianism (cool manipulation on the way to exploitation), and psychopathy, both primary and secondary (callous insensitivity, being immune to the feelings of others).

Could this tetrad of compulsion not be a fair and reasonable response to being born and bred as a species of slaves, to the beck and call of a superior, surreptitious species of alien invaders?

Just how far could I push the bounds of propriety? Did I wish to remain a mere witness to the exposure or was I willing to risk engagement? More important, what purpose would be served by exposing the truth about just how dark and evil humanity has been, is, and could be?

As far I could see, humanity is presently threatened by two cosmic forces: archonic and demonic.

ordo-ab-chaoThe first is the overbearing influence of ordo ab chao, bearing the energy of Chaos to impose strict Order through its many artificial forms of intelligence. The second is the undermining influence of chao ab ordo, mining the nuggets of Order to feed hungrily on the energy of Chaos. Let us be clear: humanity is caught between two cosmic forces in a squeeze play of cosmic proportions on a cosmic field of play, being pushed and pulled in two directions at once, until such time that it learns to manifest a unique destiny by cultivating and incorporating its own sovereignty as a species.

As I follow my path to nowhere, I wonder aloud: “what context of inquiry would best serve this exposure?”

It is then that an old wise man appears, sitting on a rock along a path to everywhere and everywhen. Perhaps he has some of the answers we seek.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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