Ultimate Fulfillment 88

by Christopher Lovejoy on December 13, 2015

Infinity (8) in relationship with infinity (8)?

This relation is about two infinities (your access to intelligent infinity and intelligent infinity in and of and for itself) meeting as One in a creative and co-creative endeavor, by way of personal encounter and experience, to manifest an awe-inspiring, awesome reality that (a) facilitates the disclosure of occult knowledge, and (b) activates and facilitates a sound and sane approach to a realization of the ultimate in personal satisfaction and fulfillment that both inspires the soul and excites the spirit.

For me, this relation to end all relations, this Mother and Father of all relations, this Alpha and Omega of all relations, is the platinum key, not only to the redemption and repair of humanity’s soul and spirit, but to the Awakening and the Enlightenment that would take us and move us beyond intelligent infinity into being a witness to Creation itself, at Point Zero, but more importantly, into being and becoming a witness to the one infinite Creator in the process of becoming and creating, creating and becoming through all densities and through all dimensions of space-time and time-space.

To get a practical handle on these rather lofty intentions, it would help us to make and correlate these two fundamental existential distinctions: (1) Self and Other; and (2) what is potential and what is actual, what is unmanifest and what is manifest. In between what is potential and what is actual, between what is unmanifest and what is manifest, is where the contractive and expansive action of creation and co-creation take place, where the involvement of soul in creation (“letting it be”) and the engagement of spirit in co-creation (“making it so”) are concerned.

Love and Light are fundamental realities in the current universe in which we work and play. To the extent and degree to which we can bring Love and Light together in work and play, by way of heart and mind, from soul and spirit, through involvement and engagement, is the extent and degree to which we can approach a realization of the ultimate in personal satisfaction and fulfillment. We are truly blessed as and when work is play and play is work, when heart and mind function and operate as One, when soul and spirit conspire and aspire in tandem.

I am guided to guide you into the Darkness, a darkness that makes any popular notion of Hell on earth look like a picnic in the park, a darkness so dark that not even the Skeptics and Cynics of this world will be able to handle the cognitive dissonance that follows in its wake, a darkness so formidable that it might even scare you, an awakened and enlightened one, away from me and this blog forevermore. I am, however, willing to take this risk for my more intrepid readers, as nothing less is worthy.

chakra-hourglass-speckOur entry point into the Darkness is through a dark Octagonal Portal located inside the Heart of Humanity. It goes without saying that humanity has suffered so much and so often through space and time that one might wonder if its soul has been polluted beyond redemption; indeed, one might wonder if its spirit has been compromised beyond repair. Truth be told, the soul of humanity has taken on so much garbage and the spirit of humanity has sustained so much damage, one might easily be forgiven if one questions the reasons and motives of anything that humanity says or does, which unfortunately plays into the hands of Skeptics and Cynics, who are all too ready and willing to tell you that a repair of its crippled spirit and a redemption of its wounded soul, respectively, are too distant and difficult to be realized anytime soon, as too many souls are trapped inside their pain, where they harbor the unspoken intent of “if I can cause you pain, I don’t need to feel my pain”, where they have forgotten how to rise in love (with truth, without condition) rather than fall in love (with conditions, and full of lies more often than not).

skeptic-cynicFrom my extensive reading of who we are and what we came here to do, I have come to conclude that humanity has settled into a strange time and place where many if not most of its members are content with so little that it beggars belief, opting to encounter much of the world virtually rather than viscerally, opting to experience much of the world inside their heads rather than wholly (with soul) and fully (with spirit). In this world at this time, there are so many hidden wonders waiting to be disclosed, one wonders how humanity ever managed to survive without the truth of who they really are and what they are capable of being and becoming, thinking and feeling, knowing and expressing, having and doing. In light of this conclusion, we can still hope, but rather than merely hope, we can still find it within ourselves to redeem ourselves, and not only redeem ourselves in soul but exalt ourselves in spirit. To do this, the Awakened (Souls) and Enlightened (Spirits) among us would do well to turn on the Light and stand in their power, to gaze into the Dark with knowing smiles, and to expand their view of who they are and what they are capable of being.

We need to get serious about what we’re feeding our souls, and yet, we need to be more playful with what we’re doing with our spirits. We don’t want to take anything too seriously, but we also don’t want to treat everything like it’s one big cosmic joke. We want to be seriously account-able (for what we take into ourselves, for the sake of soul), but we also want to be playfully response-able (for what we put out into the world, for the sake of spirit). If you think I’m asking that you be a juggler of cosmic proportions, before taking the plunge into Darkness, then you just might be onto something. In my next post, we’ll take this plunge, if you’re willing, while touching on such topics as holographic kinetics in support of dreamtime healing, anchoring a higher frequency of being, and the hyperdimensional manipulations of those who would keep humanity forever enslaved and disempowered to agendas not its own.

we-deserve-x-3I’ll share what can happen when Hell is not so much a place as it is a confused, conflicted, chaotic, tormented state of mind in separation from the sovereignty of being, and what can happen when Heaven is found in healing this profoundly troubling separation. We still deserve to die for our willfully evasive ignorance, our colossal and potentially calamitous stupidity, and our shameless immaturity (all of which will become more painfully clear in my next post), but the very real prospects of soul redemption and spiritual repair await us on a mass scale, unprecedented in the history of this world, such that when we can take full account of this pronouncement, we’ll be able to watch it fade into the mists of time as just another bad memory in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Note: my evolving outline on the ultimate in personal fulfillment can now be found here, accessible from the nav menu under “Be Here Now”. I’ll be sure to inform readers of any updates.

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