Ultimate Fulfillment 92

by Christopher Lovejoy on January 10, 2016

What if you could rise to the challenge
of being the ultimate witness to Duality,
if only for a moment in space and time?

and …

What if you could rise to the privilege
of being the ultimate witness to Unity,
if only for a moment in time and space?

I recommend that you read this document to better understand and appreciate what is to follow. Some of the material in this document might seem rather simple, but when read in context, as a whole, it offers much wisdom for coming to terms with the nature and meaning of evil

The intention to explore and expose the depths of evil is not an easy one to carry. I have found that the longer I carry it (with good intentions), the more at risk I become of paving a road to Hell.

Why is this so?

Simply because of this natural law, which is nothing personal: energy flows where attention goes.

And so, if I keep the focus of my attention exclusively on exploring and exposing the nature and the meaning of evil, with anything other than loving intent, can you guess what happens? Does this mean giving up on the quest to explore and expose the very depths of evil because of the risk that it poses?

No, not at all.

In my experience, the presence of Good and Evil are intimately connected with the existence of Order and Chaos, not in a strict one-to-one correspondence where Order is Good and Chaos is Evil, but in a correlative correspondence where (1) good finds its balance in a spontaneous order arising out of apparent chaos or through a spontaneous chaos arising out of seeming order and (2) where evil finds its balance through an imposed order arising out of chaos (imposed or spontaneous) or through an imposed chaos arising out of order (imposed or spontaneous).

Aside: to put a bit more perspective into these distinctions, let me add this: as an observer or as a participant, spontaneous chaos can sometimes be delightfully surprising, as well as fun

The Principle of Vibration tells us that no one and no thing rests for long, which is to say that every one and every thing is constantly on the move, more or less. With the exception of Natural Law, change is the only constant. Given that everything vibrates at the most fundamental level of existence, the Universe and everything in it is made of pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in many different ways. The Universe has no solidity, as such; matter is merely energy in a condensed state of vibration. Absolute Order is an illusion of the mind, just as Absolute Chaos is an illusion of the mind.

ordo-ab-chaoSomewhere between Absolute Order and Absolute Chaos lies a time and a place where we can find our balance, where we can approach any one or any thing from the calm and comfort of our own minds, including the subject and substance of pure evil in all of its vibratory manifestations. The same applies to anyone anywhere who would presume to impose Absolute Order (Archons) through the left side of the brain or to impose Absolute Chaos (Demons) through the right side of the brain. I can well imagine, however, that those who play the role of Archon or Demon are already seasoned enough and sophisticated enough to understand and appreciate this balanced point of view, serving as they do as would-be partners in contrast to anyone’s intentions to establish (soulfully) or experience (spiritually) what it means to be real, true, good, right, and/or pure.

The real challenge?

Attending and exploring with care the visible manifestations of evil by way of the invisible intentions of those who would do evil and of those who would sit back and watch evil be done, while at the same time attending and exposing with care the dark hidden roots of evil intent.

truth-other-selfThis attention to care, while exploring and exposing the displays, dynamics, and depths of evil, is a challenge when we consider the priorities involved. Service to Truth, which can also be construed as Service to Source, might not seem like an easy service to perform in the midst of serving others and ourselves with the appropriate care and concern, but when we view and treat a devotion to Truth as a dedication to Other, and a dedication to Other as reflecting due diligence to Self, a most beneficial relationship with these priorities in daily life becomes all too clear.

My narrative resumes in my next post.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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